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Chapter 1 - Nathaniel Robert Trigger 'Colton' Copperstein

All about Rebecca's Twin Bro Colt

Chapter 1 - Nathaniel Robert Trigger 'Colton' Copperstein

Chapter 1 - Nathaniel Robert Trigger 'Colton' Copperstein
Nathaniel Robert Trigger 'Colton' Copperstein

Full Name: Nathaniel Robert Trigger 'Colton' Copperstein

Species: Martian Mouse

Nick Names: Colt

Age: 26

Height: 6'9

Hair: Light Brown just brushes the back of his collar

Fur: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light Green

Build: Trim,developing muscle tone

Usual Clothing: Typical FF uniform--only one who has a full unfiorm a bar and stripe on each shoulder

Weapons: Lazer Gun,Ray Gun

Bike: Can't ride--Night Blindness also blind in one eye and has trouble judging distances

Born: South Eastern Part of Mars Aka The Rich Part

Accent: British

Talk: low,quiet yet clear

Brothers: Rocky,Rusty,Dusty, Jaden,Tanner,Caiden

Sisters: Rebecca and Austin

Parents: Sandstorm-Father,Trigger-Mother

Brother In Law: Reilley Bridgenstein

Niece: Montanna

Nephew: Dakota

Work/Rank: Rimfire's Right Hand---Kristin's Superior

Preferences: Ladies, sorry not lookin for a new wife just yet.

Special Someone-- A Mentor other then Stoker: Shadow and Blizzard Orionsston both 30, four years older then Colt.

Both Shadow and Blizzard Saved his life after the third electrical experiment Dr.Ravinstein
performed with 380 volts of Electricity nearly killed him.

Later found out Shadow is a Cardiac Care Doctor under strict Stink Fish orders NOT
to help while Blizzard is a Respitory Speicalist

Marital state: Widower with four kids under the age of 13--two girls and two boys aged 3 1/2 years old.

Health Notes: Colt has night blindness which keeps him on base at night, even though he is unable to see at night, his amazing abilities to hack into the Plutarkian Computer Main Frame from Base made him Rimfire's other right hand next to Rimfire's cousin

Colt also has amnesia from the many electrical experiments Karbunkle's cronies performed on him.

Due to the night blindness being so bad, Colt wears eye glasses that keep his eyes focused when staring straight ahead yet allow him to see clearly but when someone else looks through his lenses all they see is blobs and blurs. His lenses are at the maximum strength allowed by the Martian Board of Optomitrists.

Quote from Rebecca's Resuce: I faintly remember the torture chamber then passing out and waking up here, I don't have a clue how I got out. I'm guessin one of the guys in Jet's unit carried me out to the ship 'cause I was in no shape to walk. Four broken bones in one arm,right leg busted from below the knee to the ankle,three cracked ribs,a first degree concussion and temporary loss of vision.

Likes: Classic Disney Cartoons--Blame his kids,Classical Music,Ballet,Opera--more like P.T.O.,figure skating,Gymnastics,
Classic Comedies-Laurel & Hardy,Marx Brothers,Three Stooges, Abbot & Costello

Dislikes: POLKA! Gaah forced to sit at Great Grandfather's table on Sunday's and listen to it for hours on end!
Opera's he can't understand,Child Abuse,what he'd seen in prison,traditional British Foods

Temper: 180* Away from Tanner. Calm,Cool and Collected

Personality: Colt is easy goin,fun lovin and a big over grown kid when needed,disciplinarian at the right times.

Infamous Quote: I answer to Rimfire and Kristin answers from time to time to ME!
It's the system Rimfire put in place for when he's not around!
Trust me I've never had a problem working with her.
I just don't understand why people have so many problems with her!

Is known to say: Hey Rimfire picked his cousin because of her SKILLS not because his uncle's her dad!

History: Shadow and Blizzard's father grew up with Colt's father and
Shadow and Blizzard's mother grew up with Colt's mother.
Blizzard and Shadow's grand parents grew up with Sandstorm's parents.
Sandstorm's parents grew up with the Bridgenstein's

BG Info Colt is from one of the Richest families other then the Bridgenstein's and Orionsston's.
Lost his wife Rianna to Agressive Rapidly Spreading Ovarian Cancer six weeks after the war broke out.


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