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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Upon her tutor's return Alexia is suddenly thrown headfirst into an adventure. She visits elves, fights demons, and unearths lost secrets. Will she be able to discover the crystal shards in time to stop an evil sorcerer, or will the world fall into chaos?

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2
As our heroine and her teacher exited the castle in order to meet Ash at their usual hangout, Kyla shared things that she had never told anyone. After all, Alexia had already seen what had happened to her home, why not open up to her about it? Kyla told Alexia of what her home was like before and after she was born. Before her birth the monkey-demons were cruel people who lived off the suffering of others. They were pirates. And since they had strength far beyond humans it was easy for them to pillage anything they laid their eyes on, killing anyone in their way. But when Kyla and her twin brother were born a change came over her people for reasons unknown. Something about this pure child melted her father’s cold heart. They stopped their killing and raiding and turned over a new leaf. They kept to themselves and lived their lives practicing martial arts, a few families turning to farming to sustain the village.
The children born in this time of peace had it easy since most people adapted easily and gratefully to this new lifestyle. Kyla’s older brother wasn’t one of those people. He would constantly attack her verbally and physically due to her being different. The family line was filled with males with black hair and black eyes, but she was female with white hair and changing eyes, getting most of her traits from their mother. For the most part nobody knew of his beating her. Her twin brother was able to figure it out though and begged for her to either fight back or let someone help her. But she tossed his advice aside. Though she was incredibly strong she wouldn’t fight back against her older brother, she practically let him beat her and spit curses at her. She also would never tell anyone about it, especially not her parents. She didn’t believe in asking others for help.
At the young age of four Kyla along with a group of other children were playing around the warp pods. They were forbidden from touching them, but one of the kids dared her to go inside one. She was never one to brush off a dare so she climbed up in one, and in the process she pressed some buttons on the control panel causing it to fly off with her inside. When she finally landed she was on this continent, Lucaria. She wondered around training for a while in the wild. It was during this time that she was appointed Alexia’s tutor. After which she returned home where she lived for a year going through the same abuse she had before, and still hiding it from everyone. It was the day of her 7th birthday that would haunt her for the rest of her life, an event that Alexia had seen.
By the time Kyla’s tale had ended they were making their way through town. To Kyla’s waist was attached her travel pack that magically contained all of her belongings. She never explained to Alexia how it held everything all she would say is that it was some kind of technology that a friend of her was working on. Draped around her shoulder was a satchel of books for Alexia to study once they reached their usual hangout outside of town. Now that Kyla had finished talking everything was quite except for Kyla humming happily and the soft buzz of people attending to their daily lives. The people in town loved to see Alexia when she went on her walks through town which was practically every day. Of course people would stop to stare and wave at her. If Alexia was alone all the boys would run up to her trying to talk to her, but it isn’t often that Alexia is alone, she is normally with Kyla and/or Ash. On a normal day Alexia would smile and wave back. She would giggle at the children that ran at her and her companion’s heels, but today was different she was lost in thought processing Kyla’s story. How can she endure everything that she has and still remain this cheerful healthy child? Alexia pondered. She had already made up her mind to never repeat the story to anyone. If Kyla wanted it told she would tell it herself, besides Alexia wouldn’t even know how to begin to retell this tale.
As they walked, and were just outside of town, the silence was cut by an explosion. The ground shook slightly where they were and a cloud of dust and smoke rose in the distance. The people in town started screaming scrambling around trying to get to safety, as another explosion went off in the same area a couple miles up the road. Alexia ducked down shielding her head as if the explosion was right there. Seriousness flashed across Kyla’s face where it stayed. She stared at the smoke measuring up the distance from here to there. “That was near our place…” She whispered as fear started to darken her gaze. “Do you mean that Ash and the children could have been caught up in that!?” Alexia squeaked looking up at the cloud as it started to fade away in the wind. “That is exactly what I mean. Alexia, go back to the palace and don’t come out ‘til I get back. I’m goin to check on them.” Kyla commanded couching down to place her front feet on the ground preparing to pounce away. Something gripped her shirt catching her off guard. She looked back to see that Alexia had fallen to her knees yet was able to have a stern grip on Kyla’s shirt. “Please take me with you. I cannot go back without knowing about their well being. Please do not leave me here.” Alexia pleaded desperately tears forming in her eyes as she worried about her friends. She was already fighting placing her fingers to her mouth. She had a horrible habit of biting her nails when nervous, a habit her caretakers were trying to break her from. Kyla’s face softened as she saw the pure desperation on Alexia’s face. “Fine but I’m not carrying you.” She teased a grin stretching across her face.
