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Chapter 25 - Its a classic love story

:D hellooooooo i feel like making more poems cause i'm bored.

Chapter 25 - Its a classic love story

Chapter 25 - Its a classic love story
Its a classic love story really.
Good girl falls for Bad boy.
They fall in love.
Happy ending.
But my frined thats not the case.
here a tale of two polar oppisite lovers.
Fall in love.
and dont live happily ever after.
See, the thing all the girl did was try but alas her efforts were in vain.
For the boy turned away in hate,
And let the girl cry in silence.
Not a wrod unless it was to break her more.
For all she wanted was love from the polar oppisite boy.
Oh, how she tried to keep ahold of this thing she called love.
Oh, how she wanted him to shelter her once more.
But how it was all in vain.
The love crumbled underneth them.
How brutal it ended.
No hope for them in the future.
Cry little girl cry for it gets better!
His shadow only remains.
Dont cry all those memories will mean nothing in no time!
And once their all gone someone will come along and open them back up.
Let the others in and you'll do fine.
Everyone said you deserved better anyways


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