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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

Upon her tutor's return Alexia is suddenly thrown headfirst into an adventure. She visits elves, fights demons, and unearths lost secrets. Will she be able to discover the crystal shards in time to stop an evil sorcerer, or will the world fall into chaos?

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5
It was early the next morning when Kyla started shaking Sarah awake. The sun was just starting to rise. “Hey you need to get ready we’ll be leaving soon.” Kyla told the drowsy girl before leaving the room. Though reluctant to climb out of bed Sarah did as told and quickly prepared for the day.
“Why do we have to leave so early the sun hasn’t even woken up yet?” Rain groaned as everyone gathered outside. “By leaving now we’ll be able to get to Anvalia in time to actually enjoy everything.” Kyla chirped climbing onto her horse that she and Domon had tacked earlier along with the rest of the horses. Felix watched her. I’m just ready to get rid of you… He said to himself. He was already ready to go, the way he saw it the faster he got there the faster he could quit “babysitting” and start a new job. “What fun could we possible have if we’re asleep the whole time!?” Rain retorted as she and Rikku got onto their horse. Britt just scowled as she tossed her back pack over her hose and climbed up. Everyone else just followed suit and soon they were on their way to what appeared to be their final destination.
“Hey are you ok?” Matt asked riding up next to Sarah as she yawned once more. “Yeah I’m just really tired. I didn’t get much sleep.” She replied stifling yet another yawn. “How come?” He questioned flashing a charming smile, he was still hoping to try and win her over. “No reason… I guess I just had something on my mind.” She told him. She had spent most of the night pondering what would happen once they reached Anvalia. Would she have to stay there? Would they all leave her? But what she wondered most of all, would she never see them again? She didn’t want to say goodbye to all her friends, she wanted to keep journeying, for there was so much left to learn. But would she really even have a choice in the matter? “Hey Earth to Sarah! Yoo Hoo!” Matt called trying to get her attention. She shook her head realizing she had spaced out. “You know if you’re that tired I guess you could ride with me and do like they are.” Matt proposed pointing at Rain and Rikku. Rikku was carefully steering the horse as Rain slept in front of him. He had to be careful not to jerk and wake Rain up as well as make sure she didn’t fall, if either of those happened he would certainly pay. “I appreciate your offer but I am fine.” She said smiling at him. She started riding ahead of him. His smile broadened as he continued to watch her.
“Don’t be getting any ideas.” Ash said appearing next to Matt nearly scaring him out of his skin. “I don’t know what you mean.” Matt replied trying to play innocent. “You think Sarah is cute. I can tell and I say don’t get any ideas. She is naïve and doesn’t understand a lot of things. So do realize that if you try to pull anything then I will be forced to pummel you. No hard feelings.” Ash informed him smiling the whole time. Ash slapped Matt hard on the shoulder before riding ahead. “Sometimes that guy scares me…” Ash muttered rubbing his arm.

It took them hours to travel on to Anvalia, fighting the random battles, growing stronger with each one. Sarah was almost exhausted when they arrived at Anvalia’s gates at the base of the mountains. “Alrighty Well I guess I’ll handle this while everyone heads on in. I’m sure Sid is anxious to see you.” Kyla said glancing at Alexia as they all came to a stop. “You know go on with them. I can handle everything.” Domon said. “Are you sure? I’d hate for you to do it two days in a row. Plus you’d have to separate from the group.” She said turning to look at him. “Yeah it’s fine. I was going to part with you to go into town. So I can unsaddle the horses then go into town, this way you don’t have to leave them.” He told her. “Don’t worry I’ll stay back and help him. Any specific place you want us to put everything?” Rikku stated as he tried to shake Rain awake. “I don’t think she’s waking up… I’ll carry her when we’re done.” He added giving up on trying to wake her up. “Ok… thanks guys.” Kyla said with a hint of sadness. Everyone climbed off of their horses. She gave Domon and Rikku a hug before walking into the city with the rest of the group.
