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Chapter 10 - Vol 3: Fueling the Fire

Dissidia Academy: A predigious school for the ambitious and talented, where students strive to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Follow the heroes of Final Fantasy as they tackle the many challenges and tribulations that await them throughout the eventful academic year!

Chapter 10 - Vol 3: Fueling the Fire

Chapter 10 - Vol 3: Fueling the Fire
The Detention Room: A small, plain, boring room that is used to isolate trouble-making Students from the rest of the Academy for short periods of time. This room was situated on the top floor of the Academy, close to the Headmistress’ Office and Student Council Room. The walls of this room had nothing in terms of Academy posters or notes, whilst only a small sized window is able to allow light within the entirety of the room.  Within this room holds only a small, mahogany desk and two plastic chairs facing each other, seemingly used more for interrogation purposes rather than anything else. As stated within the rules of Dissidia Academy: Students can only be held within this room for the maximum of two hours, and must be situated with a qualified Staff or selected Student Council Member at all times.
Suddenly, the door to the room swung open and slammed against the wall, causing a small crack to appear. Warrior of Light shoved Zidane Tribal into the room with aggression, his eyes burning with intensity. From the time he detained Zidane to the moment they entered the Detention Room, Warrior of Light was completely silent. During the first half of the journey, Zidane had constantly repeated that he was ‘innocent’ and was not involved with the incident involving assaulting the female Student Rydia and stolen her precious Hair Ornament. But as much as he tried, Warrior of Light refused to believe anything he said. During the latter half of the journey, both had kept silent until they step into the Detention Room.
Warrior of Light closed the door behind him but kept his eyes locked onto Zidane as though he was some kind of roach. Zidane, however, had stumbled slightly due to Warrior of Light aggressive push. He swiftly recovered and twisted towards Warrior of Light, soothing his arms.
“There wasn’t any need for that, Light.” Zidane moaned painfully, attempting to keep a serious tone to the situation. “I mean, you could have just-”
“Sit down.” Warrior of Light interrupted with a tense command, indicating towards the seat nearest to Zidane.
“Ah! Ok, ok! Geez, no need to be so pushy…” Zidane answered back with a startle.
Zidane raised his hands up to show his innocence, deciding to comply with Warrior of Light’s command. He drew back the seat from under the table and perched himself in silence, eyes locked onto Warrior of Light with caution. Warrior of Light took the seat on the opposite side of the table, keeping up his elegant posture in the process. There was a moment of tense silence between the two; Warrior of Light glaring with spite towards Zidane as he began to think up what questions to ask, whist Zidane sat uncomfortably on his chair as he tried to awkwardly avert Warrior of Light’s death gaze. Warrior of Light then took out a pen and some lined paper, preparing himself so that he had evidence from this questioning. Finally, the interrogation began.
“Due to previous reputations, Zidane, you should understand why I detained you.” Warrior of Light began, already jotting down notes on the paper.
“Yeah, it seems that I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Zidane jokingly answered, giving a cheeky smile.
Warrior of Light paused slightly, and then continued on.
“You seem very … light-hearted about this, considering that fact that you are currently being accused of assault and theft.” Warrior of Light glared with a somewhat curious expression.
Suddenly, Zidane’s expression suddenly jumped from light-hearted to serious in a flash, “Light, I already told you many times; I didn’t attack Rydia. And also, the only one who has actually accused me so far is you!”
“And do you have proof that I’m wrong?” Warrior of Light hit back, ignoring the nickname he was given.
Zidane hesitated, biting his lip with a cautious expression. But, he then decided to turn the tables around … almost literally.
“No, I don’t … But do you have any proof that you’re right?” Zidane somewhat confidently answered, trying to keep his serious tone.
Warrior of Light gave of a small, yet surprised gasp; another thing he hated about Zidane had been his self-confident mind.
“Don’t get cocky with me.” Warrior of Light raised his voice slightly, keeping control of the situation. “I’d suggest you mind your mouth if you want to come out of this innocent.”
