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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Upon her tutor's return Alexia is suddenly thrown headfirst into an adventure. She visits elves, fights demons, and unearths lost secrets. Will she be able to discover the crystal shards in time to stop an evil sorcerer, or will the world fall into chaos?

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1
As if a thief running through the night the young girl scampered through the trees. Tears of fear stained her ash covered face as she whimpered. It took all her might to continue running through the forest. She was terrified from what she had just seen. She had just witnessed her home being destroyed and was striving to get as far away from the destruction as possible in order to survive. The bright orange flames lit everything up and danced across the trees as they spread. “Arooooooooo,” a wolf’s howl echoed through darkness. The child worked hard to suppress a shriek and the sound of her tears as she forced herself to run faster. A soft groan escaped her lips as her bare feet stumbled over a tree root. She fell to her knees and strained to catch her breath. The sound of soft feet on the leaves could be heard all around her. She flipped over and shrank back into the tree, hugging herself as fear and uncertainty gripped her. She happened to glace up to see the moon glistening off the wolf’s teeth as it pounced on her.
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” The teenage girl screamed sitting up sharply as she woke from the nightmare. She was breathing heavily as sweat dripped down her face and back. The dream seemed much too real. “It was only a dream… only a dream…” She repeated to herself multiple times as she lay back down and pulled the cover close. After about the seventh time saying this she managed to convince herself and calm down allowing sleep to slip back in. As she laid there her mind began to wonder as her eyelids started to close. She found herself questioning her past as she has done many times before. She had no memory of her early childhood before she lived in the palace. She was around seven at the time. Did she once live somewhere else and these dreams are her memories haunting her, who knew, maybe she had lived in the palace all her life and lost her memory in a tragic accident such as tripping down the stairs. It wasn’t long until sleep set in as she pondered everything, and soon she had drifted into an uneasy dream.

“Aleeeeeeeeeeexia!” A maid called waking the girl from her sleep. She opened her eyes slowly before closing them again. She was slowly starting to gain awareness of what was around her even though she desired to sleep in some more. Suddenly it all came back to her as she remembered what the day was. “Oh no she will be here at any moment!” She shouted jumping to her feet and rummaging around her room trying to get ready, changing into the clothes her nanny sat out.
This girl is named Alexia the princess of the city Zandoria. She is around 5’ 5½” tall and has long brown hair. She has kind and naïve eyes, in which the right eye is brown while the left eye is green. She is the 16 year old heroine of this story which all started when Kyla, her good friend and tutor, returned from her journey. It was early autumn; the leaves were just starting to turn. By the time our heroine woke it was already late afternoon after spending most of the night studying the many books and scrolls Kyla had left. It was around the beginning of summer when she left on one of her traveling trips that she takes twice a year. “By the time I get back I want you to know each of the continent names as well as the important cities on this continent. I’d give you more but who wants to do homework over summer.” Kyla instructed Alexia before leaving.
The sun was already hanging low in the sky when Alexia finally started making her way down the stairs. As she got closer to the bottom singing could be heard clearer and clearer. The voice was enchanting and had a childlike softness to it. Alexia immediately knew who it was. “Kyla it is so wonderful to see you again.” Alexia greeted running down the last few stairs and up to what appeared to be a small child. She was wearing a white tee-shirt under a black vest and loose fitting blue jeans that had a hole cut in the back for her monkey tail. Her platinum hair was shining with a tint of gold due to the light cast from the chandelier.
“Hiya Alexia, about time you got up.” She said turning around to greet Alexia. “My apologies, I truly desired to see you in.” Alexia apologized bowing. “It’s ok. No need for you to bow. I was only teasing you. Besides I haven’t been here all that long.” Kyla replied grinning as she scratched through her short hair. Suddenly a low growling sound was audible causing Kyla to quickly grab her stomach. “Hey is dinner ready? I’m starving!” She whimpered a frown appearing on her face. “It should be… Have you not already eaten?” Alexia inquired though she had already guessed an answer. “Yeah before I left Demiri… but that was about an hour ago…” Kyla squeaked. Alexia giggled at her friend’s child like personality before leading her into the dining hall.
Once the meal was over, the two walked side-by-side back into the great hall. “Kyla?” Alexia asked looking down at her companion. The girl was only 4’5” causing her head to come up to a little less then chest level on Alexia. Kyla was picking at her teeth as she looked up in response. “That song you were singing earlier, would you mind singing it for me?” Alexia asked politely intrigued by the soft melody. “Sure. I don’t mind.” Kyla answered smiling, her eyes shining a bright blue.
They walked back to Alexia’s room where she set out a couple of chairs for the recital. Taking in a deep breath Kyla began her song:
“Now go to sleep and let the darkness creep around.
The light inside will keep you safe and sound.
I know you’ll find
That some things don’t come out right.
It’s what’s in your heart
That keeps our love with you each night.
And suddenly
You look at your reflection
And you don’t like
What is looking back at you.
Then suddenly
Those who care
Fly down like angels
In hopes to save you
From the rest of the world.
Look around you will find
that love is all around you.