Our group of heroes walked through the gates which led straight into the factory, the basis of this whole town. “You know this seems like it’s just going to be boring visit… I’m going into town.” Britt sighed shoving her hands into her pockets and walking out the door into town. Kyla just shrugged as she pranced over to the elevator. “You are not allowed to the upper levels.” A guard said walking in front of her. “Excuse me sir. My name is Kyla and I need to go see Sid.” She told him trying to walk around him. “You do not have proper clearance.” The guard said intercepting her again. “Snow Cat reporting in with a bounty for Sid.” Felix informed the guard grabbing Sarah by the arm and dragging her with him as he walked past. “That’s my bounty too! Come on man.” Matt said walking through pulling Ash with him. “Is the little one with you?” The guard inquired still holding off Kyla. Felix turned and looked at the small girl who gave him a weak pleading smile. “No…” Felix sighed turning his back on her and dragging Alexia into the elevator. “Wait- What!?” Matt shouted looking at Kyla before running after Felix. Ash looked sympathetically at her; he didn’t want to leave her behind. She mouthed the words “go on” to him urging him to go, somebody needed to keep an eye on Sarah. He nodded in understanding before joining everyone in the elevator. “Felix why did you do that!” Sarah shouted as the elevator started to the next floor. “Yeah that was just mean!” Matt added. Felix just gave a light smile.

Kyla gave up and trudged to sit on one of the sofas. “I said he could use me as a punching bag… but I don’t this falls under that category.” She sighed propping her head up with her hands. She could have gotten through easily, though not without causing a scene. “Domon and Rikku must still be taking care of the horses.” She groaned. She was thinking about going to help them but she would be useless anyway. They would make her stand back while they did all the work in fear that she “would hurt herself.” She didn’t like being treated like this, it made her feel useless. If she couldn’t do normal tasks like that then how could she do more important things like protecting everyone? A shiver went up her spine as memories started flooding in, it was like the ghosts of the friends she failed had come back to haunt her. She normally repressed these but this sense of uselessness brought them back. If I couldn’t help them then how could I hope to help anyone now…
“Hey Kyla!” Domon yelled pulling her out of her depressing thoughts. She looked up as him and Rikku ran towards her. “What are you doing out here?” Rikku asked stopping and repositioning the sleeping Rain on his back. “The guard wouldn’t let me through…” She sighed looking towards the elevator. “Then where’s everyone else?” Domon inquired. “He let them through… Felix seems to be of more importance.” She sighed. “Why didn’t Felix speak up for you?” “He did… He said he didn’t know me…” She let out another sigh as she rested her head in her hands again. “I thought you were pretty close to Sid?” Rikku stated sitting down next to his sister. “I am… It must be a new guy… he doesn’t really smell familiar…” She told him. Rikku went on talking and she happened to notice that Domon was being really quite. She looked up to find a scowl on his face.
Domon has always been rather protective over Kyla, possible because of his “secret" crush. People being rude and cruel to her generally have to deal with him if she can’t handle it. “What’s wrong?” Kyla asked looking up at him with her large blue eyes. “I’m going to have a word with this guard.” He growled walking over to the elevators. “Citizens are not allowed on the upper levels.” The guard said positioning himself between Domon and the Elevator. “I understand your position sir, but my friend is needed for an important conference with Sid. You have upset everyone by not allowing her access and I am sure that your superior will be angered by your treatment towards his guest.” Domon retorted using his way with words. “Is there something wrong?” Another guard asked as the first one was trying to find a way to respond. “Yeah they’re saying that the kid with the white hair over there is supposed to be meeting with Sid though the only person that Sid is awaiting council with is Felix, aka Snow Cat.” Guard #1 explained. “Was she with Snow Cat?” Guard #2 asked. “He said she was not part of his group.” “Then she is probably a spy or some thief of sorts wanting information on upcoming projects.” “Probably you can never trust the cute innocent ones.” The guards discussed this, each of their words angering him further. They made Kyla sound like some kind of low life.
