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Chapter 2 - Another Strange Twist

My first Balto fanfiction. When the white wolf that Balto had met that fateful night appears, what kind of tale does this wild wanderer have to tell? And what does the future have in store for him?

Chapter 2 - Another Strange Twist

Chapter 2 - Another Strange Twist
Chapter Two: Another Strange Twist
The sight of a slumbering white wolf inside of the wrecked trawler had, in no uncertain terms, almost given him a heart-attack. Boris was still collecting his wits, when Muk and Luk, the two resident polar bear cubs, had trundled up and gotten a look at the newcomer.
“Do ya think he’s stayin’, Uncle Boris?” Muk asked; for once keeping his voice soft so he wouldn’t disturb the sleeping canine.
“No way of telling.” Boris muttered, then thought, “But he isnt going anywhere, anytime soon.....His paws have seen to that.


Jenna sighed, as she woke from slumber; the vigorous kicking from her unborn pups bringing her back from the land of dreams.
Ill be glad when I can finally get a full nights sleep again! This makes the fifth time in a few hours!” Jenna mused, ruefully, as she made her way to the door and barked to get let out (since she was now too big to fit through the pet door). Within minutes, she was standing in the snow beyond the door; her ears pricking when she heard what sounded like a commotion in the direction of the wrecked trawler.
Wonder whats going on now?” she wondered, as she slowly made her way in the direction. Eventually, she did get there, and was surprised by what she found, sleeping within the old boat’s hull.
A wolf! But what is he doing here?” Jenna silently asked, as she cautiously edged her way towards him.
“You sure about that, Miss Jenna?” Boris asked, as he appeared beside her; startling her slightly.
“Boris! Please don’t do that!” Jenna gasped, in surprise; backing away from the wolf as she said that.
“Sorry. What are you doing this far away from home? And with a belly full of pups, no less?” Boris asked, as he pointed out Jenna’s distended belly with an arched eyebrow.
“Just curious about what is going on. I heard something happen, and came out here to find out what it was. I didn’t realize that.....well.....” Jenna trailed off, yet gave the wolf a sidelong glance in an effort to complete her thought. A thought that went unfinished, when she found herself gazing into the wolf’s tired amber eyes.
“‘Well’ what? That a wolf is resting just outside of your town?” the wolf asked, wearily. Jenna nodded.
“Yes.....What brought you here?” Jenna asked, hesitantly.
“This and that......Mostly my paws are too badly cut up to continue.” the wolf murmured; noticing that Jenna seemed nervous and wary of him, and speaking softly so he wouldn’t scare her. At this, Jenna looked down, and saw that what the wolf had just said was true; his paws were a mess of lacerations, almost all of which were bleeding heavily.
“They look serious....” Jenna said, as she, without even realizing it, entered the boat and got a closer look.
“Two dogs have just gone to get something to treat them, and some food......since I obviously can’t hunt, right now.” the wolf stated.
“I see....By the way, what do you call yourself?” Jenna asked, as she lay down in front of him.
“Frost.” the wolf replied, then gave her what seemed to be a concerned look, “Are you sure you should be out here? You look as though you should be searching for a den to birth in, right now.”
“I’m fine. I have at least one more week.” Jenna reassured him; a bit surprised and touched by his worry for her, even though he had only just met her.
“Balto had told us about a wolf he’d met on the way back. Are you that wolf?” Boris questioned, from the relative safety of the edge of the hole.
“He was one of the dogs that had just left from here, correct?” Frost in turn asked; tilting his head to one side to show that he was curious about where this topic was taking them. Both the snow goose and husky nodded.
“He’s my mate, and the father of the pups I am carrying.” Jenna added.
“Then, to answer the goose’s question; yes. I am that wolf.” Frost stated, quietly.
“You deserve our gratitude, then. By helping him regain his confidence, you also indirectly saved Nome......and you saved my human’s life, as well.” Jenna murmured; giving him a grateful smile, even as she blinked a few tears back. At this, Frost could only manage an abashed look.
“I did nothing special, just gave encouragement where it was needed. That is all. Your mate did the true lifesaving, that night.” Frost said, humbly, even as a mischievous glint appeared in his amber eyes, “Yet, if I had known there would be such a beauty waiting in this town for him, I would have pulled the sled myself!”
“Huh?!” Jenna almost yelped, even as Boris chuckled and shook his head.
“Miss Jenna, I do believe you’ve just been flattered by a most roguish wolf!” Boris chortled, as he now confidently approached Frost, threw a wing about his broad shoulders, and winked to let the wolf know that he was joking around. Frost arched an eyebrow, then feigned a look of insult.
“I’m not anything of the sort! I just happen to know beauty when I see it!” Frost argued; inwardly smiling when he saw the fervent blush showing through even the fur on her face. Yet, before Jenna could say anything else, her face suddenly took on a wince, and she curled in on herself.
“T-too soon......” Jenna whispered, knowing that the snow goose and wolf would know what she meant. Already, Frost could tell that her scent was changing; her body readying itself for birthing. And after that, he noticed an even more disturbing scent.....
“Is there anything here we can transport her on?” Frost asked, as he abruptly stood and made his way towards the hole in the hull.
“Not here.” Boris replied, worriedly, as he placed a wing on the husky’s shoulder to try and comfort her.
“S-sled.....M-my human’s......s-sled......” Jenna moaned, almost incoherently.
“Where is your home? And where can I find the sled?” Frost questioned, gently.
“ last house......near the edge......of town......Th-the outside.....near the back door......” Jenna whimpered; struggling to articulate through the contractions.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can. Hang in there.” Frost murmured, as he leaped out of the ship and raced back towards town; ignoring the blood flying from his paws as he ran.
Im not going to let another litter die.......nor am I going to let another female share in my mates fate. That much I swear.” Frost thought, as he dashed past surprised humans and dogs alike, in his self-imposed race against time.


