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Chapter 2 - Stiff Like A Statue

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 2 - Stiff Like A Statue

Chapter 2 - Stiff Like A Statue
( A bit of a sentiamental moment at the end, hehe! Watch and you'll see just how foolish Kurisu can be! BTW, she gets punished and scolded very often.)

Shifu rubbed his eyes, trying to get the sleepy fuzz out of his vision and propped himself up on the pillow. The morning sunlight shone through the clear slick glass of his window and filled the room with a vibrant glow. "'s a nice day today." Smiling and slipping his robe on, the red panda walked out of his room and down through the bunkhouse to wake his students. The moment he stepped into the hall the gong sounded.
"Good morning Master Oogway!" Came a young red panda cub's voice.
The old tortoise smiled. "Good morning did you sleep?"
"Very well!" The cub gave a high kick into the air. "Hiyaa!"
Oogway chuckled and gently took the cub's hand. "Alright let's get breakfast ready."
"With melon buns for dessert?!"
The old master laughed gently. "Yes, with melon buns for dessert."

The red panda's stomach churned. Urk! Why did he just think that...was that old tortoise ever going to get out of his mind?
"Good morning Master Shifu!"
The usual chorus he woke up to every morning..........except, one was missing.
"Grahhh....where is she? Is she sleeping in again?!" The red panda demanded sharply.
Tigress kept a serious face. "We're not sure master."
Shifu flicked his wrist. "Ugh! Oh well, come on. Grab breakfast and meet me in the training yard."
The five saluted. "Yes Master Shifu..."
All of a sudden the door banged open. "Oh! Oh Master! Sorry I'm shorts were stuck." Po said awkwardly.
The elderly Kung Fu master made a face. "Thanks for sharing...."
The giant panda sent his master a sheepish smile.
Shifu shrugged. "Well, I suppose that's one thing you could not help...if you heard what I said to the five, then hurry up, and wake up that lazy kitten!"
"She's not in her room sir..."
Shifu's bushy eyebrows shot up. "That's a surprise...well if she's not out here soon then I'll go looking for her."
"Good idea master!" With that, Po followed his friends into the kitchen.
Meanwhile, having just got out of the bathhouse, Kurisu was running as fast as she could towards the training yard. She knew she was late.and would for sure be punished as well. "Waaaah!! Arienai, I was in the tub for far to long!!" Her feet thudded hard against the concrete as the soaked teen hurried as fast as she could to the training yard. Peeking behind the walls of the training yard, the kitten could see Shifu with his back turned to the five and Po. Now's my chance... The teen crept behind Po as her Kung Fu Master continued speaking in a philisophical riddle-like lesson and he had most likely developed that trait from Oogway.
Po turned and glanced to her direction. "What are you doing?!" He mouthed silently. "Shifu's going to kill you!"
"I know that!" She mouthed back. "You have to hide me!"
Roaming his eyes around the room and giving an angelic innocent like expression, the panda shuffled to the side where he could clearly hide Kurisu as she struggled to fasten her hair buns and sandals.
A small bitter (but entertained) laugh was heard. "Do you actually think that you can sneak your way here without being noticed?"
Kurisu froze rigid.
Shifu turned towards her trying to keep a stern angry expression but his amusement was shown through. "If there is one physical ability you lack in Kung Fu my dear Kurisu, it's stealth." He gave a chuckle as if a student attempting to sneak their way past him was the funniest thing he had ever heard of. "You have a week worth of dish duty."
Defeated, the kitten hung her head. "Hai Master Shifu..." She said glumly.
The red panda turned towards Po. "And Po?"
"Yes, Master Shifu..?" He asked timidly, fearing the worst.
"You will sweep the training yard as punishment for trying to hide her."
Po sighed. "As you wish Master..."
"Grahhhhhh!!" Kurisu screamed in rage. "I hate it when stains stick to plates, it makes it so much harder to get off!" It was after dinner at the palace, and Kurisu was furiously scrubbing at some stubborn stains that seemed to have melted into the plates!
Po laughed. "Poor little Kurisu..."
The kitten turned towards him. "The least you can do is help me!" She snapped, her tail twitching impatiently.
"Sorry, but I've got a life! A Kung Fu life...for that matter." With that, Po closed the door to the bunkhouse and began walking down the thousand flights of stairs leading to the valley.
Soapy and wet, the kitten scrubbed and dried every dish, before running to her room, grabbing her purse and taking off towards the valley. "Wait for meee!!!"