They looked down at him unfazed by the look of rage that was appearing on his face. “Move it along pipsqueak we don’t have time to entertain you.” Guard #2 said shoving him. What Domon wanted to do was grab the guy’s arm, throw him to the ground and pound him to a pulp, fighting off the other guard in the process. But using his outstanding control the he has perfected in order to deal with uncooperative customers at work, he suppressed this urge and instead allowed the guy to push him onto the ground.
Kyla’s eyes flashed red as she saw this and within seconds she was standing in front of Domon ready to beat down the guards. She was having problems finding the words she wanted to hiss at the men, but who needs words when their fist can do the talking for them. “Kyla, such a wonderful surprise! Is there a problem here?” A tall man said walking over to her. She snapped out of her trance and looked up at the man. He had reasonably short black hair and kind yet narrow brown eyes that were hid behind a pair of glasses. “Sid! Awesome to see you again! Yeah we’re kinda having problem getting through your security. Apparently we’re not high on the priority list.” Kyla chirped back with a hint of malice in her voice as she helped Domon to his feet. A frown came to Sid’s face as he took in her words. “Men it appears you don’t realize that this is Kyla, a renowned martial artists. If I had not have interfered she may have caused you some serious harm if you continued to anger her. Be aware that she is always allowed here for she is a close friend to me and my family.” Sid lectured the two guards before turning to Kyla and her friends, Rikku now joining them with Rain in tote. “You wish to accompany me? I’m on my way up to my meeting room where I have guests waiting.” Sid offered. “Of course!” Kyla chirped.
“I must apologize for my men. Those two are new and have yet to learn my vip list. You mind me inquiring as to who your friends are?” Sid said making conversation as they climbed onto the elevator and rode it to one of the higher floors. “It’s fine. Now that I think back on it I’m kind of worried about their safety. That could have ended badly. But this is my brother Rikku and one of my awesome friends Domon. Oh and the girl sleeping is his sister Rain.” Kyla informed him introducing her group. “It is nice to meet you. Especially since those really close to Kyla is a rare site around here. Are you martial artist like Kyla?” Sid inquired. “Yeah, though we have stable jobs at Depp Mechanics.” Domon replied. “Come on don’t be modest! Domon is actually up for the position of store manager or an apprentice mechanic.” Kyla chirped ruffling Domon’s hair causing him to blush. “That is quite an achievement. How would you possible like a part time internship here? It would be in your time off there and it might give you some good skills to take with you there. I and the Depp family collaborate quite often on our work so I am sure we can work something out.” Sid offered. “Really!? Sir that would be an honor!” Domon said excitedly. “And what about you Rikku, do you have any special skills?” Sid questioned. “Not really… I guess I’m the normal one in the group.” Rikku frowned realizing he didn’t have any neat attributes like Kyla and Domon. “Rikku you know that you are next in line for store manager if I get a different job. We’ve been there for the same amount of time and your better with inventory then I am.” Domon complemented trying to cheer him up. “Yeah but I’m not as people friendly nor tech-savvy like you.” He retorted. “But it still sounds like a bright future awaits you at Depp Mechanics. All of you are like family to them so I don’t believe they will treat you wrong.” Sid commented.
“Well I’m afraid I have a meeting to attend.” Sid said stopping at his meeting room. “With Felix.” Kyla said with a slight growl. “Yes, how did you know?” He asked astounded. “We traveled here with him… he kinda decided to bail on me down in the lobby…” She informed him. “Oh. Well since you already know then would you like to attend as well?” He offered. She just shrugged and followed him in.
“Kyla I am so glad that you were able to come up!” Sarah greeted running over to them. “Yeah it was a good thing Sid came along.” Kyla said. “Yeah or we’d be on the run from the cops for double homicide.” Rikku joked walking around and propping Rain up in a chair before finding his own seat. “Brother it has been a while since I last saw you.” Sarah said hugging her brother. “Yes. I apologize for taking such rash measures to bring you here but it seemed the best way to get you out of Zandoria without drawing suspicion onto us.” Sid replied. “It’s ok. I’ve actually been having fun.” She told him taking a seat. “So pop’s what our reward for a job well done?” Matt inquired propping his feet up on the table. “So it was a collaborative effort?” Sid inquired. “As much as I hate to admit it, yes, under the circumstances we were forced to work together and managed to bring Alexia here without much trouble.” Felix reported. “And how did the hover ship fair?” Sir requested. “To our misfortune it crashed not long after taking the princess into my custody, playing a part in the delay of arriving here.” Felix replied. He was speaking more formal for this report then he normally did. Though what others think of him generally don’t faze him, he does like to leave a good impression on his employers. “That is misfortunate for that hover ship was going to be your pay. I guess I will have to award the both of you with something else. Until then please make use of our hospitality. We will be glad to house and feed all of you.” Sid commented.