“Face it though, Light. You’re blinded by your own arrogance.” Zidane assured him, keeping a cool head. “If you just listened more and considered the thoughts of others, things would go a lot smoother.”
“Tch!” Warrior of Light gritted his teeth, finding this a complete nuisance. “How can I, or anyone else with a sense of logic, truly consider your opinions if you always pull such pranks and rebellious acts.”
Zidane leaned back on his chair, placing his hand behind his head as he answered, “It’s true that my type of enjoyment is to pull tricks on people and steal things in their procession. But, whenever I do stuff like that, I’ll always consider peoples safety and always give the items back to them … eventually.”
“Is that right …” Warrior of Light cautiously glared, feeling unable to determine if Zidane’s statement was a lie or not. “So, does that mean you considered Sephiroth’s and the whole Class’ safety when you and Bartz smashed the Great Globe yesterday?”
“Heheh … that was a complete accident on both mine and Bartz’s behalf, and thankfully no one was injured in the end.” Zidane replied with embarrassment, biting the side of his lip as he wished that incident hadn’t been brought up.
“Fine then, so what about during the first day of the Academic Year when you stole my President Badge?” Warrior of Light then questioned, crossing his arms tensely. “Were you planning on giving that back?”
“I was just playing about with you! All I wanted to do was to get to know you better.” Zidane cheekily answered back, showing his innocence. “And besides, I would have given it back to you if Squall didn’t interfere beforehand.”
Warrior of Light sighed with frustration, he wasn’t getting as far as he hoped for so far. The one thing he needed was to push for the truth, but nothing from Zidane’s statements helped towards his belief of this thief being the sole culprit within the current incident. However, it had suddenly clicked in his mind that he needed to use a different approach, one that would cause Zidane to slip up unintentionally and give Warrior of Light the info he needed to claim that his intuitions were correct. He straightened up his back and cooled his breath, gripping the pen tightly and he continued.
“So then, if you claim that you were not the culprit of the assault, then why were you at the scene of the crime?” Warrior of Light questioned, his eyes locked onto Zidane and refusing to divert attention.
Zidane’s tail suddenly twitched, causing his eyes to divert awkwardly from Warrior of Light’s tense gaze. One of Warrior of Light’s eyebrows rose curiously towards this sudden change in attitude.
“I-I … was just, you know … I-in the room next door w-when it happened.” Zidane stuttered as he spoke, struggling to speak and began to sweat. “It was a coincidence that I was so near.”
“Wait … is that all!?” Warrior of Light began to complain, raising his arms up as he shrugged with frustration. “That’s far too vague for me to get anything useful! … What are you hiding from me?”
“N-nothing…” Zidane hastily shook his head, turning his head away.
Warrior of Light knew at that moment, he was hiding something crucial about the whole incident. He then kept hold of his intuitions, knowing he may have hit jackpot.
“I need a lot more than just ‘I was in the room next door’ for me to actually consider believing you.” Warrior of Light spat back, refusing to dwindle.
“I know that!” Zidane answered back, switching back to eye contact. “It’s just … I don’t feel that it’s right for me to explain my side of the story just yet.”
“So when would be the right time?” Warrior of Light’s voice began to grow louder, frustration rising. “All you’ve been doing so far is avoiding the main topic with your quirky remarks. And then when I finally corner you, you give me something so vague that it brings us straight back to square one!”
“You can talk! Your constant tense glares and arrogant attitude isn’t helping this whatsoever!” Zidane argued back, although a slight twinge in his lip showed he enjoyed winding Warrior of Light up. “What happened to the ‘fair’ Light I met on the first day when you helped out Bartz!?”
“I told you to stop calling me that!” Warrior of Light blurted out, showing he was completely irritated.
“… But your name is such a mouthful.” Zidane commented in a sudden laid back manner, leaning on his chair once again as he gave a moping expression. “If it bothers you so much, why don’t you just tell everyone your ‘actual’ name?”