You’ll grow up to see
That all your dreams will come true.
Now take these words and keep them with you
You are my angel
And I love you.”
“Truly a wonderful performance.” Alexia cheered once Kyla finished singing. “It’s a lullaby… my mother used to sing it to me…” Kyla replied softly. “Your mother?” Alexia inquired though she was barely able to hear Kyla. Kyla never talked about her parents, her friends, or anything about her life, and Alexia never really thought about asking until now that Kyla opened up the subject. “Yeah… she would sing it to me whenever I was having a bad day or something… No matter what it always cheered me up and helped me sleep…” She whispered glancing at the floor. Pain seemed to fill her eyes as multiple things came back to her at once. “I have never seen your mother before. Why do you not bring her by the palace occasionally?” Alexia asked not seeing the signs that Kyla didn’t really care for this topic. “I can’t…” Kyla muttered. “Why not?” Alexia continued to pry. “It’s none of your business!” Kyla retorted shooting out of her seat, her eyes glimmering red with frustration her jaw tightening. Alexia had never seen Kyla like these. Kyla would never even raise her voice at Alexia, and now this. Alexia must have found the breaking point.
Silence filled the room as Kyla stood there calming down, her eyes slowly changing from the violent red to a silver-blue and her countenance softened. She looked almost sad in a painful way. “I’m sorry…” She whispered. Alexia seemed shocked by this behavior. Kyla took in a deep breath. “I’m bushed…” She yawned. “I’m going to put my bags in my room and hit the hay.” She said walking away.
What was she not telling me? Why doesn’t she want to talk about her family… her past? These questions bothered Alexia and were on her mind all night and into the next day. Alexia wanted to toss these thoughts aside, especially after seeing the pained look on Kyla’s face, but her curiosity was getting the best of her.
Though Alexia didn’t get much sleep she was up early and was able to greet Ash when he arrived at the palace with the kids from the orphanage. Whenever Kyla was here Zack would bring the children so they could listen to her stories while Alexia worked on the studies Kyla gave her.
Ash is a teenage boy the same age at Alexia who has slightly spiky brown hair and is about 5’7”. His eyes are similar to Alexia’s except his left eye is brown and his right eye is green. He is really quick witted but is a good and kind person. He grew up in the orphanage since he was never adopted. He doesn’t really have much and pretty much wears the same things each day, a green tee-shirt and tattered blue jeans. He and Alexia have known each other for practically forever and are best friends. She feels sorry for him sometimes due to his past and has offered to buy him whatever he wants but he won’t let her. If Alexia had it her way he would be living with her at the palace but for some reason her mother won’t let it.
“Hey, how’s it going?” Ash greeted as the guards allowed him to enter into the palace. “Good morning Ash.” Alexia replied cheerfully running down the stars to him. “What are you up to?” He asked glaring accusingly at her. “Who said I was ‘up’ to something?” Alexia gasped. “Come on Alexia. We’ve known each other forever. I think I should know you by now.” He countered. “Well yesterday Kyla mentioned her mother, but when I pursued the topic further she became-” “Angry?” Ash said cutting her off. “So you want to know what she’s hiding, right?” He asked. “Yes but-” “You always were too curious for your own good.” He interrupted once more. Alexia scoffed. “Where is she now?” Ash inquired. “She is still asleep…” “Well, why don’t you just break into her things and take what you want while she’s still asleep.” He instructed giving a slight chuckle at the thought of Alexia playing ninja. “But that would be-” “Stealing? Not exactly when you’re done just put everything back.” She pondered what he said. “Well if you say so…” She mumbled still a little unsure. “Come on it’ll be fine, what’s the worst that could happen? Whenever you’re done snooping meet us outside at the usual spot.” He said confidently. “Just remember curiosity killed the cat. You might not like what you find.” He warned waving as he walked out the door.
Following Ash’s advice Alexia walked quietly up the stairs and to the room that Kyla stays in while here. Kyla was still soundly sleeping, curled up like a puppy. Alexia tiptoed over to Kyla’s travel trunks. She opened one finding only clothes. With a sigh she opened the other chest to find a photo album, a video recorder as well as an album of video photos. “Eureka.” She breathed pulling out the two albums. She first looked through the still photos but for the most part found only pictures of Kyla with her friends. “Kyla has a brother?” Alexia questioned as she found a photo labeled “Kyla and her brother.” It must have been put in by someone other than Kyla since the handwriting was different. She found another picture labeled “the cousins” of Kyla and a tall blond haired boy. A smile found its way to Alexia’s face. So far she saw nothing bad, though she was curious as to why she had not found any photos of Kyla’s parents.
Still not satisfied Alexia placed the photo album back into the trunk and started to look through the other album. Video Photos are an interesting invention that has been around for many years. They are photos that have a video recorded on them making them easy to store and watch. To record one you take a blank photo and slide it into the recorder. From there you set the recorder to record and you’re good to go. To watch all you have to do is hold them and watch, they are touch activated. You can also place one in a recorder and attach the recorder to a monitor gaining a larger screen.