For the most part the meeting was now over and they were spending time with friendly conversation before it was time for dinner. “Kyla are you still taking odd jobs?” Sid inquired. “Yeah. That’s kinda how I make most of my living. I’m more well known for that then my fighting.” Kyla chirped. “That doesn’t have anything to do with your skill. Most people don’t want to believe that the current champion is a vertically challenged 16 year old girl.” Rikku commented. “Very true.” Kyla giggled. “Well I would like to hire you if that is ok with you. I know I would generally have to contact Depp Mechanic’s but I thought since you were already here I would request your services in person.” Sid said. “Wow this sounds like it’s going down a bad road…” Matt commented. “What do you mean?” Sarah asked. “If you don’t get it then try not to pay attention to it.” Ash suggested. Sarah nodded. “Alrighty I’m game for pretty much anything.” Kyla replied. “That didn’t help much…” Ash muttered to Matt. “Well I was hopping maybe you could perform for the city. It doesn’t have to be much. You can do as little as a speech, but just something to raise the moral of the people.” Sid requested. “Sure that sounds like fun!” Kyla agreed. This sounded strange to Sarah. She didn’t understand why their moral needed to be boosted. Was there something going on that had the spirits of Anvalia down? Maybe she would ask about this when she has her personal audience with her older brother.
“Now that I am thinking about it, might I inquire as to why your arm is in a cast?” Sid asked Kyla. “Oh… well… It kinda got broke during a fight we had in Caim. A fox demon girl attacked us.” Kyla informed him. “A fox demon girl? I have heard rumors of someone like that making appearances around town. It is really strange to see them here.” Sid noted. I wonder if it is her? Sarah pondered.

Days passed since that get together. Sarah spent most of her time alone. Yeah all of them stayed together at the factory but they only spent a few hours together at night and by the time Sarah woke the next day everyone was gone. They apparently had better things to do. Kyla spent most of her time training due to her casted arm. She was trying to develop a way to fight without using that arm, her dominant arm, in this way she wouldn’t be as useless. Matt and Ash would spend time with Sarah but for the most part hung out together in town, enjoying the big city. Britt, Rain, Rikku, and Domon trained along with Kyla, apparently one of their favorite pastimes. Felix on the other hand was not heard from since the meeting with Sid. He disappeared into the city, who knows he may have been on a new job already.