“My actual name …” Warrior of Light echoed with hesitation, his head lowered with a somewhat shameful expression. “I was never given one.”
“Wha – Wait, seriously!?”Zidane abruptly gaped, leaping up on his seat. “Man … that must suck! I mean, that must REALLY suck for you!”
“L-look, you’re the one being questioned here, not me.” Warrior of Light swiftly changed back to the actual subject. “Why are you trying to avoid this? Considering as you’re so ‘desperate’ in trying to show your innocence, you would be giving me compelling reasons by now.”
“I feel that if I told you now, it would only lead to you changing it about to suit your own needs.” Zidane admitted in an oddly dull tone, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.
Warrior of Light suddenly jerked back from his seat, his expression frozen tensely. Zidane saw right through him, even though he hadn’t been doing much to keep his intentions secret. He then gave out a small, low groan; struggling to think up what to do next. However, he realised the inevitable had arrived, and all he could do now was leave this to the higher-ups (teachers).
“Fine then … you can have it your way.” Warrior of Light finally concluded with a sight, rising up from his seat. “Just be aware that I will NOT stop until I extract the truth from you.”
He began to make his way to the door, only to here Zidane call out to him with a frustrated tone of voice.
“Oi! What am I supposed to do now!?” Zidane rose from his chair, palms firmly pressing against the desk as he glared towards Warrior of Light. “Should I just sit here or do nothing or are you going to let me go?”
Warrior of Light turned his head glimpsing towards the frustrated and confused Zidane, “I’ll have a member of staff head over and watch over you whilst I consult with the Headmistress. You’ll sit in here until further notice.”
With that, he opened the door and stepped out of the room, taking in the air around him as though he had been trapped in a stuffed, enclosed area. But as the door began to close, he heard Zidane murmur something that caught his mind.
“Light … be sure that you outside the box with this.”
Warrior of Light watched as the door to the Detention Room closed up, breaking his sight of Zidane. He then stood still in the middle of the corridor, considering his next options. He then sighed as he lifted his head up, glaring out of the window next to him.
“… I told him not to call me that silly nickname.” Warrior of Light groaned, crossing his arms and keeping his usual elegant posture.
However … he began to wonder as to why he had been refusing his fellow classmates from calling him by that name. He already knew that he would rather be called by his full title; however, he realised that there were parts of him that desired to find out his ‘true’ name, even though he only know one person that could guide him to the truth.
As his mind snapped back to reality, he swiftly switched the thought to the back of his mind. In its place, he focused back on his interrogation with Zidane. He knew that it didn’t go to his initial liking, considering that he couldn’t gain any crucial information out of the suspect. But as he gathered his mind on the subject, some of Zidane’s quotes began to haunt his memory.
What happened to the ‘fair’ Light I met on the first day when you helped out Bartz? The voice continued to echo through his mind.
At first, Warrior of Light shook his head to try and get rid of the thought, however, this wasn’t possible. He began to question his own motives towards this case; whether he had been involved with this for the truth of the matter or to satisfy his own greed by exposing Zidane.
“You seem like a lost lamb, standing in the middle of this corridor. Is something on you mind?” A sudden, deep voice called out.
Warrior of Light felt as though he had literally leapt out of his own skin the moment the voice had abruptly spoken out. He switched to where the voice had originated from, only to then notice the one person he despised more than anything towering over him.
“Is there any need for you to stand this close to me, Garland?” Warrior of Light moodily spoke back, his whole body beginning to feel heavy under the towering figure.
Garland took a step back, giving Warrior of Light room to gasp air after the sudden pressure being in a sudden enclosed space. Warrior of Light glared towards the masked man with cautious yet frustrated eyes.
“Well, now I know how it feels like to be Onion Knight …” He then commented to himself, taking in cool breaths. He then targeted his voice towards Garland, ready for whatever comes back to him in return. “So, why are you here?”
