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Chapter 4 - Unleash The Anger, Unleash The Sadness

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 4 - Unleash The Anger, Unleash The Sadness

Chapter 4 - Unleash The Anger, Unleash The Sadness
"Inner peace......inner peace..inn-"
"Shifu chaaaaaaaaaaan!"
The red panda gave an irritated groan and turned towards a certain kitten who was hurrying up to him. He peered down and noticed she was about to trip on his mediation mat. Shifu closed his eyes and began counting on his fingers.
The elderly Kung Fu master jumped in the air and snatched all his falling meditation candles, and placed them safely back on the matt. "Arghhhh....what is it now Kurisu?!"
The kitten rubbed her smarting head and walked up to him. "Well, you ran out of there so fast! Is something wrong?"
Shifu got to his feet. "Nothing is wrong!!!" He hollered angrilly.
Kurisu flinched under his hard tone, her face scrunched up like she was going to cry.
The red panda's anger quickly turned to remorse. "...I'm...sorry....I just want to be alone right now, alright?"
The kitten nodded. " the way, Master Oogway's looking for you!" With that she walked to the enterance of the palace and shut the big doors behind her.
"Sooo...ya never did tell us how you got him here!" Mantis said, peering up at Oogway.
Po puffed out his chest. "That was all man's work!"
Kurisu rolled her eyes. "Oh, sure!" She said sarcasticlly. "A man who screamed like a girl and fled when the wall flashed once!"
Po's face flushed red from embarassment. "......I never screamed like a girl.." He mumbled. Then his face lit up. "Any how, we need to prepare a delicious feast for tonight!"
Oogway smiled. "That's right, you are quite the cook I've seen."
Kurisu pouted and crossed her arms.
The old tortoise laughed and patted her head. "You are an amazing cook as well..." He hesitated. "Well, only in Japanese cooking..."
Viper was beaming. "Oh, I can make us all some delicious tea!! The founder of Kung Fu returning to the palace!" She gave a girlish squeal. "Ouuuuuuuu what an event!!"
Oogway laughed. "If that is how you want to put it..."
Everyone turned to a certain blushing kitten.
Ahh....hehe! M-my stomach is a little hungry..." Kurisu's face lit up. "Hey I know! I'll make us all some delicious toasted onigiri on the house!" With that, she skipped towards the bunkhouse.
Crane turned towards Monkey and frowned. "It better be on the house, we've never had to pay for it before!" He followed his friends to the bunkhouse.
Meanwhile, Shifu was furiously scrubbing at some scuff marks created by Kurisu's sandals. Normally he would never be cleaning one of his student's messes. But, Kurisu was a different story...
The kiten cowered. "H-hai?"
The red panda pointed to black marks on his tile floor. "Clean up these marks this instant! .........And while you're at that, shorten your name too!"
Kurisu saluted and came running up with a sponge. "Got it, got it, got it!" She tripped on her feet and collided with her master's meditation candles.
Shifu gasped as the tiny flames hit his mat and licked their way across the carpet. "Augh!" He got down on his knees and tried to pat them out.
Kurisu's eyes went wide. "OH NOES!!" She quickly grabbed a bucket of water. "GOT IT, GOT IT, GOT IT!!" The kitten swung her arm back and let the water do it's job. The flames were extinquished immidiately, and poor Shifu was drenched. He just sat there and squirted out a stream of water from his mouth. ".................Ugh.."

