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Chapter 1 - Momentos

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 1 - Momentos

Chapter 1 - Momentos
( With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll? Upon finding a scroll called "Heaven's Wisdom" The young masters summon the only one who can help them on their journey. The only one in the world who has a truly hateful rivalry with a jaguar named "Giao Xun."Embarking on their own private journey to far and mystical places, the residents of the palace suffer many losses, new loves, renewed friendships, and old forgotten bonds begin to tighten greatly. Everyone is on a journey to defeat Giao Xun for good, in this thrilling adventure there's no telling who will survive...and who will perish at Giao Xun's bloody claws....)

(Yaaayz! First chapter of "Wisdom From heaven"!!! SQUEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so excited, this story will be mega awesome!! It introduces my OC Kurisu as well.)

The air around the Jade Palace was as hot as usual, sweat clung to Shifu's brow like a tick. No matter how much he wipped it just kept coming. This isn't really working... In order to go into meditation stage, he needed to relax himself, have a calm mind...and think of nothing but peaceful thoughts. Quite hard to do so when he was pretty much panting like a dog from the heat. The red panda shifted around in a better position and just relaxed himself. Inhale and exhale.....inhale and exhale. Inha-
"Ohayooo Master!"
The red panda gave an irritated grunt and turned his attention towards a pair of sparkling blue eyes staring down at him. A young kitten stood there beaming down at him. She was wearing an indigo Japanese kimono with a periwinkle seam and a rainbow butterfly print. Her fur was a light tone of blue and silver, she had in two violet Chinese hair buns, and she wore a tear dropped shape aquamarine necklace with chocolate diamonds and a silver chain. She also had tiny metalic gray sandals.
Shifu sighed. "Mm...what is it now Kurisu?"
Kurisu giggled. "What's with the annoyed tone?"
The red panda merely rolled his eyes. "Oh...I wonder.." He said sarcasticlly.
Only mere days after Po had defeated the rebellious Tai Lung, did yet another care fall into the old master's hands. A young thirteen year old orphan who's family growing up was only Po and Mr. Ping. She was quite a nuisance to have around at the palace. Being an average...air head. This kitten was the most clumsiest, ditziest, bubbly little girl the red panda had ever met. She was mostly Japanese (with only a hint of Chinese in her), she had the tendacy to speak in random Japanese words in the middle of a sentence. Shifu's Japanese was limitted so he could only understand her most of the time. Having her for over a year now, he could pretty much respond to her Japanese speaking with the fluent language right back at her.
Kurisu yawned and sat down beside him. "So how ya dooooing?"
"Fine.." He answered curtly. At least untill you showed up...
The kitten's eyes shone with her occasional cheerfullness. "Yataa, I'm glad! I'm in a good mood as well!"
".......Good for you." She's so oblivious...
"Yo Master Shifu!"
Scowling (as usual) the red panda turned towards an out of breath panda running towards him.
"Hello Po..."
Po grinned as he approached them. "Hey, what do you want for dinner tonight? Noodles?"
Shifu smiled slightly. "Isn't that your specialty panda?"
The panda slapped his head. "Duh, I must have forgotten!"
Kurisu sprung up from her seat. "Ouu ouuu!!! Can I make a side dish of onigiri and takoyaki?!" Po and Kurisu were the official cooks at the palace. Po specializing in Chinese food, and Kurisu? Japanese of course!
Po chuckled. "Mmmmm!! sounds delicious Kurisu, what's for dessert?"
The panda rubbed his belly. "Yum,yum can't wait! Meet me in the kitchen later, okay?"
"Haiii! Po chan!" The kitten saluted. "It's a promise!"
Shifu waited untill Po was gone, and there was no noise. He brought his bamboo flute to his mouth and took a deep breath-
"Ouu!" Kurisu snatched it from his hands. "It's your flute! Ya know, ya never did tell me where you got this!"
Angrilly the red panda snatched his precious flute back. "Be careful with that! It's very special!" He examined the intrument for any possible damage or finger prints.
Offened, the kitten turned her back. "Well excuuuuuuuse me!"
Shifu gave a small guilty smile. "I'm sorry Kurisu, it's just...that flute means alot to me. It was given to me by someone very special...."
The kitten tapped her chin. "Hmmmmmm.........Master Oogway?"
The red panda sighed, his ears drooped down. "You guessed right.." His heart seemed to tie in knots at the mention of the old tortoise's name.
Kurisu gave him a sideways one hand hug. "'s okay! At least you have things to remember him by, right?"
Shifu's ears flattened down in annoyance and shrugged out of her embrace. "Mmhmm..."
The kitten piped up and turned towards him. "Hey, can I try?!"
Eyeing the young teen skeptically, the red panda placed the flutes in her out stretched palms. "Just be careful..."
Kurisu brought the flute to her mouth and blew out a harsh high pitched note.
"Augh!" Snatching his beloved instrument back from her, he narrowed her eyes. "As Po would say...."you-suck-noodles!" He laughed and recieved a hard jab in the ribs.
"Very funny!" She took out her ocarina and placed it in his hands. "Well can you play this?"
Reluctantly, the red panda brought her instrument to his lips and blew a sweet long note. He turned towards the shocked kitten with a smug look.
She narrowed her eyes at him. " quiet!"
"Hey Kurisu!!"
The kitten turned her attention towards Po who came hurrying up behind her. "Hey, I need your help in the kitchen!"
Kurisu saluted. "Will do panda!" With that, she followed Po into the bunkhouse.
The red panda smiled. Finally, he was completely alone. He wasn't really in the mood to meditate anymore, so he decided to check up on his students. As he walked into the training hall he leaned over the railing on the steps and watched them.
Tigress as usual was using speed as she elegantly avoided all the bamboo arrows shooting from every deirection.
Monkey struck out with his staff, feet and fists a every angle as viper tried to avoid all his blows.
