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Chapter 3 - Heaven's Wisdom

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 3 - Heaven's Wisdom

Chapter 3 - Heaven's Wisdom
("Heaven's Wisdom" is the main them of my story, which is pretty much what this is about.)

Wind began to blow harshly, but it was a cold negative......almost spiritual wind. Shifu gave a starled cry as he smashed back against the tree. "Augh-!"
"Master!!" Kurisu screamed, she quickly scooped the red panda up and brought him in the palace. "Po, what's going on?!"
"How am I supposed to know?!" The giant panda demanded furiously.
"I don't know, you've been here longer then me!"
"Only by four days!!"
"Would you two just shut up?!" Shifu demanded, squirming his way out of the kitten's arms. "'s just a bad storm!" By the sound of his voice, he was very unsure. The red panda gave a loud "Omph!" as he hit the tile floor.
"A storm? A storm?!" Kurisu demanded angrilly. "With purple clouds?!" All of a sudden blue lightning lit the sky. "With blue lightning?!"
"I-I don't know!" Shifu half stammered half growled. "Ma...maybe it's a............a tropical thuderstorm?"
The kitten looked thoughtful. "I don't seems more spiritual if you ask me!"
"I never asked you!" Shifu growled. shooting her a glare.
She stuck her tongue out.
"A spiritual storm?!" Po gasped. "Oh noes! It's coming to take Master Shifu away!" He began shaking the red panda. "Don't go into the liiiiiight!"
"Po!" Shifu snarled. "Po!! Let go of me!" He pried the panda's hands off. "Would you all relax? It's probably nothing!"
"Nothing?!" Kurisu demanded, her eyes flashing. "Blue lightning? Purple storm clouds and it's nothing?! Aren't Kung Fu masters supposed to be smarter then their students?!"
"Enough!" Shifu growled pointing at his youngest pupil. "I'll have no more of-"
"Master Shifu!"
The red panda turned towards the frightend five running towards him.
Tigress was out of breath. "There is something really bad going on master! We feel a cold negative energy in the air!"
"Almost spiritual!" Mantis shouted, hopping on Tigress's shoulder.
Shifu turned slowly to see a smug look on Kurisu's face. "Ugh! Alright..get inside quick!"
Giving a bloodcurdling scream, with tears streaming down her cheeks, the kitten dove for the doors and slammed them shut.
Shifu scurried over to the window and shut them.
"I swear master.." Kurisu whispered. "It's spiritual, can't you feel it?"
The red panda rubbed his temples. "Unforunately, yes I feel it..." He slid down the wall. "It's very strange..."
The five exchanged looks. "Do you think it has something to do with.....beyond?"
Shifu was completely silent. "......I don't know.." He got to his feet. "It seems spiritual, yes. That being said, none of you are leaving the palace tonight! Those who do will be severely punished!" He glared down every single student. "Do I make myself clear?"
They all nodded quickly.
The red panda nodded back. "Good." With that, he began shuffling towards the door. "I want you all to go to the bunkhouse." He glanced outside. "It's only raining now.."
The five looked hesitant, and Kurisu looked completely terrorified at having to go out in one of her worst fears.
Shifu struck out his arm. "Go."
The five filed towards the door, but Po and Kurisu stayed put.
Shifu rose his bushy eyebrows. "Did you not just hear what I said...?"
Po nodded. "Yeah, we did."
"But we're not going without you!" Kurisu said authoritively.
The red panda smirked. "That's what I would expect from my most stubborn pupils." At that, he let them drag him out the door.
CRASH!! All of a sudden blue lightning ripped the air, thunder shook the mountain so much that poor Shifu had to take a piggyback ride on Po's back.
"This is so humiliating!" The red panda groaned.
Po rolled his eyes. "Would you rather be left out in this...monsterous alieness storm?"
Shifu's face twitched. "Alieness?"
Kurisu threw open the bunkhouse doors and pushed both the pandas inside. "Whew...thank goodness thats over.."
BOOOOM!! Thunder shook the whole building.
"Kyaaaaaa!" The kitten wailed. "We're going to diiiiiiiiie!"
Shifu sighed. "No Kurisu, we'll be fine." He yawned. "Now if you don't mind me I'm going to bed....." With that he started down the hall.
Kurisu pulled on Po's arm. "Po chan? Do you still have that old sleeping bag?"
The panda nodded.
Kurisu shuddered as the lightning flashed. "Good....I'm sleeping with you tonight!"
Po chuckled. "Why not sleep with Master Shifu? I thought my snoring keeps you up!"
The kitten shrugged. "Your room is closer..."
Viper came out with two towels. "You're both soaked!" She exclaimed, and drapped the towels over their heads. "Dry yourselves before you catch death pnemonia!"
Kurisu grinned. "Ha! I'd be able to battle that! I've already had it twice!"
Tigress smirked. "How is that something to be proud of..?"
The kitten punched her chest proudly. "I survived!"
The five rolled their eyes.
Later that night Po and Kurisu were nestled safely under their covers, but they both felt.......uneasy.
"Po chan?"
"Are you still awake?"
"Didn't I just say "Mmm?"
"I guess so..." The kitten murmured lamely. She hopped onto his bed and leaned over the giant panda. "I can't sleep..." She said sadly. "My gut is telling me to go where that spiritual wind is blowing!"
"Yeah well, my gut is telling me to go get some of monkey's almond cookies!"
The kitten rolled her eyes, and pulled the panda out of bed. "Come on."
"What? Where?" The giant panda groaned. "I want to sleep!"
"No!" The kitten rolled her eyes again. She wrapped a pink flowered housecoat around herself and threw some pants on Po's head. "Hurry up!"
"Whaaaat?!" The panda sighed. "Kurisu, this has "dish duty for four months" written all over it!"
