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Chapter 0 - Opening Stage

It's a comic/story thing I've been working on for I think a half year now. The prologue may not have a place in the comic though. All characters (c) me

Chapter 0 - Opening Stage

Chapter 0 - Opening Stage
Ghostly Devotions

Poor pitiful people of Yushint, they seem so bored dont they Aori? questions a girl over looking a stage.
Hmmm replies the girl on relaxed in a recliner reading How to deal with a dragon.
Picture this a girl of say 19 of Oaklen High running through the Utarn Wood area being chased by a dark figure, too clich?
Have her fall and then itd be clich. Okay so no falling, in the Utarn isnt there a cliff to the Etorn Sea? Its more like a big lake but whatever works is fine.
Hmmm. Aori sighs as she turns the page of her massive book, Wood doesnt work against fire breathing dragons, che like that isnt obvious.
What should our dark figure do?
Dark figure of a thousand dooms?
Yes, a thousand dooms.
Bludgeoning her to death is clich but a fun idea nonetheless.
Why not push her down? The figure should keep her body as a sacrifice. For what? A stupid cult idea?
Of course Colitue, everyone in Yushint is crazy, the bad crazy.
Theres a bad crazy? Colitue smirks, Theres no such thing. Aori smirks in return.
Were keeping the two trees right? The puppet and dreamer? Course but everyones dying anyway so I see no importance.
The importance is being able to play with them She turns another page, skims it, and sighs, This book bores me. Its all boring up here in the rooms.
Back to the Oaklen High girl, call her Kiani.
Kiani? Yup, sounds like a flower and flowers dont last long. Aori closes her eyes, Yushint.
Its a short prologue to a story/comic Ill be starting, a lot of the people are based off of real people I know in my more recent years.


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