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Chapter 1 - The Arrival

The first time Sophie finds Halloweentown.

Chapter 1 - The Arrival

Chapter 1 - The Arrival
A little animal creature was walking through some woods. Her name was Sophie and she had grey fur, a brown dress, and brown hair. Sophie would sing to herself while walking. Sophie was only a child. She wished that she could live with other creatures too. One day, the little creature got her wish.
Sophie was walking in the woods as she alway would do and came in a circle of trees. There was doors. Not just normal dorrs but door with paintings of shamrocks, eggs, christmas trees, hearts, turkeys, and fireworks. But the last on caught Sophie's attention. It was a door with a pumpkin painted on it. Sophie walked slowly over to it. She twisted the doorknob, and pulled the door open. It was empty, nothing but darkness inside. Sophie was about to leave but a wind came from behind her. Leaves surrounded and the wind pulled her back. "What's happening?" cried out Sophie. Then in a flash, she was pulled inside of the pumpkin door.
"Woah!" screamed Sophie. She closed her eyes until she felt the ground again. Sophie looked around where she was and noticed that she was now on a hill. There were pumpkins and tombstones everywhere. She saw a gate and started walking down the hill toward it. A sign was above the gate that said Halloween Town. Sophie was hungry and her mouth was dry of thirst. She walked inside of the town in hope of help. Sophie walked to the nearest house with a gate infront of it. She walked up the stairs and pulled the doorbell.
A skellington opened the door and looked down. He was surprised to see an scrawney, scratched up, animal child at his door. "Please. Help me." she said. The skellington lifted the little creature and brought her inside. "Are you okay?" he asked her when he putted her down. "I don't feel good." she told him. "What's your name?" "I'm Jack the pumpkin king." he anwered. "I'm Sophie." said the little animal creatrue. "Nice to meet you Sophie." said Jack. Then they shook hands. Jack's handshake was firm and friendly.
Sophie explain everything like how she got here and where she was from. "Come on." said Jack. "I'll show you around the town." As they walked through town, they heard voices from behind them. "Hey Jack." said the voices. Jack and Sophie turned around and saw three children coming toward them. "Hey, who's the animal thing?" said the one dressed like a witch. "This is Sophie." said Jack. "What is she doing here?" said the one dressed like a devil. "I came here." said Sophie. "We're lefting." said the one dressed like a skellington. "We have no time talking to some animal thing." "Who where they?" asked Sophie when they left. "They were just Oogie's old henchmen." answered Jack. "Jack!" called a girl's voice behind them.
Sophie and Jack turned around to see a living ragdoll running up to them. "What it is Sally?" asked Jack. "I was watching corpsekid and the other Halloween children playing in the graveyard and this giant spider came and now it's chasing them!" said Sally. "What are we waiting for?" said Jack. He grabbed Sally and Sophie's hand and ran out the main gate. When they got there, the giant spider was chasing all the Halloween children. Zero was there waiting for Sally to come back. "Help us!" screamed corpsekid. Then the spider saw Sophie and tried to hit her. Sophie started running from the spider. She tripped on a root and the spieder raised a leg back to hit her but Jack jumped in the way.
"AGAHH!" cried out Jack in pain as he was flung backwards. "NOOO!" cried out Sally. Then the giant spider charged at Sophie. That made her so mad that she picked up a big rock. "Hey, big eyes!" Sophie called to the giant spider. The spider turned in her direction. "Take this!" said Sophie as threw the rock as the spider at it's eyes. The giant spider roared out in pain and the strangest thing happened. The spider start fading away slowly. When the spider was gone, Sophie ran to Jack.
Then a blinding white light came and everything dissapered. "What happened?" Sophie thought. A calming voice came out of nowhere calling Sophie's name. "Sophie." the voice called. "Who's there?" Sophie called back. "I've been watching you." the voice said. "I am going to give you a choice. You have to chose if you want to be back with your mom in your old neighberhood or live in Halloweentown with your new friends." Sophie was feeling very happy. She could live back with her mom. But then she remembered how everybody was mean to her, beated her up, and about what happened to Jack. "I want to live in Halloweentown with my new friends." said Sophie. "As you wish." said the voice. Then everything changed back when Sophie ran to Jack.
Jack's jawbone fell off from the sharp hit by the giant spider. Sophie putted it back on Jack but nothing happened. "Jack, it's over now." said Sophie. Jack just stay on the ground, his eyes sockets stayed shut. Sally was crying silently, all the Halloween crying too. Zero floated beside Sophie, whimpering sadly. Tears fell from Sophie's eyes and fell on Jack. "Please, just get up." sobbed Sophie as she shuted her eyes. "Please." Sally walked up beside Sophie. "Everything's okay now." a weak but friendly voice infront of Sophie and Sally. Sophie opened her eyes and saw Jack smiling at her. "Jack!" cried out Sophie. She hugged him knowing that he was okay. Then Sally helped Jack back to his feet. "You are a hero." Jack said to Sophie. Thank you Jack." said Sophie. Then Sophie remembered something. "Jack! What's today?" asked Sophie quickly. "Why it's Halloween?" started Jack. "Oh no, we need to go back to Halloween Town, now!"
When they got there, the mayor was running to them with his worried face. As soon as he see Jack, his happy face appeared "Oh Jack, thank heavens I found you! Everybody's getting restless, put on your scarecrow costume!" said the mayor quickly. As soon as Jack made it, everybody got in their places. Everybody did their performance and it turned out to be great. At the award shows, it seemed to take on forever. Then the mayor said "The most bravest award goes to, Sophie." "Me?" asked Sophie. "Of course, you defeated the giant spider and saved the kids." said Jack. "Without you, I wouldn't make it."
From this very day, Sophie live in Halloween Town with her new friends. She was a hero for saving the Halloween kids and defeating the giant spider. Everybody can still see Sophie walking around Halloweentown, talking to a tall skellington and a girl made of rags with four children running around them while they talked. That would be Jack, Sally, and their new kids.


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