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Chapter 11 - Zack's Past

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 11 - Zack's Past

Chapter 11 - Zack's Past
I decided to devote a chapter to Zack's past. Its a continuation of the bug story that Zack talked about in Chapter 3.
Zack oppened his eyes and looked around at the underwater wasteland. His crew was dead. "That stupid human boy and his bug friends ruined everything. Now me ship is ruined and me crew is dead!" yelled Zack. Even though he was underwater Zack could breathe and talk, for he was a skellington and could survive such harsh conditions. Then it became dark. Zack looked up and saw an anchor coming right at his head!
Zack jumped out of the way before the anchor could bonk him. After he caught his breath, Zack looked up again to see what dropped the anchor that almost killed him. It was a ship!
Without thinking Zack swam up to the surface and looked at the ship. Written in blood red paint on the ship were the words The Bloody Skull. "The Bloody Skull? Now thats a ship I'd like to be captain of!" thought Zack excitedly. Zack crawled like a spider onto the side of the ship and spyed on the crew on deck.
The captain was a human male. He had white hair, that was somewhat hidden by his black pirate hat, and fair skin. He wore navy blue englishman robes. He was walking around ordering his skellington crew like slaves. Kicking them whenever he felt like it. "Me thinks that this ship is in need of a new captain. And who better than myself?" thought Zack evily.
Zack jumped onto the deck of the ship. "No need to be scared. I'm just going to take over this ship and free your crew of your wrath!" said Zack triumphly. The crew stopped scrubbing the floor and looked at Zack with saddness and hope in their hollow eye sockets. The captain laughed. "Well, well, well look at what we have here, a stowaway. SEND HIM TO THE BRIG!!" yelled the captain. At first the crew didn't resopnd. "THATS AN ORDER!! FOLLOW IT OR YOU ALL WILL WALK THE PLANK!!!" yelled the captain again. Then 2 heavy set skellingtons grabbed Zack and dragged him to the prison cells underneith the deck.
"We're terribly sorry." said the skellingtons as they walked away from Zack. Zack looked around his 2 person cell. The door was made of solid steel and had one window that had bars on it. "Hello? Who's there?" asked a voice that was a soft as a coo of a dove.
"Who's there?!?!" yelled Zack. There was no answer. "SHOW YOURSELF!!" Zack yelled again. "Hello." said the voice again in a happy tone. Then a girl walked up to Zack. She was a black skellington that had long brown hair and a red pirate bandana on her head, she had piercing yellow eyes. She wore a black shirt, that a skull and cross bones on the front, she also wore black capri pants. "My name is Hally. Whats yours?" she questioned. "I am Captain Zack Skellington." said Zack. "Captain? Whats a captain, like you, doing in the brig?" questioned Hally in a confusing tone. "I will be captain when I get out of here and get rid of the current captain." said Zack. "Oh you mean Captain Jake." said Hally sadly. "You know him?" questioned Zack. "Everyone knows him. He's the one who threw me in here." replyed Hally starting to cry. Then Zack put a comforting arm on her shoulder. "What happened?" questioned Zack whiping away a tear from Hally's face. "I rather not talk about it." replyed Hally looking up at Zack. "I understand." said Zack in an understanding tone.
That night Zack could not sleep. He couldn't stop thinking about Hally. He looked at the bed across from him. Hally was sleeping like the dead. "I want to know more about her but she doesn't trust me. I can see it in her eyes. I'll gain her trust." thought Zack. With that thought in his head Zack fell asleep.
Zack woke up, yawned, and stretched. "Well, look at who finally decided to wake up." said Hally. Hally was standing up looking out of the barred window. Zack gave a bone chilling laugh. "So when's breakfast?" he asked. "The captain feels that prizoners should not eat. But as skellingtons we don't need food, we just like it. I think I was a human when I was first locked up though." said Hally with a giggle. "You were a human when he locked you up?" questioned Zack surprisingly. "No, it was a joke. I was a skellington ever since I was dragged onto this ship." Hally sorrowly said. Zack got up from the bed and walked up behind Hally. "Want to talk about it?" questioned Zack hoping to find out more about his mysterious prizon cell mate. "No. I don't." replyed Hally in an annoyed tone. "Oh come on. A fine lass like yourself should not have to keep such burden locked up inside. You'll feel better anyway." said Zack in a promising tone. "Well. Ok but I must warn you. Its very sad.
"I don't remember exactually when this all happened. But I know it happened many years ago. It all happened back when I was a human. I was to be wed by sea. But some human pirates came onboard and ruined everything!! Then they tied some rocks on me and threw me overboard because I refused to go out with the captain. I sank to the bottom instantly. Then after what felt like years of waiting under the ocean, an anchor dragged me to the surface and onto a ship. It was this ship. I found out that because of the years of isolation and no food have killed the human me, but my skellington was still alive. I was taken out of my wedding clothes and was given the clothes I'm wearing today. I was given a job at scrubbing floors like the other skellingtons. Then one day the captain noticed that I missed a spot and threw me in here. That was one month ago yesterday." said Hally, tears were starting to form in her yellow eyes.
