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Chapter 1 - The Dark Lord Arises

This is linked to the The Third Epic. After the battle with Kahn, Kenshin and his friends experience a new peace. That is until...

Chapter 1 - The Dark Lord Arises

Chapter 1 - The Dark Lord Arises
The Dark Lord Arises: Kenshin’s Downfall
            Within the ‘Rurouni Realm,’ Kenshin and his friendsnow confronted the mighty Lord Cavendish. It had been bad enough with the fightagainst Shishio, Usui, and Aoshi, and their strength had been cut in half sincethe fight against Master Kahn, causing Kenshin’s reverse-blade sword to bedestroyed in the process. Now, he and his friends now confronted a man ofincredible strength. A man to which Kahn was a mere subordinate. Lord Cavendishof the Dark Empire. However, his name would remain elusive to the Kenshingroup.
            “Tell mewhat you want!” Kenshin demanded. “Who are you?”
            “Who I amis not important to someone who shall meet their fate not too long from now.”Cavendish chuckled. “And what I want is pure and simple. I notice that you havetaken down one of the members of the Cavendish Shinobis, did you not?”
            “And whatdifference is that to you?!” Sanosuke interrupted.
            “You mightsay that I am here to replace Master Kahn. I am here to finish what he started.I’ll conquer this world and enslave the people of this realm.”-
            “You’rehere to take over our world too?” Misao asked.
            “That iscorrect.” Cavendish implied. “I will eliminate all those who dare to stand inmy way of conquest. For what you have done, to deprive us of the power stones,then I shall compensate by taking over this world.”
            “Then, weshall fight you for the preservation of our home, that we will!” Kenshin said.
            Cavendishlanded gently on the ground. He then began to walk towards Kenshin and his friends.
            “I willenjoy killing you, Battousai. After this battle, your reputation has proceededyou. Well, no further will your reputation continue. Today, you and the rest ofyour comrades shall fall by my hands.”-
            “You stillhaven’t told us who you are, you creep!” Yahiko said.
            “And myidentity will remain elusive.” Cavendish chuckled. “Just consider me one of thetop elite fighters of the Dark Empire.”
            “You talktoo much.” Sanosuke uttered, cracking his knuckles. “If you’ve come to fight,then let’s fight.”
            “Very well,Sanosuke Sagara, then why don’t you be the first to lead the attack.”-
            “Don’t mindif I do then!” Sanosuke rushed forward, his fist clutched.
            “What isthat idiot trying to prove?!” Saito uttered.
            “Sano!!”Kenshin beckoned. But it was too late, Sanosuke was already on the charge.
            “Sano,don’t!!” Miss Kaoru cried.
            “This isfor what you and your cronies did to Kyoto!”Sanosuke shouted. “I’m gonna pound your teeth straight through your boots!”Sanosuke lunged forward. “Futae no kiwami!!” Sanosuke slammed his fist intoCavendish’s forehead. However, despite all he put into the attack, there was noeffect, no flinch from the dark lord. Instead, Sano’s entire right arm wasshattered from his fingertips to his shoulder. He cried out as the blood fromripped flesh seeped from impact cuts.
            “Sano!!”Yahiko cried.
            “Thatmoron!” Saito said. “Charging recklessly into battle like that is a sure way toget himself killed.”
            “Was thatit?” Cavendish asked. “That was certainly a waste of time. But that attackwasn’t even worth bragging about.”
            “That man,”Aoshi uttered, “he managed to repel Sagara’s attack without flinching.”
            “Such animbecile you are.” Cavendish stretched out his index finger and fired an energybeam straight into Sanosuke’s left shoulder. The beam penetrated straightthrough, rendering the young fighter’s arm useless. Sanosuke fell to the groundin severe pain. “I’ll finish you off later. I already know that you’re not muchof a threat to me.”
            “You’ll payfor this!” Kenshin shouted. “You’ll pay for what you’ve done to Sanosuke!”
            “That’s thespirit that I want to see out of the infamous Battousai the Manslayer.”Cavendish chuckled. “Get angry, become a demon, return to Battousai theManslayer and kill me. If you can, that is.”
            “Kenshin.”Seijuro Hiko implied. “That’s exactly what he wants. He wants to rile you upand blind your judgment with utter rage so that you will not be at fullawareness when you fight him.” He threw Kenshin his own reverse-blade sword.“The Amakakeru ryu no Hirameki may be the only attack capable of taking thisman down. Wait for the opportune moment.”
            “I will.”Kenshin took his master’s sword and placed it under the straps of his trousers.Kenshin stepped forward and made his stance.
            “B…becareful Kenshin…” Sanosuke uttered. “He’s a lot tougher than he looks.”