“Well, if you must know, I was taking a short stroll around the Academy, considering that I have no lesson to teach at this current time. During this stroll, I just happened to have noticed your presence nearby.” Garland began to explain in a gracious and formal tone under his demonic-looking helmet, something Warrior of Light had never settled with. “From the Headmistress herself, I had heard about the incident that had occurred during the end of Lunch Break. She spoke about you dealing with the supposed ‘suspect’ of the case at hand, and I thought it would be wise to check up on your interrogation.”
“I see … unfortunately, I couldn’t gain any important information from my interrogation on Zidane.” Warrior of Light admitted as he switched his sight towards the Detention Room door. “It seemed to have been a waste of time so far.”
Garland silently nodded, showing a curious posture even though his expressions were hidden under his helmet.
“Do you wish for any assistance?” Garland suggested, acting rather generous all of a sudden.
Warrior of Light glared towards him with hesitation, cautious as to whether to take him up on his offer. But in the end, he realised that he needed to keep to the Detention Room rules of the Academy, even if it meant passing over the responsibility to Garland.
“As a matter of fact, yes, I would like some assistance.” Warrior of Light nodded, although holding back his annoyance to the situation. “I need you to watch over Zidane whilst I locate the Headmistress. He has 1¼ hours until he has to leave the room and I need to consult with the Headmistress on current events.”
Garland nodded as he understood the situation. Warrior of Light, however, found himself already regretting his decision, despising the fact that he had to give a request to Garland of all people. Unfortunately, he couldn’t turn back on this now.
“The Headmistress is situated in the Medical Room currently, if you wish to speak to her.” Garland indicated to Warrior of Light, showing his unusual kind manner.
Warrior of Light began to step past Garland as he made his way towards Headmistress Cosmos’ destination, refusing to speak another word to the teacher. As he passed the Student Council Room and reached the staircase, he heard Garland call out to him.
“Just on a side note, Warrior of Light, it would be rather pleasant if you began calling me as ‘Professor’ Garland.”
Just then, Warrior of Light whole body jerked horrifically. He felt as though he would actually vomit by the idea. With eyes watering and mouth holding back his stomach, he glimpsed towards Garland one last time.
“Well …?” Garland curiously asked.
“OVER MY DEAD BODY!” He then bellowed with anger, furious with the thought of calling Garland as a ‘Professor’.
With haste, Warrior of Light disappeared down the staircase. Garland watched him leave, giving out a small chuckle. He then turned towards the door to the Detention Room, grasping the handle and passing through into the room where Zidane was held.
Back in the Medical Room, Onion Knight was seated on his chair with his mouth gaped open and eyes wide with shock. Momentarily, the room had been in complete silence, whilst Headmistress Cosmos stood with a gleaming smile across her face. Terra, who had been perched on the edge of Rydia’s bed, had been taken by surprise of the announcement make by the Headmistress. Rydia, on the other hand, seemed to have been confused to the whole scenario. Finally, Onion Knight broke the silent tension.
“M-me, as Zidane’s Lawyer?” Onion Knight muttered with disbelief. “Th-that’s ridiculous! How could I be a Lawyer!? I don’t have the training or knowledge for the profession, nor the experience of defending someone who has been accused.”
“Ah, however, you do have the correct mind-set and determination for this task.” Cosmos assured, her posture seemed to be strong and proud. “Besides, this isn’t a ‘true’ Court Trial, but rather an experience for the students of this Academy. This Trial will help the Students towards and effective thought process. In addition, it should allow both you and Warrior of Light to conquer a psychological weakness that restricts your abilities.”
“A psychological weakness…?” Onion Knight echoed curiously, wondering what she had meant by the phrase. But his mind clicked on about a certain ‘weakness’ automatically, “Wait … Are you indicating about me being short!?”
“No, I would call that more of a ‘physical’ weakness. You’ll understand what I mean soon enough.” Cosmos assured once again, giving out a small, light chuckle. “With that said, the reason behind my decision to cast you and Warrior of Light for the roles are due to the potential both of you has towards influencing the events of the Trial. That, and … I do rather enjoy the tension with the rivalry between you two.”