“We should make haste then.” Alexia said standing up. “You don’t walk or run fast enough. You’ll slow me down.” Kyla countered sighing. “How do you suppose we proceed?” Alexia inquired. “Well we can hitch a ride.” Kyla grinned. Alexia went to ask further but Kyla cut her off telling her to just wait. Alexia watched trembling with anxiety not longer able to fight nibbling on her nails. Kyla placed her fingers in her mouth and let out a long, loud, high pitched whistle. “How will that assist us?” Alexia questioned. “Just watch.” Kyla whispered. Alexia watched eagerly for a sign of what Kyla was talking about. Her nails were murdered by the time she saw something approaching them quickly. It was a beautiful white horse whose healthy coat glistened in the sun and long white mane flowed behind her in the wind.
The horse reached them and came to a stop nodding her head as she stomped around in place. Kyla easily jumped onto the horse’s back positioning herself before extending her hand to help Alexia up. Alexia hesitated glancing at the animal nervously. “You want to come don’t you!?” Kyla shouted at her. This was all it took to encourage her. Alexia took Kyla’s hand. With a smile Kyla pulled Alexia effortlessly up onto the horse. “Hold on tight.” Kyla instructed. Alexia gripped her tightly around the waist, fearing that is she fell she would drag Kyla with her. “Curre.” Kyla whispered. The horse started running quickly down the trail. “I thought horses were extinct!” Alexia shouted barely able to hear over her rapid heartbeat. “Not at all. They just live away from humans. Humans scare them. They’re actually all over. Aries here was actually raised by the elves. She’s a very good horse.” Kyla informed Alexia.
They traveled quickly, the horse covering ground ten times faster than if Kyla and Alexia had been running it on foot. They covered the couple of miles in a few minutes and soon Ash’s head was visible. Kyla gracefully stood up in front of Alexia. She managed to balance with ease. “Alrighty… I’m going to jump. After I jump I need you to count to five and tell her to stop. She doesn’t really understand English so you will need to say ‘Siste.’” Kyla instructed. Alexia managed to make a sound in order to let Kyla know she heard her. She released Kyla gripping onto the horses sides as best as she could. She was terrified that she would fall off. They were approaching Ash quickly. Kyla chuckled before leaping from the horse. Alexia clenched her eyes closed as she threw her arms around the horse’s neck. She counted in her head. One… two… three… four… “Five. Siste!” She squeaked trying to pronounce the word the same way Kyla had. The horse understood and immediately slowed to a stop. Alexia exhaled in relief.
After she had jumped from the horse, Kyla landed in a roll which she quickly turned into a series of flips before she landed gracefully in front of Ash. Ash was kneeling there with his arms shielding a couple of children that were clinging to him for protection. He was covered with dirt as he looked up to see Kyla standing protectively over him. “Where are the rest of the kids?” Kyla asked before even starting to inspect the man who was causing all of this trouble, who was standing ten feet in front of her. “They were able to get away. They’re probably wondering through the woods on the way back to town for help.” Ash replied. Finally Kyla looked up at the assailant. He was a teenage boy 15 years in age. He had reasonably long dark blond hair. The top of it was chin length that fell into his face. The rest was pulled back into a tiny ponytail. His bright green eyes shone through his bangs. He was wearing a loose fitting green sweater and blue jeans that were ripped at the knees. He wasn’t very tall for a male, only 5’5”.
“What’s the matter Ash, couldn’t take the shrimp?” Kyla teased taking up a fighting stance. “Come on he had grenades!” Ash retorted. “Hey I’m taller than you!” The blond haired boy shouted at Kyla. “So what-did-ya come here for?” Kyla asked the boy. “I was sent here for the princess.” He replied. “Do you really think I’m just going to let you take her? Besides why did you attack a group of kids?” Kyla questioned sounding offended. “I was told that she often hangs out with this group.” He sighed. “But it seems she’s not here. Well I just hope I get to her before the other guy does.” He added sounding almost disappointed. “What other guy?” Kyla barked. “That’s not important right now. Where is the princess chick?” The boy countered. “What do you desire with me?” Alexia asked finally finding the courage to speak; she was still shaken from the horse ride here. “Ah, bingo!” The boy chirped looking over at her and smiling. He picked his hover bored up off the ground and started walking towards Alexia. Kyla jumped in his way and started fighting him off. “Alexia go!” She shouted. But Alexia was frozen. The horse pranced restless beneath her sensing the urgency in Kyla’s voice but awaiting a command. “Alexia go NOW!” Kyla growled. But Alexia didn’t know what to do. She had never ridden anything other than a hover car, and she couldn’t remember the word Kyla said earlier to make the horse go. Kyla managed to get a good kick to the boy’s chest causing him to fall to the ground. She turned to Alexia and shouted “Curre!” At this one word the horse took off running. It ran past Kyla and the boy. The boy hopped to his feet and went to climb onto his hover board in order to chase Alexia, but Kyla tackled him knocking him down. “Curre!” She shouted again causing the horse to run faster.