"Whoaaa...." Mantis hopped onto one of the store counters, laughing. "Check it out! They have the biggest pies here!"
Po chuckled. "I have to admitt, those do look awesome..." Po said, as he stuffed some noodles into his mouth. He had just stopped off at his father's shop and had gotten some noodles "on the house". He grinned, thoroughly enjoying his meal. "So good..."
Viper's eyes sparkled as she stared at a bunch of neatly hung fans on the walls in the store. "Wow, so pretty!" Eagerly, the green tree snake passed some yuan to the salesclerk, and waved the fan around her face with grace and elegance.
Po chuckled. If there was one thing everyone (including the disdainful Tigress) loved, it was coming to the valley! There was always so much to do! So much to see! Especially during holidays. The five (only natural always being at the palace and doing chores earned allowances even in their adult-hood) bought many things at the valley, there was always new stuff! So if you wanted something but didn't have enough you needed to put it on hold right away before new things came in.
Po continued inhaling his noodle bowl as he walked alongside his best friend. "Man, I love the valley! It's so great!"
Kurisu's bright blue eyes sparkled, she gave a dreamy sigh. "Mm...isn't it?" She asked grinning. "Always so calm and tranquil, not a hint of crime in the Valley of Peace."
"The name speaks for itself!"
As Po and Kurisu were walking, the panda felt himself be yanked back roughly by the scruff of his neck. "Urk!" He gagged and coughed. "What was that for?" He demanded.
The kitten's eyes sparkled. "Look!" She exclaimed, nearly shaking with excitement as she pointed her furry finger to a shop window.
The panda turned to the direction she was pointing, and gasped. There on the shelf was one of the greatest things the two warriors had ever seen! With it's slick, carved peaceful features, Oogway stood on his staff glued to a wooden plattform. Nearly trembling with excitement, Po and Kurisu ran up to the shop window and pressed their face against the glass.
"Whoa!!" The kitten escalimed, eyes sparkling with amazement. "Th..that's incredible!"
"Are you kidding me?!" Po demanded. "It's more then incredible!!"
The panda and kitten grinned at eachother. It was clear that they were thinking the same thing: Master Shifu! Indeed, knowing how much Oogway meant to Shifu (of course not knowing the full extent of their relationship) Po and Kurisu threw open the shop doors and ran inside. They examined the beautiful statue and traced their fingers over the neatly carved words on the front of the statue: "Grand Master Oogway". Their faces fell instantly as they read the price tag. "seventy yuan".
Po screwed up his face. "Gee.........that old turtle is expensive!"
Kurisu rolled her eyes."Ugh..." Giving a groan, the kitten threw her head back. Where were they supposed to get that kind of money?! Po always blew his allowance on food (mostly noodles). Kurisu usually managed to save up allowance untill she something like a Japanese or Chinese cook book (or some sort of item with the word "kawaii" written all over it!) The young teen rummaged through her purse and drew back, holding fifty yuan.
Po reached deep into his pocket and pulled out...............five yuan.
"Po!" Kurisu groaned with an exasperated sigh as she threw up her arms. "What good are you?!"
The panda glared at her. "W-well...what about you?" He asked lamely, unknown of what else he was supposed to say.
The kitten looked thoughtful. "Maybe the five can let us borrow some money..." With that her and Po hurried out to their friends. The teen placed Matis in the palm of her hand (of all the five, she was closest to Mantis.) Manti chan? Could be please borrow whatever money you have left?"
Manitis shrugged. "Sure, why not?" He flicked a small coin into her hand. "Knock yourselves out..."
Kurisu stood there staring at her hand. ..........Three yuan. She frowned. "Mantis, is that all you have left?"
The insect nodded. "I'm afraid so." He hopped off and joined Viper and Crane.
After asking Crane, Viper and was apparent that neither of them had any yuan left. Which left only one choice....
"And you'll do my half of dish duty for a month? And cleaning the traing yard?"
"Yes! Yes!" Po and Kurisu pleaded. "Whatever, just give us seventeen yuan!"
The south China tiger smirked. "Fine, here." She handed them a yuan bill and some coins. "Next time don't blow your money on stupid things like noodles and cook books!" With that, she walked off.
Running back to the store with their yuan hot in their hands, an out of breath panda slammed the yuan on the desk. "H-here! W-we got your stinking give us Master Oogway!"
A young rabbit (looking to be in her twenties) glanced around timidly. "Umm...dragon warrior sir?"