Onion Knight’s eyes stared towards Cosmos with a blank yet irritated expression, finding her amusement about the rivalry between him and Warrior of Light a nuisance. But as the idea of having a Court Trial formed in his mind, Onion Knight felt the need to raise a question. However, it seemed Terra had beaten him to it.
“Cosmos, what would happen to Zidane if he was found Guilty of assault and theft by the end of this Trial?” Terra questioned, cautious about what would be the answer.
“He would face immediate Exclusion from the Academy.” The Headmistress answered with a sudden serious tone.
Both Onion Knight and Terra felt their whole body tense up suddenly, realising how serious this could be for Zidane. They then glimpsed towards each other with worried expressions. Cosmos, however, gave out a small cough to clear her throat as she wished to speak once again.
“Now then, I do have a question for you, Onion Knight.” She announced, giving off a confident aura. “What do you believe about Zidane Tribal? Do you feel that he is Innocent or Guilty of the crimes he is accused of?”
Onion Knight hesitated upon hearing the question, lowering his head towards the floor as he recollected the events. He remembered that there were pieces of evidence set against Zidane; however other pieces seemed to act as a contradiction. He took a deep sigh as he finally answered.
“I believe that Zidane isn’t the culprit of the incident.” He admitted, hesitantly confident with his decision.
Cosmos nodded coolly, “Then it is settled.”
Suddenly, the door of the Medical Room opened up, allowing a figure through into the room.
“Cosmos, I’ve been interrogating Zidane but I have yet to – huh?” Warrior of Light spoke out as he entered, only to realise who else was situated in the room.
Upon entering, he caught sight of the Headmistress but also of Onion Knight, Terra, and Rydia. It had caught him by surprise that both Onion Knight and Terra had been in the room. Onion Knight, however, turned his head away with irritation the moment he caught sight of his so called ‘rival’.
“… And so the fool finally entered the field.” He teased mockingly under his breath, giving off a rather cynical smile.
Warrior of Light felt veins pop out from his skull the moment Onion Knight made his small quote. His eyes piercing the boy like daggers locked on its target.
“Oooh … Is that a threat I smell.” Warrior of Light murmured in a dark, creepy voice, provoking the situation.
“Wait, you’ve lost your hearing over your own ego, is that why you have to smell now?” Onion Knight questioned mockingly. “I never would have thought that could happen to you so soon.”
Cosmos slowly clapped, deciding to break the tension. “Now then, I see you two are already in the right mind-set, but shall we-.”
“I see, so the pint-sized ‘genius’ has developed a mouth to go with his cocky demeanour.” Warrior of Light cheekily taunted, crossing his arms as his glare towards Onion Knight intensified.
“WHO ARE YOU CALLING PINT-SIZED!?!” Onion Knight suddenly snapped, leaping out of his seat in rage.
Just then, both Warrior of Light and Onion Knight felt their ear get pulled unexpectedly. They felt their body get yanked from their place as they were pulled closer together against their own will. They slowly turned their heads as they noticed Headmistress Cosmos had prevented them from continuing their insults against each other. They both caught sight of her current expression and … began to fear for their lives.
“I would prefer it that I wouldn’t be interrupted. Do not forget that we are in the Medical Room and excessive noise will NOT be tolerated.” Cosmos eerily spoke to the two, causing them the suddenly gain shivers down their spine as she tugged on their ears. “… Do I make myself clear?”
“Y-yes, ma’am!”  The two answered in unison, sweating with fear.
Cosmos nodded silently, somewhat pleased that she had gained control. Terra and Rydia watched as the two were released from the Headmistress’ grasp, feeling rather sorry for them.
“Now that’s been settled, you two can use that flare against each other during the Court Trial.” Cosmos assured the two as she reverted back to her usual personality.
“Court Trial?” Warrior of Light echoed in a confused tone, gazing towards the Headmistress as he soothed his ear.
“That’s correct…” Cosmos nodded, giving a sweet smile as she continued to detail Warrior of Light’s upcoming role.