The horse started running deep into the woods. All Alexia could do was hold on tightly to the horse’s neck and pray that she didn’t fall off. The only sounds Alexia could hear were the horse’s hooves pounding against the earth. After traveling far into the woods the horse slowed down to a walk. They were in an area with no trees, where flowers covered the ground. The sun was shining brightly down on Alexia warming and relaxing her. The horse came to a stop in order to nibble on the grass. A smile found its way to Alexia’s face as she patted the horses back and enjoyed the sun on her skin. Out of nowhere a rope flew down over her tightening around her waist. She let out a scream as she was pulled off of the horse and into the sky. The rope started to burn as it tightened with each tug. She couldn’t scream anymore and could only kick at the air since her arms were bound to her sides.
Kyla emerged from the woods followed by the blond haired boy. “Alexia!” She yelled jumping into the air teleporting a dagger into her hand. She was going to attempt to cut the rope but a lightning spell struck her in the back of the neck. She fell to the ground unconscious.
The young man’s hair blew wildly in the wind as he finished pulling the princess up to him. His lightning spell worked well to buy him some time. “Kyla!” The princess screamed once he loosened the rope so she could breathe. He lifted her over his shoulder and started carrying her into the cabin of his hover ship. “Kyla!” Alexia continued to scream in fear that her friend was injured. She was also afraid that she was in a worse situation. She kicked at the air but the boy didn’t lose his grip on her.
He carried her into the cabin and placed her on the floor so he could close the hatch. Alexia took this chance to look him over. He was taller than her probably 5’10. He had spiky white hair though he was only a year older than her. His clothes were mostly black, a black tank top and a black jeans, but a bright red cape added color to his attire. A large silver two handed sword rested on his back. His cold blue eyes shone brightly against his pale face. Walking back over to her he knelt down to where they were face-to-face. “I’m sorry to tie you up like this but I must be cautious. Once we fly over Caim you will be free to roam around the ship.” He instructed as he tied her arms behind her back and her ankles together. To finish it off he tied a cloth around her mouth in order to gag her. He looked into her eyes, his icy gaze showing no emotion. “My name is Felix. Your brother hired me to take you to him. I’m not going to hurt you so don’t be afraid.” He informed her before standing up and walking towards the piloting room. Suddenly he paused and turned back to her pressed his hand to his forehead. “Oh… and don’t try to struggle.” He added running his fingers through his bangs and walking away to pilot the hover ship.
Alexia hung her head and just sat there; she didn’t know what else to do. Her only skill that she could think of was her marksmanship but that wasn’t going to help her now. As she pouted she thought about what Felix had said: “Your brother hired me to take you to him.” What could that possible be about. Something caught her attention from the crates behind her. It felt like someone was watching her and now she heard a soft rustle as if someone was moving among the boxes. She let out a muffled squeak as a form emerged from them. “Shhh.” Kyla whispered as she set to work untying Alexia. “I want you to stay here while I go and have a word with the driver.” She instructed standing up and walking off to the piloting room. Alexia watched her leave desiring to follow her. Even though Kyla clearly said for her to stay behind she wanted to see what would happen. Well curiosity killed the cat. She chirped as she pranced through the door.
Alexia had already missed the few if any words said between the two when she entered. Felix swung at Kyla. She did a back flip avoiding it. He threw several more punches at her but she ducked and blocked each of them. Finally she leaped in the air to avoid a kick and twirling, kicked him across the face sending him backwards into the power shift. The lever went all the way up to full power before breaking under his weight. He steadied himself and shook the pain from his face before taking a boxer’s stance. He threw several swift punches and kicks all of which Kyla skillfully dodged.