The kitten barely glanced at him as she made her way out into the pouring rain. "I'm willing to take that chance.." She began climbing up the hill, yawning.
"Now do you see why you're always the one to be punished the most?! You're so impulsive, any you always disobey!" Po growled
"I don't always disobey!"
"Yes you do!"
"Do not!"
"Do too!"
"Do not!"
"Do too!"
Kurisu was about to raise her hand to hit Po again, but he dodged it rolling his eyes. "Right, when are we going home anyways?"
The kitten looked thoughtful. "Probably in a few hours..."
"What?! This is insane! Do you even know where you're taking us..?"
"Not really, I'm just following my own senses!" The kitten wiped water-drops from her eyes, and squinted into the distance. "....Hey! There's a well off in the distance!"
"And that's where your stupid senses are pulling you?!"
"Oh...shut up!"
The kitten pulled the panda over towards the rusty well. "Hurry up, we're getting soaked!"
Po rolled his eyes. "We're already soaked!"
The kitten made her way down the old metal ladder. Water dripping was heard off in the distance, all the crevices were caked with old slime trickled down the hard stone. "Come on Po chan!"
Po groaned. "Can we hurry up please? This place is creepy! I want to go home!" he snapped.
"Look!" Kurisu hissed. "The wall, it's glowing!" She began scratching at the hard stone with her claws. "Open up already..!"
Po pushed her aside. "This is a man's job Kurisu...let me handle this!" With that he began scratching at the wall. "Wow.......this is hard to do!" He kept pulling at the stone. "Jeez..."
Po gave a high pitched girl scream and dove for cover.
Kurisu blinked back at him. "Baby! ....KYAAA!!" A huge light blasted the panda and kitten to the other side of the wall, she smacked the hard stone, it crumbled. Crackling noises were all that was heard, and light was all that was seen. Wall chunks fell to the floor in a heap of slimy, moldy, pieces. Then finally, a scroll clattered to the ground.
Catiously, Kurisu and Po emerged from their hiding places and stepped towards the stained and torn rolled up paper. At the top were the words "Heaven's Wisdom."
Po glanced over to the kitten. "Should I pick it up........or do you want to?"
Kurisu stepped back. "You've had more experience with scrolls then I have."
Nodding quietly, the panda slowly unrolled the scroll, there was foregin writing on it. "We open the door to the world beyond the living..."
The kitten took a side of the scroll. "We call to a spirit who'm has not yet rest.."
They both looked at eachother and said together. "Enter me now through this token from your past." All of a sudden a golden glow emerged from the scroll, and spiraled up the enterance of the abandoned well. Po and Kurisu just stood there staring as the vibrant golden glow shot every direction from the dark tunnels. The sparkles were all over the golden figure clung to him like starlight.
The kitten bliinked. "Wow...."
Po shook his head slowly, the figure began taking shape. As the golden glow faded it was quite clear who the figure was.
Kurisu felt her knees buckle, and had to get Po to hold her up. "Oh.................oh my gosh.."
Opening his pale green eyes, he smiled warmly down at the young and frightened masters. "Why hello there, Po. Kurisu."
The kitten squinted hard, and rubbed her eyes. Was she seeing things?
The old tortoise chuckled. "You seem surprised, hmm?"
Po shook his head and backed away slowly. "M-Master Oogway?!!! It can't be! You-you're dead!"
Oogway smiled. " I? Or have I just made you believe that I am?"
The kitten frowned. "You're not dead?"
Oogway laughed. "No, I'm dead. But being an ancient spirit, I'm able to least up untill I'm able to complete my "task."
Po smiled lightly. "Boy, Master Shifu is going to be so happy to see you!"
Kurisu nodded. "We gave him a statue of you a few hours ago and he almost cried!"
The old tortoise smiled lightly. "So I saw..."
Po's eyes were wide. "What's your task?"
Oogway smiled mysteriously but didn't say a word. "Come, it's already seven in the morning.."
"WHAT?!" The panda and kitten exclaimed. "Ugh! We didn't get to sleep.........."
The old tortoise chuckled. "Come young warriors." He began walking up the ladder. "It is time.."
"What?" Po and Kurisu were very confused. "We don't get it!"
Smiling, Oogway pushed himself out of the opening of the well, as well as the kitten and panda.
Shifu snapped his head around, he looked furious beyond belief. "PO! KURISU!" The red panda was livid. "DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO LEAVE THE PALACE?! I SAID YOU'D BE SEVERLY PUNISHED, AND YOU WILL BE!! I TOLD YOU TO-" He stopped short, his breath had completely left him, he wasn't sure if his heart was beating, or if he was breathing. The red panda was completely frozen as he gazed up at his old master, now officialy fighting back tears. "........................Oh.........................oh....................................oh...............oh my gosh..." The red panda clapped his hand to his mouth. "Master..!!!" He came forward. "You're're!" The red panda felt completely weak at the knees, every single emotion taking over, his eyes were shinning with tears. ""
Oogway chuckled lightly and ruffled the fur on the red panda's head. "It's good to see you too my pupil.." With that, he walked up towards the five.
Shifu's smile instantly faded, his face was now vacant, unemotionless. "............" Coldness seemed to take over, his eyes narrowed in anger and hurt. "........Yes.............well, I'm going to the meditation hall...........I'll see you all later."
The old tortoise turned his head. "Oh, Shifu...?" He placed a hand on his student's shoulder. "Are you alright?"
The red panda didn't turn his head, he shrugged Oogway's hand off. ".............Fine, perfectly fine.." With that, he slowly walked to the Hall of Heroes and closed the door quietly.