As she continued to explain the situation, Warrior of Light began to show a variety of emotions, some rather unexpected. It began with curiosity, and then followed by shock, uneasiness, frustration, understanding, and then pride. As Cosmos concluded her explanation, Warrior of Light glimpsed towards Onion Knight with a blank face. Onion Knight had sat back on his seat as he watched Warrior of Light learn about what had been discussed before he arrived. Just then, Warrior of Light gave out a confident yet arrogant grin towards Onion Knight. Onion Knight instantly leapt back on his seat with sudden shock, glaring back as though their eyes were ready for another bout.
“Oh, this will certainly be interesting.” Warrior of Light muttered with a small, dark chuckle, seemingly forgetting the true purpose of the Trial.
Onion Knight groaned under his breath, his eyes slightly squinting to show his unamused expression. However, his mind snapped suddenly as he remembered the Warrior of Light had been interrogating Zidane before he arrived.
“Enlighten me then, ‘Prosecutor’; were you able to receive any crucial information from Zidane on the case?” Onion Knight questioned formally, wondering as to what Warrior of Light had found out.
Warrior of Light’s reaction switched instantly from smug to disappointment upon hearing the question.
“Nothing, unfortunately.” Warrior of Light answered, reverting back to his original serious and formal personality. “When I asked him any questions related to the incident, he would try and change subject or, at the most, answer back as vague as possible.”
Onion Knight, Terra, Cosmos, and even Rydia took a moment to think about the situation. Warrior of Light looked towards each person as the room fell silent.
“Why would he try to hide his alibi?” Onion Knight murmured almost silently under his breath. “Considering that before Warrior of Light escorted him from the room, he had been constantly blurting out that he wanted us to listen to his side of the situation.”
Abruptly, the four of them instantly shot towards Warrior of Light without warning, causing him to jump back slightly with shock.
“H-hold on now … why are you all glaring at me like that?” Warrior of Light stuttered as he braced himself.
“Did you provoking him too much for him to answer, by any chance?” Cosmos wondered, curious as to how the interrogation actually unfolded.
“N-no, I didn’t …”
“You could have pressured Zidane too much for him to answer back.” Terra suggested, interrupting accidentally.
“I did as what was needed…”
“No wonder you never gained any important information.” Onion Knight blurted out, interrupting intentional. “Zidane must have been frustrated enough to have locked his mind due to your constant nagging!”
Warrior of Light had completely lost his temper at this point, “WILL YOU ALL PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING ME-!”
The Academy bell suddenly rang throughout the building, an indication that the current lesson had ended and the Afternoon Homeroom was about to begin. Just then, Cosmos clapped her hands together, realising that it was time to move from the Medical Room.
“Right then, you three …” She began, indicating to Terra, Onion Knight and Warrior of Light, “Without further ado, we must leave Rydia to her recovery. As such, we are to move to the Theatre Hall to prepare for the Trial.”
The Headmistress swiftly took lead and exited the Medical Room in an excited rush. Onion Knight glimpsed towards each other and shrugged, deciding to follow. The two waved back towards Rydia and hoped for her recovery for following Cosmos towards the Theatre Hall. Warrior of Light, however, just gazed blankly towards the distance, unable to move his body momentarily and only able to give a lazy sigh.
“(sigh…) Perfect ... Just Perfect…” Warrior of Light muttered, eyes showing a lack of enthusiasm whatsoever. “Even the Academy Bell decided to interrupt me. What has the world come to…?”
With that, he used all of the effort he had left in his legs to step out of the Medical Room and follow the rest from far behind.
As The Headmistress continued on ahead through the Ground Floor of Dissidia Academy, Onion Knight began to wonder as to what this Trial is going to reveal. However, he suddenly caught sight of Terra walking beside him, which caused him to become rather curious about her involvement.
