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For lack of a better title, its called "Confusion" Its a short story I had to write in English based off one of the emotions presented in Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum". I chose confusion. I hope this conveyed the feeling well.
This is a really old story.Really old.XD But People seemed to like it,so I'm reuploading it~Its filled with pairings,none that are OCxCharacter,so don't worry about that~Basically,its Namine's Journal,and one-shot...about Namine...and Roxas...Yay XD
Lolz,welcome to the randomness with Axel,Demyx,Roxas,Keiko and Clease!When the evil author traps them in her story,they must prgress through the chapters and escape!How will they put up with each other long enough,though....?!Lol...
Oy,what happens if Roxas and Sora(twins)get a job at wal-mart?Insanity?Roxas messing things up?Sora and the-SCANNER?!Help me.Please.