An ear splintering blast erupted through the air as the ship began to rock uncontrollably. “What’s happening?” Kyla shouted shrinking close to the ground, steadying herself. “The engine blew from too much strain.” Felix retorted running over to the power gear. He gasped as he examined what was left of it. “You idiot, you broke it now we’re going to crash into the forest!” He added glaring at Kyla. She gave a weak grin and a nervous chuckle. Alexia looked out towards the deck and watched as the trees got closer. She was mesmerized suddenly it felt like something was calling out to her. She began walking out onto the deck in a trance ignoring as Kyla called out to her. As Alexia walked out towards the end of the deck it started to crumble away being destroyed by the trees. She walked straight to the edge and was about to fall when Felix grabbed her twirled around and pushed her back towards the cabin. She fell back onto the floor and was drawn from her trance as her head bounced against the wall.
Felix twirled his arms trying to gain balance but instead fell over the edge in place of Alexia. He managed to grab onto the remaining deck with one arm. Alexia wanted to scream out to him but couldn’t find the words. Kyla swiftly ran out to Felix, grabbing his arm just as he was about to let go. She twirled fiercely and threw him. He collided with the floor and slid over to Alexia. Kyla started flailing her arms in order to regain the balance she lost when she tossed Felix. She sighed in relief as she caught herself and started running back to her companions. As she was on her way back another explosion occurred scattering more pieces of the deck. A stray piece of wood flew up and hit her in the back of the neck. She let out a soft groan as she staggered a few more steps. Her eyes fluttering half closed as she fell forward, unconscious.
Alexia tried to scramble to her feet to run for Kyla but Felix gripped her arm holding her back. She glanced up at him. “We’ll hit the ground any second now. Go inside and brace yourself for impact.” Felix instructed a scowl on his face as he shoved Alexia inside the cabin. She went in reluctantly though looked out the window trying to see what was going to happen. Felix rushed towards Kyla, but before he could reach her the Ship crashed into the ground. The force of the impact sent everything on the deck flying. Alexia fell, her head colliding with the control panels rendering her unconscious.
Dreams came to Alexia while she was asleep. She was in a ring of fire. Everything around was in ruins. “Alexia!” That one shout echoed through the still sky. She looked up and saw something falling quickly. It was a body about the size of a child. It smashed harshly against the ground, hard enough to bounce before settling there, motionless. Alexia instantly recognized the white hair and angel face. “Kyla!” She tried to scream but no sound passed her moving lips. The flames started to draw in closer making a tighter circle around her. She tried to call out to her friend for help but she couldn’t find her words, and Kyla just continued to lay there the flames glowing on her dirt smeared face. Alexia feared that death had found the two of them and decided to take Kyla first. She fell backwards hugging herself with tears rolling down her face as the heat of the flames was becoming unbearable. There was virtually no space between her and the fire. “Awaken…” A calm voice instructed. Alexia glanced once more at Kyla before closing her eyes, a white light emerging from her.
When Alexia opened her eyes she found the walls of the hover ship around her. She struggled for breath as smoke entered her lungs. As she sat up she noticed that everything was covered in flames. Climbing to her feet she glanced around; she had to find an exit before she died of either the fire or smoke inhalation. The ship was tilted making it hard for her to walk and keep balance, but she couldn’t let herself slip and loose the progress she was making. Finally she found a door that appeared to be untouched by the flames. She pressed her hand to the door to feel for heat and it was cool to the touch. She hesitantly grabbed the door handle, no heat. Happily she started to twist the doorknob and push on the door but it wouldn’t budge. She groaned and gave up.
“You alright princess?” A voice called down to her. She looked up to see the blond haired boy from earlier glancing at her from a hole in the ceiling. “I am fine but I am unable to escape.” She replied coughing due to the smoke. “Hold on. Coming down!” He said taking in a gust of breath and dropped down to the floor next to Alexia. He slid when he landed and fell. “Are you alright?” Alexia choked out. He nodded struggling to continue to hold his breath. He climbed to his feet careful not to slip again. He pointed at the door and Alexia nodded. She covered her face with her hands as she started to cough again. He walked over to the door and twisted the handle. He pushed against the door and even shoved it with his shoulder but it wouldn’t move. Seeming to give up he walked back towards Alexia, giving a shrug. Suddenly with a smile he twirled around kicking the door. It splintered and shook. He took a couple steps back examining the door as it started to open moving towards them. “Oh… it’s a pull not push… why didn’t I think of that?” He muttered sheepishly scratching through his hair. He opened the door the rest of the way then stepped aside. “After you.” He said bowing. Alexia bowed slightly in return and walked through the door.