“Terra, you don’t have to involve yourself in the Court Trial.” Onion Knight suggested to her, keeping his eyes forwards. “
“No, I have decided to involve myself with this Trial as your assistant.” Terra shook her head as she assured him, keeping a strong walking pace. “I am a witness to the incident and I feel I could help out to uncover the truth behind the assault.”
There was a pause in Onion Knights expression, taking this into account. However, a small smile began to break through on his face, pleased that there was someone by his side.
“Well then, couldn’t hope for any better company.” Onion Knight complemented, knowing that he would have an advantage over this cause with help from his close friend. “Besides, in this Trial … I’ll need all the help I can get.”
Cosmos reached the large doors that help the entrance to the Theatre Hall of the Academy. With a small push, the doors began to open up on a grand scale, revealing the Room at its finest. As Onion Knight and Terra caught up with the Headmistress, both their mouths fell open and eyes lit up with amazement due to the sheer sight of the Hall’s sudden transformation. Apart from the seats for the students; the whole room had been completely redecorated to replicate a Court of Law. Various strong wooden stands had been set up to house the Judge, the Defence, the Prosecutor, and Witness’. Flags were positioned equally on various areas of the Hall, all designed elegantly with the logo of the Academy. Everything on the stage had been lit up appropriately just as though it was a scripted theatre production.
With this, the Headmistress stepped inside, taking in the glorious handiwork that had been done to create the scenario. Onion Knight and Terra followed her through, struggling to take in the unexpected redesign. And following from behind, Warrior of Light entered completely dumbfounded by the transformation, unaware that there had been any work taken place in the Theatre Hall.
“Welcome to the Court Room, where the battle for the truth will commence.” Cosmos announced proudly, gesturing towards the stage. “Now, the audience will arrive shortly and the Judge will soon make his appearance, so well shall move into the correct positions as soon as possible.”
“Wait; there’ll be an audience in this Trial?” Warrior of Light suddenly jumped up, not expecting that there would be an audience watching the Trial.
“That is correct.” Cosmos nodded back, showing her usual calm expression. “The whole of the Academy will be watching the entirety of the Trial. So, with this in mind … no pressure.”
With that, Cosmos stepped over towards the Stage and stepped up to gain a closer inspection of the Court design. Warrior of Light stood frozen, finding this all completely sudden for him. Onion Knight glimpsed back towards him, giving a low mocking grin.
“Don’t Worry, Warrior of Light; I’m sure this Trial will end quickly … with your loss.” He continued to mock, fuelling the fire ready for the upcoming battle of the wits.
“I can say the same to you, Onion Knight; this’ll be a battle that I’ll triumph over.” Warrior of Light answered back in retaliation, ready for what was about to take place.
Onion Knight and Warrior of Light stepped up to the stage, following the indications from Cosmos as to where they’ll be standing throughout the Trial. Onion Knight and Terra headed towards the Right side of the Court whilst Warrior of Light took the Left side. Warrior of Light kept with his elegant posture to show his authority as he took his position, showing that he seemed to be perfect for the role of Prosecutor. However, the moment Onion Knight stepped up to his own position; he instantly noticed a problem with where he was standing.
“T-this booth … is too tall for me.” Onion Knight murmured the moment he realised, his mind licking instantly.
Upon that moment, a sudden burst of laughter echoed throughout the Theatre Hall. This laughter had originated from Warrior of Light, who was the first to notice Onion Knight’s predicament. From his point of view, Onion Knight’s head could only be seen emerging from the booth, whilst Terra and Warrior of Light could be seen with the waist up.
“My God, t-that’s perfect!” Warrior of Light wheezed in laughter, finding this completely ironic for Onion Knight.
“DO YOU DESIRE A STAB IN THE EYES!?!” Onion Knight roared out from his Defence booth, unable to restrain his temper.
Suddenly he caught sight of Terra trying to desperately hold back her own laugh, placing the tips of her fingers on her lips.
“Don’t you set yourself on his level, Terra ...” Onion Knight threatened her, eyes glaring like daggers in her direction.
“I-I’m sorry, I c-can’t help it.” Terra answered as she continued to hold herself back from losing control of her own laughter, eyes watering up in the process.