(..............Wow.. O______________________o what on earth is wrong with Shifu? You'd think he'd be happy to see his old master...more or less his "father.")

Preview of posibly the most "OMG chapter EVEAH!

Shifu's eyes were dark, concealing wretched tears. "What was I supposed to do?! How was I supposed to feel?! I had just been betrayed by my son! I'd think you would at least care about how I felt from that!"
Oogway's eyes were wide. "Care? You think I didn't care?? I was more worried about you then I had ever been in my life! I had no idea what had happened to the sweet, loving little cub I have trained for so long!"
Shifu took a step forward. "And is that it?!" He snapped. "You think I could easily come out of heartbreak like that?! Pretend that nothing is wrong?? That's what I've been doing my whole life, and I'm sick of it!!"
"I was never expecting you to come out of a broken heart easily! Who would expect that? I thought you have always trusted me, I thought I was the one person who'm you could tell everything, and certainly express whatever emotion you were feeling!"
"Yeah, well that's what I thought too!" He snarled. "But I guess even Kung Fu masters are wrong in their life! Me more then anyone!"
"Enough! Don't you see what's going on? Don't you see what holding back all your emotions is doing to you? All your life, you have made yourself sick with restrained grief!" The old tortoise said sharply. "Since the day Tai Lung rebelled, you lost all love, humor, and compassion, and treated the five with the one thing I never imagined you would train them with: "coldness!"
The red panda's lip was trembling. "So what then master? For as long as you have claimed you were proud of me, that was a lie?!"
"It's never been a lie, and never will be!"
"That's what you seem to be saying, and I hate it! I never tolerate my students lying to me....not that I can do much if you're the one who's telling the tales!"
"I've never been telling tales! Do you honestly think that the way you've acted for almost forty years would stop me from loving you?!"
Shifu was completely silent, tears brimming at his eyelids, but not daring to escape. All was silent except for heavy breathing and the sound of hearts shattering, as well as the cool wind.


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kaptainkitty on November 6, 2008, 4:01:51 PM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyO.o... whoa... what's the matter with Shifu? Why the sudden mood swing? Wait... let me guess; "I'll find out in later chapters" haha XD

I've got to say, Kurisu's line: "You've had more experience with scrolls then I have." was an absolute crack up! That was a good response.

Good job with this chapter! I seriously can not wait to read the next one. Boy, that was one long preview you gave... but it was really interesting none the less!

EscribirZeichnenRever on November 4, 2008, 6:45:01 AM

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EscribirZeichnenReverNoooooooo, poor Shifu!! :( I wanna hug 'im, the poor thing!!!

I love the part where they say: "Should I pick it up, or do you want to?" XD It's funny that they don't even question whether they're going to remotely touch a scroll that just POOF comes out of nowhere. XD

*HUGS SHIFU* Don't be mad, Shifu, we all love you!!

pixiepumpkin on November 4, 2008, 7:02:11 AM

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pixiepumpkinI'll give him his hug for you! XD!

Yeah, when I wrote that part I was laughing! I just realized how weird and funny that was!

XD, he doesn't even tolerate cute wittle Kurisu hugging him!

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pixiepumpkin*grins* He'll get his hug.... and yes, he will be fine

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pixiebelli love the part where you said shut up shifu thats soo funy and they story is readlly good amost your best one yet.

caden17 on November 3, 2008, 8:55:35 AM

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