She walked into a bedroom that was untouched by the flames. Pausing she looked at how simple everything was, a single bed, a desk, and a book shelf filled with books that was now flipped over spilling its books due to the crash. The air in here had yet been disturbed by the smoke from the rest of the ship. “Um sir?” Alexia started turning to look at the boy. “Name’s Matt.” He told her attempting to close the door before giving up and walking to the window. “Matt… How do you suppose we escape from here?” She asked watching him. “Through here.” He told her opening the window and climbing up onto its edge. Smiling and giving a thumb up, he leapt from the window. She watched this then gulping walked to the window.
Climbing onto the seal she looked out at everything around her, the clean breeze hitting her in the face. She inhaled this air gratefully as she went to step down from the window, but there was nothing to step down onto. She squeaked as she fell from the window and managed to grab onto the window seal. She tried desperately to pull herself back up but lacked the upper body strength. “Hey help her down!” Ash yelled. “Yo why don’t you!?” Matt retorted. It was starting to become difficult for her to hold on. It wasn’t long until her hands slipped and she fell.
Her falling was stopped as someone wrapped his arms around her catching her. “Are you ok Alexia?” Ash asked cradling her close to him. “I am fine. Thank you for helping me.” She breathed looking up into his eyes, much like her own. He smiled as he placed her on her own feet. She watched him jump swiftly and easily down the rocks. She gulped as she climbed slowly and uneasily down them.
Once at the bottom Alexia fell to the ground out of breath. “You’ve gotten lazy since Kyla’s been on break.” Ash teased sitting next to her. She laughed between gasps of air. “How did you find me?” She asked once her breathing got under control. “The smoke of course.” Matt replied collapsing onto the ground. “Have you seen either Kyla or Felix?” She inquired once she remembered the two were thrown by the crash. “I don’t know this… Felix… but I haven’t seen Kyla since she teleported to save you.” Matt sighed. “Can you be any ruder?” Ash snapped at him. “I do not believe he is rude. I think he is quite… charming.” She told Ash honestly. In fact she found it refreshing to meet someone new who didn’t treat her special because of her heritage. She truthfully hates it when people treat her different that is why Ash and Kyla are her best friends, her only real friends. “Yeah Ash! You should try and be more like me, more… what’s the word? Oh yeah charming.” Matt joked busting into laughter. “Why you…” Ash growled. “Will the two of you please try not to fight?” She requested giggling at the two, but they ignored her.
“Hey guys! Whatcha up to?” Kyla asked hopping down the rocks into the gorge they were in. She reached the bottom and ran over to the group. “Waiting for you… Hey it’s him!” Matt hissed standing up as he saw Felix jumping down the cliff to join them. “Don’t worry, he’s cool.” Kyla barked holding her arm out protectively. Felix glanced up and looked at the group as he walked. “We can make it to Caim on foot. If we leave now we can get there before the inn closes.” Felix instructed once he reached them. “We don’t have to walk.” Kyla chirped glancing up at him. “What are you going to do magically ‘poof’ us there?” He groaned criticizing her. “That wasn’t what I had in mind. I was thinking more along the lines of riding horses there. At that pace we could get there before sundown, if we leave now. But first Alexia needs to disguise herself.” She told him ignoring as he rolled his eyes at her. “Why would she need to ‘disguise’ herself!?” Ash questioned sounding upset at the fact that Alexia would have to change a few of her qualities. “The way she is now we would stand no chance getting to Anvalia to see her brother. That is if she wants to go. We could always take her back to Zandoria and get arrested for kidnapping.” Kyla replied.
“No I truly do want to go and visit my brother I have much I need to discuss with him. What all shall I need to change?” Alexia inquired rather excited. “Well let’s see… You’re clothes and your name.” Kyla listed. “I still think that’s a lot to change…” Ash groaned. “No matter I believe this shall be enjoyable like an adventure, and I am an undercover agent.” Alexia dreamed clasping her hands together. “Whatever… wherever Alexia goes I will to…” Ash sighed. “Somebody say adventure!?” Matt said exited, volunteering himself to go with them. “This is exciting what shall I change my name to?” Alexia squeaked. “Well I was always fond of the name Sarah. Also work on talking less formal. Use smaller words and more conjugations. If you mimic us you will get it down in no time.” Kyla instructed teleporting a traveling trunk into her arms and giving it to Alexia. “Alrighty Sarah it is.” Sarah replied trying to sound like Kyla.


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