Alexia grabbed the first video in the album and holding it in front of her face she started watching it. It was some sort of party, a birthday party for Kyla and her brother. It seemed like it was fun. Kyla danced around with a large smile on her face though with each of her movements pain flashed across her face for a split second. Alexia watched this happily as the party continued. The recorder was given to the boy. His young face lit up as he took it and started recording.
It went black. Alexia set the video in her lap, though she still had hold of its sides. She was confused. What was Kyla hiding? She considered just giving up her search when something caught her attention. She looked back down to see that the video was still rolling it just had an intermission.
It was in a dark room. The boy had entered it and was looking around. A small girl was sleeping soundly. The boy tiptoed around the room as if trying to find something to maybe embarrass his sister with. Suddenly there was a loud bang, fire lit up the sky outside, and the room began the shake. The boy cursed as he along with the camera shook. The girl on the other hand remained asleep. A man ran into the room. He looked in the direction of the camera, looking at the boy. “Are you okay?” The man asked. “Y-yeah… What’s going on out there?” Kyla’s brother inquired. “We’re under attack. There’s not many of us left. We’re trying to get as many people out as possible. Is Kyla ok?” The man explained. “She’s fine she sleeps like the dead. What about father and mother?” The boy questioned. “I’m sorry Rikku… but they’re... they’re dead.” The man said sadness in his voice as he walked over to where Kyla was sleeping. “B-B-but how?” Rikku whimpered. “They were the first to try and fight. They wanted to protect you.” The man replied picking Kyla up and draping her over his shoulder. “Come on Rikku I need to get the two of you out of here.” The man said running out of the door the boy following.
It was a small city. Everything around them was on fire. Dead bodies littered the ground. They ran frantically trying to escape the destruction. The buildings were flying by. Soon Rikku outran the man carrying Kyla, removing them from sight.
“Niroshi!” Kyla screamed. Rikku turned around to see Kyla pushing the man aside in time to avoid the blade of an unknown warrior. The warrior was shielded from our sight by the smoke. There wasn’t enough space between Kyla and the warrior in time for her to evade. She caught the blade across her stomach and fell harshly to the ground. Her body bounced before settling there, motionless, blood pouring from her wound. By the time the man, named Niroshi, regained composure or Rikku had reached Kyla the warrior was gone. “Kyla!” Rikku shouted as he slid over to her dropping the recorder in the progress. Now all that was visible was Kyla laying there and the bodies and arms of the two males. “N-N-Niroshi is she going to be ok!?” Rikku, lost and terrified, asked the man. “I don’t know.” Niroshi breathed as he gently lifted Kyla. “But if we don’t hurry neither of you will be ‘ok.’” He added looking around trying to spot more survivors. “There’s Damian with his kids. Come on Rikku.” He commanded holding Kyla close to him as he started to run again. Rikku grabbed the recorder as he quickly followed.
Soon they were in what appeared to be a docking area. The sea was slightly visible glowing orange as it reflected the flames. “Rikku go. Damion will help you get a warp pod set up. I’m going back to look for more survivors.” Niroshi instructed as he placed Kyla inside a warp pod. He typed coordinates in on the pod’s key panel before he left. The door went to close but Rikku prevented it. He turned the recorder around to show his face. “Everything is going to be ok, Sis… I’m here whenever you need me…” He said smiling as tears formed in the corners of his eyes. “Prince Rikku!” An unidentified voice called. “Alright already!” He retorted. “Love you sis.” He whispered wiping away the tears and smiling once more before setting the recorder down on the back of the seat facing out the window. You could hear his footsteps as he left. There was a hiss and a clang as the door closed and the pod started to leave the burning town. Kyla’s groans were audible as she stirred from her sleep. All that was visible by the recorder was the town as the buildings crumbled under the heat and explosions scattered bodies everywhere. Something hit the recorder causing it to spin around to where Kyla’s face was visible. She had slipped as she sat up to look out the window and her elbow nudged the recorder. Horror was spread across her face. Her lips were partially parted as she was thrown into a trance, her eyes were wide and the bright flames were reflected in her silver colored irises.
Finally the recording ended. Alexia was feeling a mixture of sadness and horror. At this moment Kyla woke up. She jumped from the bed and doing a front-flip over Alexia snatched the video photo in the process. “What do you think you’re doing!?” She hissed glaring at Alexia arching her back like a cat ready to strike. “I-I was curious… I desired to learn what you were retaining.” Alexia replied trying to sound calm and miraculously succeeding somewhat. “Well… you always were too curious for your own good.” Kyla said looking amused as she straightened her back. “I guess… it wouldn’t have hurt to tell you… it’s not much of a secret, though it appears that nobody across the globe seems to care that practically an entire race was exterminated.” She said almost to herself glancing down at the video, sadness filling her eyes. “I-I just don’t like talking about my past. How I lost so many friends… my home… my parents… The pain is still so close…” She continued clenching the blue sphere pendent around her neck. It started to glow at her touch. “But you shouldn’t have looked through my personal belongings.” She lectured looking at the opened chest. “My apologies.” Alexia apologized. “Eh… whatever…” Kyla shrugged having already forgiven Alexia.


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