Shifu shuddered from the memory and continued scrubbing at the black marks. He had mixed emotions all swirling around in his head. Anger, hurt, sadness, confusion. They would not leave him alone! Why was he so angry? What did he expect when he saw his old master? .....A hug? Of course not! They hadn't hugged since shortly after Tai Lung rebelled. Maybe he just wanted more then a feeble pat on the head and "It's good to see you too my pupil". Now, remembering his anger, the red panda began scrubbing at the tile so hard his hands hurt and he didn't hear the palace doors open and close behind him. Normally Shifu would be able to tell when someone came, and who it was simply by the sound of their footsteps. Not this time, he didn't see the figure walk up behind him, or see their hand reaching out and settling on his shoulder.
"Augh!!" Shifu jumped half a mile and landed with a loud "splash!" in the bucket.
Oogway watched blinking as tiny fingers clambered at the sides of the metal container and desperately tried to pull themself up. The bucket tipped over and out came the water (as well as a drenched red panda) with the flow of water.
The old tortoise laughed. Shifu's fur stuck to his face and eyes like a sheep dog! He was positively soaked and his fur was matted and wet. "You look like a drowned rat!" He walked into one of the palace's rooms and came back with a large towel. Oogway drapped it over the red panda and rubbed his shoulders with it.
"I'm not a cub anymore!" Shifu said, trying to keep the anger from surfacing in his voice. "I don't need you to dry me!"
Oogway frowned. "But, you're freezing.."
"N-no I'm not!" But his teeth chattering showed the exact opposite. "I-I'm go-going to get some of Kuri-su's t-tofu onion m-miso soup!" With that he ran to the door and slammed it behind him.
An hour later, Shifu was curled up under the peach tree hugging his knees and snuggling up in the warm fuzzy towel. The sound of laughter and noisy chattering was heard from inside the bunkhouse. The red panda tried to ignore it, but who could? It was so loud! I wonder if they even realize that I'm gone....they're all having so much fun without me. Why do I suddenly feel like Oogway cares for my students more then me..? He mentally slapped himself. Shut up!! What are you saying?! Of course he's in there with them! You were so mean to him... Shifu's ears drooped and he turned to get up, when-
"The stars make the mountain so beautiful...don't you think?" Oogway asked, smiling down at his pupil.
Shifu half glared and turned away. ".....Yeah.."
Oogway placed a hand on the red panda's head. "So, are you going to tell me what's wrong yet?"
Shifu shrugged his master's hand off. "Who said anything was wrong?"
The old tortoise laughed. "Please, Shifu I've known you for how long? I can read you like a book!"
The red panda glowered at the sky. He wasn't in any mood for any stupid beautiful stars, or to talk to his master. Why doesn't he save us the time and torture and go read a book?!
Oogway knelt down beside him. "Could we please stop playing mind games? It's me remember?"
".........." All of a sudden Shifu shot up to his feet. "Did I do something to you?!" He demanded. "Did I hurt you in some way before you did the most hurtful thing you've ever done to me, and left me?!!"
The old tortoise's eyes went wide. "Wh-what??"
Shifu glared at him. "I thought we were going to stop playing mind games!"
Oogway frowned awkwardly. "What are you talking about?"
"I haven't seen you in over a year and all you say is "It's good to see you again my pupil" like I'm just a random red panda you met on the streets and took in as a student for a day!"
The old tortoise was very confused. "Well what did you want? ..........A hug?"
"Yes!.......No!....I-I don't know!" The red panda stamped his foot in frustration. "All I know is I wanted more then those meaningless words like the ones you said right before you passed away!"
Oogway's eyes went wide before they narrowed. "Those meaningless words are what saved you and changed your life!" He got to his feet, glaring at the red panda. "The valley, your students and you would most likely all be dead if I hadn't said those meaningless words!" He said angrilly.
"I don't care!!! I thought our relationship meant more then that!! Or did it only to me?!"
"Someone needed to get those words through your head before everyone was killed at Tai Lung's hands!"
"Well fine! But returning with only words that meaningless too?!!"
"Well what did you want?" Oogway pleaded. "Can't you be a little more spacific?"
"I didn't think I'd need to tell you! Your the master! You're the founder of Kung Fu! You should be smarter then me!!"
"Well I was surprised that you didn't pounce on me and hug me untill my shell broke!"
"I'm not a cub anymore! I don't do that anymore!!" Shifu snapped.
"You don't what? You don't love anymore? I'm not one of your students that were so coldly treated after you closed up your heart, I'm your master!"
Shifu gasped. "How dare you imply that!? I've always loved every single one of my students! It's just.......been hard showing it all this time!"
"And that's your problem!" Oogway said angrilly. "You haven't laughed, shown warmness, or been any less strict since the incident with Tai Lung!"
Shifu's eyes were dark, concealing wretched tears. "What was I supposed to do?! How was I supposed to feel?! I had just been betrayed by my son! I'd think you would at least care about how I felt from that!"