Kodi could tell that something was wrong, when he heard the shocked cries and yelps coming from the street, and emerged from his owner’s home to see Frost charging towards his parents’ house.
What the blazes is going on here? Doesnt he know how dangerous it is to do this?” Kodi wondered, as he took off after the white wolf; curiosity urging him to see what had brought the larger canine back into the awakening town. It was when he was a few paces away from the house that the wolf raced away again, but this time dragging a child’s sled behind him; the harness clutched tightly between his teeth.
What is he doing?! Has he lost his mind?!” Kodi’s mind asked, staring in mute shock at the wolf’s retreating form for a few moments, before racing after him.


At the same time, Balto was also noticing the disturbance, and could sense that something was very wrong, when he briefly saw Frost swiftly run back out of town with the sled behind him.
Has something happened? If so, then what?” Balto silently questioned, as foreboding settled itself firmly within him, and he took off after the rapidly moving wolf; the food he’d managed to get for said wolf flying free as he did so.


By the time Frost returned with the sled, he could tell that the birthing had begun in earnest; the scent of blood and water had reached his keen nose even before he was close enough to be seen by Boris.
“I’ve brought the sled.” Frost stated, as he cautiously stuck his head into the hull; knowing from experience that Jenna would instinctively defend herself and her young (unborn or otherwise) if she didn’t know who he was by voice. With a nod, Boris turned to look at Jenna.
“Think you can move, Miss Jenna?” Boris asked, as the laboring husky struggled to catch her breath. Jenna managed a nod, before slowly getting to her feet. She was surprised when Frost moved to support her on one side.
“One pup has already been born......And wouldn’t you know it, he’s pure white too.” Boris added, as he wrapped the mentioned pup in the blanket Frost had been lying on before.
“Let’s just hope that that isn’t a sign of what’s to come......” Frost muttered, as he helped Jenna lie down on the sled, then returned his attention to Boris, “Be sure to put the pup close to his mother, and then adjust the harness. I’ll pull this sled back into town myself.”
“You sure about that, wolf?” Boris asked, not quite believing what he’d just heard; this wolf wanted to be strapped to the sled?!
“Quite. With the townsfolk now fully awake, even two dogs will have some difficulty getting here before the rest of the pups arrive......and we don’t know how many she’s carrying. I would rather avoid risking the pups’ or their mother’s lives by being over-cautious with my own safety.” Frost said, boldly.
“Right......” Boris agreed, as he hurriedly adjusted the leather straps to fit on the white wolf’s larger frame. When that was done, Frost ushered for the goose to get on the sled as well, and hold Jenna down.
“Hang on! This is going to be a bit rough.” Frost warned, then surged forward. Through the haze Jenna’s mind was currently in, she could feel some amazement at the wolf’s strength. The small sled was almost flying across the snow; at some points not even touching it, as he rushed back to town.
If it werent for the fact that hes a pure wolf, I would swear that he was an incredible sled dog, himself!” Jenna mused, distractedly; not even noticing when the wolf-drawn sled rushed into town and swiftly ended up in front of her home.
