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Chapter 0 - Mind


A girl running through the misery and chaos of her mind as she's slowly dieing.

Chapter 0 - Mind

Chapter 0 - Mind
Her body felt stone cold and she didn’t know why. Her eyes were closed to stiff to open. She wanted to move but was to dead to do so. In her mind she started to run, running with all her might through her mind. Chaos was breaking out of her memories of her life. She started to cry not wanting to die but dieing so much inside that she just cried. She tripped inside her mind falling into that that felt like mud. Smeared her clothing her face and worked itself into her hair. She grimaced at the pain that soared through her leg. Screaming out to anything that would hear her but no one came. Images of her past swirled around her, that of mocking laughter of friends, family, and enemies. She crushed her hands closed to her ears trying to clear them out. Whimpering to her self-mumbling them to go away but they wouldn’t they just kept getting louder and louder. She tore her eyes open only to see a memory of when she had once fallen as a child. She was crying just like she was then. She dragged herself over to the memory that was playing before her -The child was sitting in the drive way whimpering quietly until her dad had come over picking her up and claming her down. Whispering into her ear ‘shh now don’t cry nothing but a scratch’ – Tears in her eyes swelled up again as she let against it picking herself up with difficulty. But had fallen back down when the memory faded. This time growling at the pain, curling up on her self. She tried once again with a struggle finally able to stand she walked a bit further on seeing memories at either side. She stood still frightened at one memory breathing slowly. – ‘I want to die, let me die’ she was slightly older in this memory. Her mother paced in front of her red in the face. ‘You want to die? Should i just throw you in front of a car and leave you to die? Is that what you want?’ The little girl scrunched up tears running down her face. ‘No...’ was just barely heard from the girl. The mother collapsed holding her daughter to her. – “Mum... dad” she whimpered once again letting the tears flow freely. “Forgive me... please forgive me” The figures of her mother and father stood behind her.
“Why should we forgive you for all the hurt you have given us?” The girl fell forward crying so loudly that she hadn’t thought she had ever cried. “Your not our daughter... you worthless girl” then faded away with the memories.
“It’s not true... it’s not my fault” the girl continued to say to herself. Not handling the pain. She felt sick but she crawled further on.
She didn’t know how long she went like that. Passing the memories. Hearing the thoughts of those that she cared for. ‘We never loved you’ ‘Just die and give us peace’ She continued to cry none of her memories giving her happiness. Only torment. ‘I never liked her, she’s only a pest trying to fit in where she doesn’t belong’
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“I told you, your better of alone from the hurt but did you listen? nooo”
“Who are you?”
“I’m you” A figure of herself stood in front of her standing causal with a cruel smile upon her face. “I’m the one that’s been feeling all your suffering since your bulling in school, now wasn’t that nice of me?” her self was sitting motionless not sure what to make of this. “Speechless i see... well isn’t that interesting. I thought you would have thanked me for keeping you away from this. Guess I was wrong”
“What are you doing?” The other just let the smile fall and looked at her reflection.
“Making you feel that of hatred, that of pain, making you die slowly”
“But why?” She chocked on her words as she said them
“Cause your evil, you deserve all the pain and misery that has built up over the years, you deserve to live through each one and feel the pain you caused people”
Sudden bolts of electricity shot through her body that made her cry out, making her self go deaf. Flexing her body in ways she didn’t think she could do. She crumbled down to the ground, her eyes to dry to cry anymore. Her other self just laughed manically at the pain that she was going through.
“Sorry love but you should know how heartbroken those boys were when you destroyed, crushed, stomped on their tiny winy hearts” An evil smirk graced her face as more pain was struck at herself aching in torment not letting her have one moment of peace. “You should have never let yourself fall, that was the biggest mistake that you could have done, You don’t deserve the love of anyone”
Her reflection walked over to her and gripped hold of her hair tightly, picking her up from the ground and crushing her against the wall. “No? no she says to herself. Owh what a laugh ha. You fell for the wrong guy, every one knows it, even he does. He’s just toying with you having his fun, and soon enough going to toss you aside just like everyone else.” Cruel intent within her eyes, as blood was spat onto her face.
“You’re wrong... you’re wrong” Chocking even more she reached to hold her wrists, but was thrown to the side with such force that she flew against the floor causing even more pain to go through her.
“Let’s ask him shall we?”
She soon heard a voice inside her head that of the one she loved the most. Turning her head she could see him standing by the memories she had of him. She relaxed as soon as she recognized him. But something was different as soon as she looked into his eyes. They didn’t have the love she had once felt; only hate was in his eyes. His lips parted and words formed from the movements. The emotionless of his voice scared her. She started to beg as best she could, closing her eyes in fright and of pain.
“Please... Don’t say it”
“I don’t Love you, I never have and it was all a lie”
Her heart gave out, she lay still with her lips parted, her pupils dilated to extent of non-existent. Slight tears treacle down her face as the memories of him shattered around her. Emptying her mind completely, no laughter, no smiles, no love, no pain, no hurt, and no hate. Her life was meaningless. Floating in darkness ripples of water holding her now dead body. Sinking in slowly to rest of her death. Letting it consume her life just like she had long ago. She was nothing. Echoing words surrounded around her, it was her own voice.
“Live alone in the darkness, No one will save you from it, live alone in your misery. You can’t be loved, you won’t be saved, you’ll be hated”


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