Cosmos silently chuckle for a short while herself, but then snapped her fingers to solve this problem.
“Prishe! I need a box!” She called out to the area behind the stage, still showing a cheerful smile in response.
“Prishe is here!?” Warrior of Light suddenly spat out, instantly dropping his laughter to a shocked expression.
“You’re giving me a box!?” Onion Knight bellowed out, feeling evermore embarrassed about his predicament.
In that instant, the Elvaan girl Prishe appeared from behind the curtains of the stage. In her procession, she had been carrying a sizable, wooden crate; strong enough to hold Onion Knight’s weight for a long period of time.
“Is this the one you needed, Headmistress?” She curiously wondered as she stepped up to Cosmos.
“That will do perfectly.” Cosmos nodded cheerfully, although giving a twitch in her smile as she heard the word ‘Headmistress’.
Prishe swiftly placed in Onion Knight’s position, allowing him to rise to a suitable height on the booth. Prishe then turned towards Warrior of Light, suddenly giving his a cheerful and energetic wave.
“Hey, Light!” she called to him, giving a large and boisterous smile.
“Stop calling me by that nickname!” Warrior of Light yelled back towards her, unamused that people have been calling him by the name lately. “A-anyway, why are you here, Prishe? Were you not supposed to be assisting Professor Shantotto?”
“Headmistress Cosmos requested for me to help set up this Court Trial.” Prishe answered back, showing a joyful expression. “So I thought ‘to Hell with being the Doc’s errand girl’ and now I’m going to be the Bailiff of this Trial! Awesome, right?!”
Warrior of Light’s eyes drooped upon hearing Prishe’s answer, feeling oddly put off by the idea of Prishe being the Bailiff. This also somehow did not sit right for Onion Knight and even Terra the moment they heard.
“Why do I have the feeling that there’ll be some ‘intentional’ injuries during the Trial?” Terra murmured to Onion Knight, feeling nervous all of a sudden.
“It seems The Headmistress wished for a bit of ‘muscle’ in case this Trial becomes hard to manage…” Onion Knight silently replied, suddenly losing colour in his skin due to the thought of Prishe unleashing a rampage on the Court.
Suddenly, the Door of the Theatre Hall abruptly slammed open. Onion Knight, Terra, and even Warrior of Light felt their whole bodies leap up in fright. Terra even gave out a small ‘eep’ by complete accident. As they all peered over towards the door, they caught sight of a large figure sporting a clad of silver armour. The knocking of the armour parts echoed throughout the Theatre Hall. Onion Knight suddenly felt a chill down his spine as he watched the figure rise up to the stage, expression hidden from his face. The clad of armour had been shaped in a powerful and intimidating context, features including a cape that dropped to the figure’s feet and horns of the helmet that curved downwards.
“Ah, High Judge, it is an honour to finally meet you once again after so long.” The Headmistress greeted gracefully, bowing to the large figure.
The ‘High Judge’ had responded by silently shaking her hand and bowing. Onion Knight and Terra glimpsed towards each other with a curious yet cautious expression, wondering who the man in the armour was. However, it had seemed that Warrior of Light had beaten them to it and entered the lion’s den.
“Excuse me, High Judge, may I ask as to who you are?” Warrior of Light called out, showing confidence in his question.
The figure turned towards Warrior of Light, eyes glaring from behind the Helmet. In that instant, the figure decided to reveal his identity under his helmet. Ah he lifted his helmet, Onion Knight, Terra, Prishe, and Warrior of Light finally caught sight of the man’s face. He had short blond hair and hazel eyes. The expression he had been showing was tense and completely intimidating, refusing anything in his path to would try and break through him.
“If you must insist, my full name is Noah fon Rosenburg; however, I commonly go by the name of Gabranth.” The man answered back, giving of a sudden intense aura around him as he spoke in a dark yet sophisticated voice. “As the High Judge of this land; those accused will stand under my rule and fall below my shadow.”


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