Crane flew gracefully, fluid and balanced around the room at high speed following monkey through every hoop hanging from the ceiling.
Mantis with his usual precise speed was following viper through the field of firey death both with their amazing flexibility.
Smiling, Shifu turned towards Po and Kurisu, who were at the other side of the room fighting invisible opponents with amazing agility.
Po was using his own "panda" style of Kung Fu, swinging his arms over and over again in a circular motion, he got closer and closer to the wall untill finally-
Shifu rolled his eyes and stifled a laugh.
Kurisu as usual.............was falling on her face.
The red panda face palmed. "No, no, no! Kurisu keep your feet out of the way so you don't trip on them!"
"I'm tryiiiing!" She wailed. The kiten hopped back on her feet and kicked Po gracefully in the stomach, she did a flip in the air and and struck out her fist.
The panda flew backward and smashed into the wall.
From on the steps, Shifu clapped and smiled at his youngest pupil. "Very well done!"
Kurisu gave a repectful bow. "Domo arigato sensei!"
Shifu returned her bow and stepped out of the training hall towards the Hall of Heroes, he stepped slowly through the sacred halls eyeing each one of the paintings thoughtfully. He traced his fingers over the beautiful artwork and bowed in mourning and respect when he got to the one of Oogway. The red panda reached down and picked up one of the pieces of Oogway's staff. Thanks to Tai Lung, it was now ready made kindling to feed a if he'd actually ever let that happen though! Although it was now in two halves but that didn't matter. Shifu would never get rid of it-never! Not only was it given to him by the one person whom he had loved more then life itself, it was also the symbol representing him as the Supreme Kung Fu Master. He placed the staff underneath Oogway's painting and walked over to the few others. He smiled up at the one of his parents, they were beside Oogway with a tiny bundle in his mother: "Shei Lia's" arms. The old tortoise had painted that shortly after the red panda had been born. He had hung it up at the end of the hall not long after Shifu had been born. The elderly Kung Fu master slipped his bamboo flute out of his pocket, yet another memoir from his master. He smiled and ran his hand up the slick hard wood-like material.
"Master Shifu!"
The red panda turned towards Tigress who was standing at the doorway. "Oh, Tigress?"
"Po and Kurisu say dinner is ready.."
Shifu nodded. "Thank you Tigress." With that, he followed his student into the bunkhouse.
Kurisu's blue eyes sparkled. "Oh, Shifu chaaan! You are just in time to be the first to sample my Tayaki!! I put strawberry cream in it, it's delicious!" She stuffed the fish shaped cake in her master's mouth.
"Mmph-!!" The red panda gagged as the cake choked him. He coughed and thickly swallowed the cake. "It's d-delicious!" He manged to get out through a coughing fit.
"Well that's good, I didn't think strawberry cream would taste that good.." Po said as he set down eight bowls at the table. "Now I'm not afraid to try it!"
The kitten's eyes went wide. "You were afraid to try it?! What an insult!"
Shifu rolled his eyes.
Everyone took a seat at the table, and took a serving of food.
"Mmm...I'm thinking of cooking tomorrow!" Monkey said as he took a spoonful of noodles.
Kurisu shrugged. "Why not? You make amazing cookies!"
The golden languor chuckled. "Baking things is my speciality. I should be the official baker of the palace."
Kurisu's eyes went wide, her tail flicked in annoyance. "And steal my position?! No way!!"
Po grinned. "As long as no one steals my position as the noodle man! The muscular noodle man!"
Shifu nearly spat out his spoonful of noodles, clapping his hand to his mouth to keep from laughing. "The-the what?!"
Kurisu shrugged. "I agree with the "noodle" part, but muscular..?"
Matis snickered. "That, I don't think anyone will believe!"
The giant panda glared at his friends. "Aww geez! Why can't you ever be supportive of me?"
Shifu licked his lips. "When you earn it panda...and when you become less flabby."
Everyone roared with laughter (well of course except for Po).
"I've got the tayaki!" Kurisu exclaimed, balancing a plate of steaming cakes on her tail.
The red panda rolled his eyes. "Oh great...the fish cakes are here.."
"You're so mean! I worked really hard on these!!"
"Mmhmm..." He took a cake from the plate and exited the room. "Po, Kurisu thank you for dinner!"
"You're welcome!"
"Any time Master!"
"Hmmmm....what should we make for dinner tomorrow night?" Po asked lazilly as he chomped on one of Monkey's almond cookies.
"I don't know.." Kurisu responded as she smoothed out her pink satin nightgown. "I'm thinking.....................tofu onion miso soup!"
"Oh shut up!" The kitten snapped, her ears flattened down against her head. "Everyone else likes it!"
Po yawned and stuffed the rest of his cookie in his mouth. "I'm sure lucky I wasn't here the day you made it!"
"...." Kurisu narrowed her eyes and flicked her tail into his face. ".........Jerk."
"Master Oogway, Master Oogway!" A young and eager red panda cub turned towards his master, eyes sparkling. "Can I mix it? Can I, can I?!" He jumped up and down, reaching for the bowl.
Oogway laughed and gently pushed the cub back down. "Relax Shifu, here." He handed the cub the mixing bowl.
Shifu inhaled the sweet candy aroma. "Mm! Who knew melon bun batter could smell so good?" He poured the batter into some cups and stuck it in the oven. "It really looks good!"
The old tortoise chuckled and took the baked buns out of the oven. "They're done."
Shifu snatched a bun and stuffed it in his mouth. "Mmmmm!! Those are yummy master!"
Oogway chuckled. "Maybe making them on our own will save me some yuan so I don't have to keep buying melon buns for you so often!"
"Ouuu, the second batch is done!" The young cub pulled it out of the oven. "Look master, it's the batch I did by myself!" He handed his master a bun. "Is it good?"
Oogway took a bite out of his bun, grinning. "It's really good Shifu."
"Right, right?! Hehehehehe!"
The old tortoise poked the cub endearingly on the nose. "You did great.."
"Yay! Hehehehe!"