Oogway's eyes were wide. "Care? You think I didn't care?? I was more worried about you then I had ever been in my life! I had no idea what had happened to the sweet, loving little cub I have trained for so long!"
Shifu took a step forward. "And is that it?!" He snapped. "You think I could easily come out of heartbreak like that?! Pretend that nothing is wrong?? That's what I've been doing my whole life, and I'm sick of it!!"
"I was never expecting you to come out of a broken heart easily! Who would expect that? I thought you have always trusted me, I thought I was the one person who'm you could tell everything, and certainly express whatever emotion you were feeling!"
"Yeah, well that's what I thought too!" He snarled. "But I guess even Kung Fu masters are wrong in their life! Me more then anyone!"
"Enough! Don't you see what's going on? Don't you see what holding back all your emotions is doing to you? All your life, you have made yourself sick with restrained grief!" The old tortoise said sharply. "Since the day Tai Lung rebelled, you lost all love, humor, and compassion, and treated the five with the one thing I never imagined you would train them with: "coldness!"
The red panda's lip was trembling. "So what then master? For as long as you have claimed you were proud of me, that was a lie?!"
"It's never been a lie, and never will be!"
"That's what you seem to be saying, and I hate it! I never tolerate my students lying to me....not that I can do much if you're the one who's telling the tales!"
"I've never been telling tales! Do you honestly think that the way you've acted for almost forty years would stop me from loving you?!"
Shifu was completely silent, tears brimming at his eyelids, but not daring to escape. All was silent except for heavy breathing and the sound of hearts shattering, as well as the cool wind.[/i] The red panda walked to the edge of the cliff. "........." He hated what he was feeling! So wek, so angry, hurt, and about to burst into tears at an moment.
" need to let out all your emotions out......whatever you are feeling, I can see anger is what you need to release right now."
The red panda clenched his fists. "I-I'm'm not letting anything else out!"
Oogway glared at him. "That's your problem! You have been keeping it in for so long, now it's taking over!"
The red panda glared up at him. "It is not!"
"Yes it is! Can't you see it? Why are you keeping it in?"
Shifu clenched his fists so tightly, his knuckles turned white. "L-leave me alone!"
"It's okay to cry, it's okay to be angry-"
"I'M NOT ANGRY!!!!" Giving a furious cry the red panda swung his arm back, his fist connected with Oogway's face.
Shocked, Oogway staggered back slightly and put his hand over his nose, checking to see if it was bleeding or broken.
Shifu just sat there, he swallowed hard trying to keep from throwing up. If he had a gun right now, he'd probably shoot himself. He had just punched his master in the face. The only thing stopping him from jumping off the tall cliff was being rooted to the spot in horror. He-had-just-punched-his-master-in-the-face!! They were not in training!! He had punched him!!!
The old tortoise uncovered his face, his eyes were tiny slits.
Shifu's knees gave out and he collapsed. "M-Master! I-I-I'm so-! I-I'm so sorry! I never-I-I-I-!!" He had no words. What was he supposed to say? He had just punched his master in the face!!
Oogway came towards him. "Do you not see it?" He asked softly.
"Do you not see what you have done to yourself?! You have gone on an emotional rampage! Look what surpressing all your anger has done to you!"
Shifu's eyes welled with tears. "I-I-!" He turned away, supressing a sob.
Oogway placed a hand on his student's head, this time Shifu didn't try to shrug him off. "Shifu..repressing and dismissing enotions is not what I taught you..."
Over the past day Shifu's "hard shell" had suffered many emotional cracks with little time to repair them, therefore he was at a very vunerable state.
"If you withhold sorrow happiness is a heart as black as coal."
"Just let it out, you'll feel much better..."
"Crying in front of me will not make me ashamed of you nor love you any less."
Crack. Shifu's shell was now about to break, he hurried to the edge of the cliff and tried to block out his master's voice. But then-
"Iniside my heart....there burns a light, that lights my way all through my life..."
Shatter. At that Shifu's shell finally broke. Perhaps it was all the coaxing for him to cry, or perhaps it was keeping in all his sadness for all those years, or maybe it was his master sining the one song that represented the most love and endearment. Whatrver it was, Shifu finally broke down. All his with-held sorrow finally released itself in a deep heaving sob. He turned to the only comfort that was available to him.
Oogway found himself the center of the universe as the red panda clung to him sobbing his heart out. Years of tears Shifu forbid himself from release finally broke loose, soaking the old tortoise's chest. Oogway had never seen his student in such a state. It tore through his heart like an arrow, and almost made his own self cry. The old tortoise wrapped his gentle arms around the red panda. The red panda cried harder then the old tortoise had ever seen, the air filled with his sobs and seemed to echo across the mountains. All of a sudden Oogway felt a heavier weight against his chest, and all was silent. Hearing soft breathing, the old tortoise peered down and saw a certain sleeping red panda resting peacefully.

