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This has been in the works for a while.

Full view image here:
Life isn't always easy, and with the past hanging over you, it can be that much more difficult.

By the way, I accidentally deleted the whole thing! Please leave comments again if you left them before, guys!! Thanks! ^_^
Kagome seems to be having issues with her mirror. And she can't figure out why. Not only that, but she can't figure out why Sesshoumaru is suddenly bipolar. Does he care? Does he hate her? And what about everybody else? Inu Yasha? Sango? Miroku?
What was Luci like when he was a kid? What about Yanagi? Or Ella? Curious?

I've taken the main characters from my manga "Angely i Demony" and put them into a modern school setting and we can watch them grow up, through the ages.
This is dedicated to my Great-Grandmother who passed away, February 15, 2007, at the age of 102.
I just like how this came out. ^_^ I really do.
More poetry, sorry guys. I just haven't had time for drawing... ^_^;; Anyway. This is another one that I really like that I've written.
Meh,.... not much to comment on.

Old poetry
This poem, I rather like. I like how it worked out. The rhyming all worked out well, and I like my use of vocabulary. ^_^ Yay. I'm proud of it.
This is a poem I wrote some while back, that I really like. I like how the wording worked out and I like how the rhyming worked out. Everything just worked out really nicely. The subject matter isn't too cheerful, but I like how the poem came out. ^_^
No, it's not dirty people, it's just the best-fit option out of what's given...

Anyway. That's about it.
Just a short story with no real purpose, kind of whimsical
A short poem inspired by the terror of my first and second hour class. ((Yes. It's one class. AP US History. Whatever possessed me to take it... I shall never know...)) So I despise this teacher. Very much. So I wrote a poem while I was listening to
A poem. ^__^ I like it.