            “I will,Sano. He will repent for the pain he inflicted upon you.” Kenshin steppedforward. Cavendish only smirked.
            “I have nointension of fighting you as you are now.” The dark lord implied. “You are notBattousai the Manslayer. I wish to fight the legendary manslayer. The one whois said to be the strongest of the Imperialists. Quite interesting wouldn’t yousay? Imperialist vs. Imperial.”
            “I willfight you, but I will fight you as I am now! You will fight Kenshin Himura!”-
            Cavendishonly chuckled and turned his back on Kenshin.
            “Why thatdirty…” Yahiko said. “Who does he think he is?”
            “Come on,Himura!” Misao cheered. “Give that guy a piece of the reverse-blade sword!”
            “For whatyou and your minions have done to our world, I will guarantee that you will bedefeated here and now.” Kenshin said.
            “As if youridle threats mean anything to me.” Cavendish replied. He then turned again. “Inthe state you are now, you couldn’t even take down a common rat.”
            “Battousai.”Saito said, walking up behind Kenshin. “This man will be defeated, but not byyou.”
            “Saito.”Kenshin uttered.
            “The onlyway to properly defeat him is to know more about his fighting techniques. Thus,I will be the first to fight him. I will attempt to take him with one fatalthrust from my Gatotsu. If, however, it fails and I am slain, then at least youwould have gained further knowledge of this foe.” Saito made his way towardsCavendish.
            “Well, Isee that you have decided to go before Himura have you, Hajime Saito?”Cavendish uttered. “A former leader of the third Shinsengumi squad. Quitefitting that you meet your end at the hands of the ultimate evil.” Cavendishfolded his arms in front of him. “But really, why don’t you withdraw from thisfight and not risk throwing your life away needlessly.”-
            “As aformer member of the Shinsengumi, I follow the way of the samurai! And fleeingbefore an enemy isn’t an option!” Saito crouched down to deploy the infamousGatotsu.
            “Then, comeforth, former leader of the Shinsengumi! And let us see how great yourdetermination is!”-
            Saitolunged forth with all the strength he had. But despite his gallant rush,Cavendish remained calm.
            “Will youjust stand there and meet the full force of my Gatotsu?!”-
            “I thinknot.” Cavendish stretched forth his index finger and fired an energy beamstraight at Saito. The beam pierced through his chest and exited out of hisback. Saito fell to the ground, his sword flying from his hand. It glidedharmlessly passed Cavendish’s head. Saito collapsed, dead, almost near the feetof the dark lord.
            “S…Saito…”Kenshin uttered.
            “Well, thatwent well enough.” The evil lord chuckled. He gazed up at the group. “Now whoelse dares to confront my might?”
            There wasnow a feeling of fear accumulating from the group. No one dared to make a moveagainst this new fighter. Kenshin, gripped his sheathed sword even tighter.However, before he could step forward, Aoshi Shinomori stepped forward.Cavendish smiled.
            “I shall bethe one to fight you.” Aoshi uttered.
            “LordAoshi!” Misao shouted.
            “I will bethe one to challenge you, despite some opposition from my comrades.” Aoshideployed his double Kodachis. “I have always wished to gain the title of thestrongest and fighting against you will be the best opportunity for me to gainsuch recognition.”
            “And how doyou intend to fight against me, my friend?” Cavendish asked.
            “I have myown ways.” Suddenly, Aoshi disappeared. Again he appeared and again hevanished. “This is the ultimate technique of Aoshi Shinomori. Jissen-Kenbu.”
            “Is thatthe best you can do, boy, an after-image technique? I can do the very same.”Cavendish began to divide himself into different entities. “However, there is aslight difference between your after-image technique and mine.” Suddenly,Cavendish stopped, but his entities did not vanish. “I have the ability to alsodivide myself into several other entities. So tell me, Shinomori, which onewill you take out first.”
            “Are youseeing this?” Misao asked.
            “That guydivided himself into ten other entities.” Seijuro Hiko added. “But how can thatbe possible?”
            Suddenly,one of the entities rushed forward and managed to catch Aoshi by the throat.There in mid-air, Cavendish held the young warrior up in a stranglehold.
            “LordAoshi!!” Misao cried.
            “That wasjust too easy!” Cavendish stuck out his index finger and fired an energy beamstraight through Aoshi’s body, piercing his heart and lung. Aoshi was killedinstantly. Cavendish continued to hold the body of his enemy in the air. Then,with a smirk, he threw Aoshi’s lifeless body to the ground. “I think this trashbelongs to you.” Cavendish threw down Aoshi’s body and it tumbled just a fewfeet away from Kenshin and the others.