Kurisu sighed and pushed the panda away. "Excuse him miss, we would like the statue of Oogway please!"
The rabbit's face lit up. "Oh, good! No one has been able to afford it so far....Who's it for?"
The kitten smiled. "Our master!"
The rabbit gave the panda and kitten an admiring look. "How sweet... sixty five yuan for just the statue, seventy yuan for the statue wrapped with a card.
"The seventy yuan deal please!" Kurisu exclaimed.
The rabbit nodded. "Alright." She handed them the bags. "Here you go!"
"Thank you!" At that, Po and Kurisu zoomed through the valley and up the steps. They listened intently to a distant sweet melody (quite obviously Shifu playing the flute) and followed the sound to The Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. "Master Shifu!"
The elderly Kung Fu Master lowered the flute, but he didn't turn his head. "Mm what is it my students?"
The panda and kitten smiled at eachother and walked up to their master. "We got you a little something at the valley..."
Shifu turned around. "Oh...?"
Po and Kurisu kneeled down and pushed the gift bag towards him.
Blinking with curiousity, the red panda walked up to the bag and ripped out the tissue paper in a swift, clean motion. His heart melted at what he saw, he clapped his hand to his mouth...eyes moistening. ".....Oh my gosh.." He lifte the statue out of the bag and ran his hand slowly over the beautiful carvings.
Po and Kurisu grinned at eachother.
"Master..." Shifu shook his head slowly, not being able to express what he was feeling. "I.............I'm touched." The red panda whispered with deep emotion. " it.........thank you." He smiled, a real genuine happy grin.
Po bowed. "You're welcome master.."
Shifu returned his bow.
Kurisu just stared at them. "......Group hug!" She suddenly squealed, pressing herself, master and best friend tightly together.
Shifu (having of never been a touchy-feely type unless it was absolutely necessary) knocked them away with his flute, his skin deeply flushed under his fur. "Alright, alright..enough with this sentiment! Get back to training, now!"
His two students quickly scurried off.
"Well......that was plesant." Kurisu said awkwardly as she beat the crap out of her training dummy.
"Yeah..." Po agreed. "At least untill you hugged him." He laughed. "That was funny, did you see him blushing?"
"I didn't even think he was able to blush!"
"Well, we witnessed it!"
"Yeah, maybe now we can-"
All of a sudden, the room turned pitch black. Immidiately, with her fear of the dark, Kurisu freaked. "What's going on?!"
Po twiddled his fingers nervously. "I-I don't know!" He stammered. "Let's go see Master Shifu!"
Nodding in agreement, Kurisu followed her friend through the training room, and out the door.
Alarmed, Kurisu and Po turned towards the sky, and shrunk back in terror. The sky was a vibrant purple! It was frightening, as the clouds tinted a slight green around the edges.
The kitten's tail curled around her protectively. "Wh-what do we do?!"
"Go alert the five, I'll find Shifu!"
"Okay!" With that, Kurisu hurried off.
The red panda sat underneath the sacred peach tree, his ears twitched continuously. They always did when something didn't feel right, but now more then ever. He glanced up at the peach tree, since Oogway's death no peaches had grown from the tree. Peaches seemed to have represented Oogway's life, as long as he lived the tree would bear fruit, but now...
"Master Shifu!"
The red panda turned towards a voice behind him. "Po..."
Po was as pale as a ghost. "Master.......there's something really bad going on..."
The red panda's eyes went as wide as saucers. "Wh...what..?"

(BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Again with the cliffies! XD. Oh, and with "the full extent of Shifu and Oogway's relationship will be explained in later chapters, or just read glimpses of the past.)

Arienai-Impossible, I don't believe this (Japanese)
Hai-Yes, okay, sure, alright (Japanese)
Kawaii-Cute (Japanese)
Preview of the next chapter!

Po and Kurisu just stood there staring as the vibrant golden glow shot every direction from the dark tunnels. The sparkles were all over the golden figure clung to him like starlight.
The kitten bliinked. "Wow...."
Po shook his head slowly, the figure began taking shape. As the golden glow faded it was quite clear who the figure was.
Kurisu felt her knees buckle, and had to get Po to hold her up. "Oh.................oh my gosh.."


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And the ending...whoa! I really want to know what the heck is going on there! A purple sky with green-tinted clouds? As far as I know; that's not normal...

Great chapter all in all! Can't wait for the next one :D

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