"So, he threw you in here because you missed a spot. There must be more to it." said Zack in an angry tone. "There is, sorta. The captain believes that having a woman aboard a pirate ship is bad luck. I've also been known to yell at him for the way he treats us skellingtons. He hates us! But he likes bossing us skellingtons around thats why he's the blasted captain!" Hally yelled, the tears starting to fall. Then Zack sat on his bed and motioned Hally over to his side with his hand. Hally sat down next to Zack and started to sob on his shoulder. "Don't worry Hally. We'll get out of here and show this captain what for." said Zack triumphly, placing a comforting arm around her waist. "Really?" questioned Hally looking up at Zack. "You can bet the ships gold on it." said Zack triumphly.
"Hey Zack?" questioned Hally looking at Zack from her usual spot at the window. "Yes." replyed Zack standing up from his bed and walked up next to Hally and put an arm around her. Zack and Hally have been locked up for one month. Over that month they have become great friends, talking about their pasts. Hally loved the stories Zack told of Halloween Town. "I just wanted to ask you something." said Hally looking at Zack. "Ask away my friend." said Zack in a happy tone. "Why are you here? Shouldn't you be in Halloween Town being a king?" questioned Hally. "Well, yes but I never wanted to be king." replyed Zack. "Why?" questioned Hally. "Too much work, responsibility, and publicity," replyed Zack "And besides I rather be a pirate any day. Just think, if I wasn't a pirate then you would be all alone." "I know but maybe you should go back to town and try to be king," said Hally "Just try it for a week or so." " pumpkin king and you pumpkin queen. I like the sound of that. Remind me about this when we get out of this blasted place," said Zack in a loving tone "But seriously. What about my brother? If he's still the same old Jack I shared a house with then he must love the job as pumpkin king." "What about being a pirate? Won't your brother like that?" questioned Hally. "I don't know." replyed Zack. "You don't have to ask. You just have to zap him here with that bat thingy you told me about." said Hally in a thoughtful tone. "You have a point there."
Then they heard gunpowder shots on the deck. "It sounds like we're under attack!" yelled Zack. The sounds of yelling, gunpowder, and sword clanging rang in the air. The wood that was above Zack and Hally sat starting to weaken. Zack and Hally huddled together in fear on Zack's bed. Then they heard a parrot by the window. "Parlay?" questioned Zack refering to his parrot. Zack got up and looked out of the window and saw his skellington parrot. "Don't worry Hally we're going to be out of here in no time. Parlay pick the lock with your beak!" ordered Zack. Parlay did what his master told him to do and in a matter of seconds the door oppened. Zack took Hally by the hand and led her out of the prizon.
When they got to the deck, Zack and Hally saw the crew fighting the human pirate invaders. Zack drew out his sword. "Hally hide!" yelled Zack. Hally and Parlay hid behind some barrels and watched Zack start to fight the invaders. Then 2 human pirates came behind them and placed a gag in Hally's mouth. "ZACK!" cried Hally in a muffled tone. Zack did not hear her. After he was done with the invaders, Zack ran up to Captain Jake. "So you escaped," said Jake "When this is done you are going back into that cell." Then Captain Jake's crew ran up to Jake and tied some rocks on him and they were about to throw him overboard when Zack walked up to Jake and took off Jake's pirate hat and put it on his head. "All to shore who's going to shore." said Zack triumphly. Then they threw him overboard with the other bodies.
"3 cheers for our new captain!!" yelled the first mate. Cheers of happiness rang in the air. But they were stopped when Parlay started squaking. "HALLY!" yelled Zack as he ran to the barrels. "Looking for this?" questioned 2 human pirates. Standing in front of them was Hally all tied up and a gag in her mouth. Then the crew ran up to them and started attacking the humans. But the humans slipped away with Hally.
Zack saw them running away with Hally. They were taking her to their ship, which was right next to The Bloody Skull. Zack ran onboard and drew his sword. "Now, now. You don't want to hurt the lass don't you?" questioned the human. He was using Hally as a sheild. Zack put his sword away. Then the other human drew his gun and shot Zack in the leg!
The humans, literaly, threw Zack back on his ship and sailed away with Hally. "We're sorry Captain Zack." said the first mate in a sorrow tone. "From this day forth I shall hate humans whith every whim of my being!!!" yelled Zack.


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