            “LordAoshi!!” Misao cried, rushing to his body. She fell to her knees, tears runningfrom her eyes. “No! You can’t be gone, Lord Aoshi! You just can’t be gone!”
            “Aoshi…”Kenshin uttered.
            “It can’tbe!” Kaoru said.
            “Damn thatbastard.” Sanosuke uttered. “Now…Aoshi’s gone too?”
            “I’ll killyou!!” Misao declared. Her eyes will with tears. But before she could lift hereyes towards Cavendish, the evil lord fired yet another energy beam and piercedthrough Misao’s body as well. Misao was killed instantly and her lifeless bodyfell upon that of her lord. Cavendish still smirked.
            “So,Battousai,” Cavendish chuckled, “You intend to fight me yet?”
            “Youbastard!” Kenshin sneered. His eyes suddenly filled with utmost rage. “I willkill you!!” Suddenly, Kenshin’s eyes turned a bright yellow. His hair became afiery red, glowing with intense energy. A killing spirit was reestablished.
            “You willkill me? You are a fool.”-
            “You are ademon! And it is here that you will die!!”-
            Kenshinsuddenly attacked with all his might.
            “You trulyare a helpless fool!” Cavendish fired an energy beam at Kenshin. But now, theBattousai was able to dodge the attack in time. He jumped up and hovered overthe evil lord’s head.
“Hiten Mitsurugi style Ryu tsuisen!!” But as Kenshin descended to deliver the final blow, Cavendish flipped ina 360% spin and evaded the attack.        
“So this is the godlike speed ofthe Hiten Mitsurugi? It is worthless!” Cavendish suddenly threw out his hand,and with a powerful blast of chi, sent Kenshin flying into the wall. Kenshinfell to the ground after the impact. Blood now ran down his lip and from theback of his head. He gazed up. “Now behold my power and you can curse yourselffor being weak!!”
Cavendish threw out his hand andwith a powerful energy blast, blew away all of his friends and comrades, alongwith half of the countryside. Kenshin could only here the final screams of hisfriends as they were incinerated by the blast from Cavendish’s attack.
“Yahiko!!” Kenshin cried. “MissKaoru! Sir Okina! Master!!”
“It…can’t be…” Sanosuke uttered.“They’re all…dead…”
“Oh yes, I almost forgot aboutyou.” Cavendish chuckled. He threw out his arm and fired an energy beamstraight at Sano. The beam pierced through Sanosuke, hitting his heart andlung. Sanosuke fell dead, his eyes still open.
“Sanosuke!!!” Kenshin shouted.
“What worthless fodder. Not evenworth my time.”-
“You bastard! You won’t get awaywith this!”-
“I already have!”-
Just then, from out of the blue,three more men flew down from the sky. One of them, a young man with long,brown hair and a grey military frock, and accompanying him, two soldiers withtinted helmets and blasters on their arms.
“Your Excellency!” the young mancried.
“Aw, General Marcus Durovano.”Cavendish chuckled. “You have finally arrived.”
“I see that you have taken overthis place without any problems.”-
“Naturally. Now tell our men toestablish our fortifications within the city of Kyoto.”
“Yes, Your Excellency.”-
“Oh, and one other thing,”Cavendish pointed at Kenshin who was still alive, but severely hurt. “I wantyou to take him prisoner. General Ameba will be tickled pink when you hand thisyoung whelp over to him.”
“I understand.”-
“We must make an example of him.”-
“Yes, my lord.”-
As Cavendish left, Durovano’stroopers picked Kenshin up and dragged him back to their point of origin.
Kenshin was brought to a cruiser,surrounded by Imperial troops. Kenshin was bound by the wrists of his hands andlocked into the cruiser where prisoners were held.
“Take a last look at your home,Battousai.” Durovano said. “It’ll be the last you ever see it.” Durovano closedthe door and the sunlight faded from Kenshin’s eyes just as his hopes did.
“I can’t believe I’ve failed.”Kenshin uttered. He curled up, bringing his knees up to his chin. “Is it trulyover?”


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SoraYamato on October 6, 2006, 6:12:49 PM

SoraYamato on
SoraYamatoWAAAHHH! KENSHIN! I wonder at the fact that Cavendish allowed other underlings to mess up the conquest of other worlds when he himself could have easily done so, but that's a warlord for you- unpredictable.
Very nice chapter Sean, but be wary of the spacebar- it doesn't seem to be working properly

SimpleSoul52 on June 5, 2006, 3:24:24 AM

SimpleSoul52 on
SimpleSoul52NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Not Sano!!! Cavendish I'm gonna ... get somone to kick ur butt!!! .... any takers?.... lol Nice job as always! but uh... seriously if you can, find a way to miraculously bring Sano back ... soon. hehe

Xx_AviloriA_xX on October 21, 2005, 7:58:05 PM

Xx_AviloriA_xX on
Xx_AviloriA_xXomg thats cruel!!! everyone died! what will happen next?