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Chapter 13 - Another Rocky Horror thing

I keep a dream journal, and I thought I'd put some of the more interesting ones up here.

Chapter 13 - Another Rocky Horror thing

Chapter 13 - Another Rocky Horror thing
Okay, um, Rocky from RHPS is in this dream, but I'm not sure how appropriate it would be for me to include a picture of him, since all he ever wears is a pair of golden underpants. Just visualize a muscular blonde guy in golden underpants. That'll do the trick.


I was in a world being attacked by aliens. It was nighttime and, quite literally, a bloodbath. I was with a group of survivors, among whom was Rocky and a dark-haired overweight geeky guy. I remember going down a huge waterslide (the tunnel kind) right behind Rocky, whom I though was dead. There was blood instead of water in the slide, and I could see other corpses going down, including that of a little girl.

When we reached the bottom, I checked to see if Rocky really was dead, but he woke up and asked where his master was. I hadn't the heart to tell him what happened to Frankenfurter.


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