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Chapter 13 - A New Shadow

Who'd would ever think that Jack would have a identical twin brother, thats a PIRATE!!!???

Chapter 13 - A New Shadow

Chapter 13 - A New Shadow
"Oomph!" Gracie landed on her butt on the hard ground that the holiday trees were planted on. "I guess I'm still getting the hang of flying." she said with a giggle. Then Jack walked up to her and extended his arm out. "Need some help?" questioned Jack. Gracie grabbed it and Jack helped her to her feet. Then they walked to Santa's sleigh. "This is as far as I'm going," said Santa "I wish you all the best of luck because believe it or not I don't want Halloween Town to fall to the ground." "Thank you Santa for all your help." said Gracie in a happy tone while shaking Santa's hand. "We don't know what we'd do without ya Santa." said Melissa in a happy tone. "If you need help with anything please don't hesitate to ask." said Deseree in a happy tone. Then Santa let out a little giggle. "Gracie, Melissa, Kelsey, Deseree expect something special in your stockings this year." said Santa in a happy tone. "It better not be socks." whispered Kelsey when Santa was out of earshot.
"So what are we gonna do with Abby?" questioned Ann. Kim was holding Abby in her hands. "If they see Abby they'll know Gracie and her friends are back and the shadows will capture us again." said Kim in a worried tone. "Maybe we should try sending her home." said Michael in a thoughtful tone. "We can't. Those shadows stole our bracelets." Gracie and her friends cried out in unison. "Maybe we should just let her play with Zero and Percy." said Vince (Percy is the name of Sally's cat) When hearing Zero and Percy's names Abby's ears perked up and her tail started to wag. Then Kim put Abby down on the ground and Abby ran to the pumpkin tree. "I see she missed her friends." said Jack in a joking tone.
"Ok we know how we're gonna hide Abby but what about Jack?" questioned Melissa. "What do you mean?" questioned Jack in a confused tone. "Well the citizens think Zack left last week. If they see you dressed then they will start to get suspicious." said Gracie pointing to Jack's outfit. "I see your point." said Jack in an understanding tone. "Maybe we can make a bodyguard circle around Jack so no one sees him." said Deseree in a hopeful tone. "That may work but lets see if we can think of something different first." said Gracie in a thoughtful tone. Then Abby started to bark madly. "What is is girl?" questioned Kelsey petting Abby. Then the group looked in the direction that Abby was barking at and looking right back at them was a shadow!
"Oh no! It saw us in our human form! We're boned!" yelled Deseree at the top of her lungs. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU STUPID HUMANS?!" yelled the shadow. "No one calls my friends stupid!" yelled Vince. Then Vince ran behind the shadow, ignoring the desperate cries from his friends and family telling him to come back, and pulled off the robe. The shadow was a black skellington. Then the skellington turned to ash and was blown away by the oncoming wind.
"What in heck just happened?" questioned Gracie in a confused tone. "He just pulled his robe and he turned to ash." said Melissa in a confused tone. "Thats how you defeat the shadows." said Kim. "Thats how we got the costumes Gracie and her friends are wearing." said Ann. "So your tellin us that these outfits were worn by skellingtons?" questioned Deseree in disgusted tone. "Yup." said Michael in a happy tone. "Eww gross!" yelled Kelsey in a disgusted tone. "Oh shut up Kel." said Gracie in an annoyed tone. Then Vince brought the robe, worn by the shadow, to his dad. "Here daddy put this on." said Vince giving Jack the robe. "Oh I get it. Jack can put on the shadow costume so that he will blend in with us. Good idea Vince." said Gracie in a happy tone. Then Jack put the shadow costume on over his outfit. "How does this fly again?" he questioned. "You just put the hood over your head." said Melissa. Then Jack put the hood over his head and tried to fly. But he flew straight into a tree. "Ouch!" yelled Jack taking off the hood and walking back to his friends. "I see we're gonna have a big prob here."said Deseree in a worried tone.
"Well we don't have time to teach him how to fly." said Kelsey in a dramatic tone. "We'll just let him hang on to one of us." said Melissa in a thoughtful tone. "Now lets go to Halloween Town before things get worse." said Gracie in a serious tone. Then she oppened the door to Halloween Town and they all were swooped into the tree.
"What happened here? This isn't the Halloween Town I remember." said Jack in a shocked tone as he looked around. "Nothing really changed its just that its so bare." explained Deseree. "Its like Specter...the second time Edward Bloom arrived." said Gracie in a sad tone. "Is this really the time to compare Tim Burton and what has happened to Halloween Town?" questioned Melissa in an angry tone. Gracie sighed and let Abby down on the ground. "Now Abby I want you to go to Zero's doghouse grave and wait for us to go after you." said Gracie. Then Abby ran to the direction of Zero's doghouse. "Now Jack here is some advise. Don't do anything...stupid." said Gracie looking at Jack. "What makes you think I'd do something stupid?" questioned Jack in an angry tone. "Honestly, it's because your honest, and you never know when honest people might do something incredibly...stupid. You now have to act like a shadow. Meaning you only live to serve your master. In this case its Zack. So I'd also advise you to keep quiet and let me do all the talking." explained Gracie. "Do you even have a plan?" questioned Jack. " but I' know what when we see Zack just play along with me." said Gracie in a nervious tone. "Thats it we're doomed." said Kelsey in a timid tone. "No we're not. Remember I took classes on improv at the old fire house. I'm an expert on coming up with things on the spot." said Gracie in a happy tone. "Lets hope so." said the kids in unison.
The group flew into town and were on their way to Jack's house. "Hey look its the Mayor." whispered Kelsey. The group looked around and they saw the Mayor. "Maybe if we tell the Mayor the situation he will help us." Jack whispered in a hopeful tone. Then Jack started to fly on his own to the Mayor but was stopped by Gracie. "Think again Boneman. This is what I ment by not doing anything stupid. That was something stupid. Though you may not see it this place is swarming with shadows. If they see you talking to the Mayor they will catch us and put us all in jail." said Gracie in a serious tone. Then they headed back towards the group.
Then they went into Jack's house and went to the bacement. "Just leave it to me and everything will be fine." whispered Gracie. "How come I have a feeling that everything won't be fine?" questioned Jack whispering to Deseree. Gracie then cleared her throat. "Zack," she said in a harsh whisper, "The prizoners have escaped." "I can see why." said Zack coming into view, he still looked like Jack, he walked up to Gracie, "You, Gracie and your little human friends have helped them get out." Then Zack took off Gracie's hood. "How'd you know it was me?" questioned Gracie in a nervious tone. "I have my ways. I'm not as stupid as my brother said I was." said Zack in a mysterious tone. "Speaking of Jack." said Melissa in a serious tone, pulling down her hood. "Take a look at this." said Deseree, she too had her hood down and so did Kelsey. Then Kelsey pulled down Jack's hood revealing to Zack that his brother was standing in front of him. "Uhh..hi...Jack" said Zack in a nervious tone. "Don't 'Hi Jack' him." said Gracie in an angry tone. "Don't think your gonna get away easily with all this." said Melissa in an angry tone. "Yea." said Deseree in an angry tone. "You'll pay you good for nothing pile of..." started Kelsey in an angry tone. "I think I can take it over from here, girls. Thank you." said Jack interrupting Kelsey. Then Jack started to walk angerly towards his brother. "How can you do this to me? Stealing my crown, putting me on that ship, banishing my friends, brainwashing my wife..." started Jack. "Speaking of which," Zack interrupted, "Sally will you please come in here?"


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