Shifu's eyes snapped open, he sprung up from his pillow, his face and pillow was soaked with a watery substance. Was it sweat or tears? He couldn't tell......and he had a habbit of sweating when he slept. The red panda reached over and switched on his light. There was a bright light and the room became black again.
Arghhh! The light burnt out... Cursing to himself, he fumbled around in his dresser drawer trying to search for a spare lightbulb. The red panda's hand fell on top of a small cardboard box. He took it out of the drawer and closed the door. Shifu waited for his eyes to adjust to the dark before opening the box. What he saw nearly brought him to tears. There in the box was a tiny fuzzy white plush teddy bear settled on some cotton. It's black eyes shone in the darkness, as well as it's green tunic. the teddy was a clean white polar bear, and Shifu recognized it immidiately. "Pong." The one memoir of his master that was more dear to him then the staff and flute combined. on Valentines Day Oogway had given it to him when he was six years old. The red panda had slept with the comforing teddy untill he was thirteen. After that, he kept in a small box and laid it at the bottom of his dresser. Shifu smiled and smoothed out the polar bear's fur. He didn't bother putting Pong back in his box that night.

(Daaaaaw! Shifu found his childhood best friend: his teddy Pong! Cute, huh? Just to let you know, Shifu and Oogway are the main characters in this story.)

Kurisu-Crystal (Japanese)
Ohayo-Good morning {Japanese)
Takoyaki-Fried octopus treat (Japanese)
Yataa-Yay (Japanese)
Tayaki- Fish shaped cake with a sweet filling (Japanese)
Domo arigato-Thank you very much (Japanese)
Sensei-Teacher (Japanese)
Onigiri-Rice balls (Japanese)
Chan-A japanese honorific usually refering to someone who is dear to you, or in short form: best friend.

Preview of the next chapter!

The red panda sat underneath the sacred peach tree, his ears twitched continuously. They always did when something didn't feel right, but now more then ever. He glanced up at the peach tree, since Oogway's death no peaches had grown from the tree. Peaches seemed to have represented Oogway's life, as long as he lived the tree would bear fruit, but now...
"Master Shifu!"
The red panda turned towards a voice behind him. "Po..."
Po was as pale as a ghost. "Master.......there's something really bad going on..."
The red panda's eyes went as wide as saucers. "Wh...what..?"


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Wow... though merely the first chapter, already this story is interesting! Honestly, my thoughts on how great this story was going to be don't compare even the slightest to this!!!

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Yup, I thought it would be cute if Shifu found Pong ay last!

Well........Kurisu is me! So I just put my personality into a cat! XD

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