Sarah stood out on a balcony that over looked the city. She wasn’t allowed to go out in fear that something would happen to her in the big city. “I wonder if everyone is having fun.” She sighed resting her head on the rail. I wonder if Felix is ok… Is he still mad at me? She pondered but her thoughts were soon interrupted by light rapid footsteps behind her. “Hey Sarah! Or are you wanting to go by Alexia now?” Kyla greeted running up next to her. “I think I prefer the name Sarah…” Sarah told her looking over at her friend. “How has your training been going?” She added. “Pretty good…. I’ve kinda reached a limit for now so I thought I would stop by and see what you were up to?” Kyla told her grinning. “Any news on Felix?” Sarah inquired looking back at the city. “Yeah I actually have sent Rain, Rikku, and Domon to keep an eye on him. So far he’s still in the city.” Kyla chirped. “That’s good.” Sarah sighed. “You’re that worried about him huh?” Kyla asked hopping up to sit on the rail of the balcony. Sarah nodded. “Come on I told you before he can take care of himself.” Kyla encouraged her. “I know… but I fear that he hates me.” Sarah admitted. “No way. He’s probably already forgotten about that. So cheer up!” Kyla requested. “Why is Felix called ‘Snow Cat?’” Sarah questioned. “It’s not obvious? It’s because Felix is like a cat’s name and he has white hair like snow. Makes sense huh?” Kyla giggled. “Oh…”
“How is the job that Sid hired you for going?” Sarah asked standing up straight. “Pretty good. I’ve almost got it all worked out. I perform in a couple days.” Kyla told her. “Care to run it by me?” Sarah offered. “Sure let me go get my notes!” Kyla said hopping off the rail. “I’ll be right back!” She added running towards the door. Suddenly she started to wobble. Images started appearing in Kyla’s head, but they were blurred beyond the point of comprehension. She tried hard to make out what was going on. She lost control of her body as it collapsed on the floor and started to spasm as though she was having a seizure. “Kyla!” Sarah yelled running over to her friend. She quickly started to call for a guard as the girl’s body slowly stopped its thrusting about. “Did something happen?” The guard inquired. “S-s-s-she just collapsed!” Sarah squeaked. “I’ll take her back to her room and call a doctor.” The guard told her picking the girl up and carrying her to the living quarters.

The doctor came and gone, unable to find anything wrong. He said if her condition didn’t improve in the next couple of hours for them to call him back. So Sarah was left alone to watch over her friend. “Hey how long have I been out?” A weak voice sounded. “Kyla you’re awake!” Sarah squeaked. “Yeah… The sun already gone down?” She inquired. “Yes. Not too long ago though. You’ve been asleep for about 2 hours.” Sarah informed her. “Wow that was intense… I’m sorry just to fall out on you.” Kyla apologized working hard to sit up. “What happened?” Sarah asked. “Well… I hate to say it… and it’s not really all that believable… but it was a vision.” She said blushing. “A vision?” Sarah repeated somehow not really surprised. “Yeah… they’re not really all that much… and kind of limited, more annoying than anything…” She said managing to sit up and dangle her feet over the edge of the bed. “What did you see?” Sarah questioned. “Nothing… Sucks huh? Having visions aren’t all what they’re cracked up to be. Though something was strange it was like my vision was being intercepted. I can usually seeing something though it’s often useless…” Kyla replied. “Hey… I need to go meet up with Domon and them.” Kyla said getting to her feet and forcing her feet to move. Right as she was about to open the door it swung open hitting her. She tumbled back a little but wasn’t knocked off her feet till Rain came charging in and collided with her. “Kyla!” Rain shouted catching her balance. “Awesome running into you.” Kyla joked. Rain helped Kyla to her feet then assisted her back to bed.
“Are you ok? Domon said that something happened to you.” Rain asked. “Yeah… it was no big deal a stupid worthless vision…” Kyla told her. “How did Domon know that something occurred?” Sarah inquired. “I don’t know… He’s kind of always had like a Kyla sense. He pretty much knows when something bad happens. ‘Quick my senses are tingling!’” Rain said before bursting into laughter. “Wow that sounded wrong when I think about it.” She added. “So how is everything with Felix?” Kyla asked. “Well ummm we kind of lost him. There was a fight at the restaurant with him and before we knew it he was gone…” Rain reported. “Was he hurt!?” Sarah asked. “I don’t know it was kind of a huge mess… Domon and Rikku are looking for him now.” Rain said.
Footsteps were audible outside the door. “That must be them.” Rain said as Rikku and Domon ran through the door out of breath. “Any luck?” Rain asked. “No we… couldn’t find him…” Rikku wheezed. Domon looked up at Kyla. “Are you ok?” He breathed. “Yeah I’m fine. It just knocked me out for a bit.” Kyla told him. He nodded then walked with Rikku over to collapse on the bed. Sarah watched the two of them move almost simultaneously. It astounded her how much they looked alike and they weren’t even related. I guess everyone has their twin in the world… She noted. “Well in either case I hope that he is ok.” Kyla sighed, bringing attention back to Felix. “Yeah… “ Sarah whispered.


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