“Frost!” two male voices shouted, as their owners galloped over to him. To the wolf’s evident relief, there was Balto and Kodi; panting with exertion, yet their eyes widening when they saw Jenna on the sled.
“Mom! Are you okay?!” Kodi yelped, as he rushed over to her side.
“Th-they’re coming early.....” Jenna panted, as Boris showed them the newborn that lay nestled in the blanket near Jenna’s belly.
“I see.....” Balto muttered, then glanced at Frost; a new appreciation for the white wolf’s courage emerging within him.
“Get your humans’ attention, Balto. Your mate needs the help and shelter only they can provide, now.” Frost said, as the wolf-dog nodded and rushed up to the door; scratching at it for all he was worth.
“What about you, Frost? How’re you holding up?” Kodi asked, concernedly.
“My paws hurt like hell, but at least the following pups will arrive in safety.......That dog I’d met earlier......his scent was far too close for my liking. He’d kill those pups, if he had the opportunity.” Frost replied, grimly.
“Steele......Then you did the right thing, then......Thank you.” Balto said, gratefully; returning to their sides when he heard the humans’ footsteps coming towards the door.
“Think nothing of it.” Frost replied, honestly, then looked up when the front door opened, and a red-haired little girl rushed out.
“Jenna! Daddy, Jenna’s having her puppies! Hurry!” the girl shouted, urgently; ignoring the fact the sled not only had her pet husky and a newborn puppy on it, but a snow goose as well. Nor did she realize that a wolf was currently strapped to the small vehicle, until her father got a closer look.
“Rosie! Get away from there! That isn’t a dog at all! It’s a wolf!” the man yelped, when he’d picked Jenna up, and then carefully backed away. At this, the little girl turned and gave Frost a confused look; how on earth had a wolf ended up harnessed to her sled?! With the boldness only a child could show, Rosie slowly approached Frost, and held out one of her hands. Confused to no end about this, Frost at first sniffed the proffered hand, then gingerly placed his right forepaw in it! At this, even Balto and Kodi exchanged stunned looks; they certainly hadn’t seen this coming!
“Well I’ll be......” the girl’s father muttered, when he’d seen the unbelievable happen right in front of him, then noticed that blood was dripping from the paw Rosie now held in her small hand, and that it stained the snow beneath the three on the ground.
“He’s hurt! His feet are bleeding! Daddy, let’s help him! Please?” Rosie begged. With a longsuffering sigh that seemed to tell Balto, Kodi, and Frost that he might end up regretting it, the man then nodded.
“Let’s get Jenna inside and comfortable first, then we’ll see what we can do for him, okay?” the father asked; and got a fervent nod from his daughter as an answer.
“Okay!” Rosie agreed, then started to remove the harness from the wolf’s powerful frame.
“Such an odd turn of events, wouldn’t you say?” Frost asked, when he’d watched the humans return inside, then usher for them to follow.
“Yeah.....But at least it looks like you won’t have to worry about your paws, or where your next meal will come from......Rosie seems to have adopted you, as well.....” Balto murmured, as they stepped inside, and the door was closed behind them.


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