(O_________________________o Wow......... so emotional! I loved writting this chapter! Poor Shifu! He needs a hug! Well, he got one already, but whoever wants to hug him is free too! LOL! Btw,I stole a certain line from my friend "DolphinMoana's story. "Oogway found himself the center of the universe" (Changing only the name) I hope that doesn't bother you Moana!)

Preview of the next.....ya know!

Oogway swayed along with the music from the bamboo flute. He smiled. "Wow Shifu, it's beautiful! I never taught you that song.."
Shifu grinned up at his old master. "I named it "spiritual connection" based on! And ma ma and baba!"
The old tortoise smiled. "Wow, you play very well....You can actually carry a tune now!" He laughed as Shifu angrilly jabbed him in the ribs.
"Very funny!" The red panda growled, despite the fact he was grinning. "I could carry a tune when I was seven!"
"You were eight."
"I was seven!"
Their friendly argument was cut off by Zeng who flew in front of them. "Master Shifu!"
Sigh. "What is it Zeng?"
"There's a lady here to see you."
The red panda's ears perked up. "Oh..?" He hurried to the top of the stairs. "Who is-..........!!!!!!" The red panda clasped his hands to his mouth, he couldn't believe who it was!
"Hello Shifu..."


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pixiebell on November 11, 2008, 8:29:07 PM

pixiebell on
pixiebellthat's so amazing storty sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pixiepumpkin on November 12, 2008, 9:17:41 AM

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pixiepumpkinThank you, I love my amazing "storties"...^^

EscribirZeichnenRever on November 9, 2008, 7:53:22 AM

EscribirZeichnenRever on

LOL, I'm KIDDING. XD It's fine.

Aww, I've been in Shifu's place before. The shell does break, eventually. AND I KNEW that lullaby was gonna come back!! *dances* YAY!!!! There's something so heartfelt about seeing someone as tough as Shifu just going to pieces like that in front of old Oogway. ^^

But wouldn't Oogway have blocked that punch? O_O He's quick enough...


pixiepumpkin on November 11, 2008, 10:43:02 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinIf it does bother you I really will change it! ^^

I've been in Shifu's place too. Matter a fact I was abandoned over the summer by someone whom I loved endearingly. My emotional shell finally broke after a while too.... *tear rolls down cheek*
Indeed, Shifu found no other person better to break down in front of.

Oogway probably didn't think he'd get socked in the face.... or maybe he thought it would make him feel better!

ME FIRST! *hugs Shifu*

kaptainkitty on November 9, 2008, 12:21:31 PM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyOh man... poor Shifu :C Of course, it was only so long before all those demons inside burst open that proverbial shell of his. At least Oogway was there to comfort the poor soul.

That moment was so HEART-WRENCHING! I honestly felt like crying tears of both sorrow AND joy! The words he said... and the hug...a-and the lullaby... oh it was all so beautiful!!! *Sniff*

Yet, I must admit, you had me on the edge of my seat a couple of times in that chapter. Like when Shifu socked Oogway in the face... woo, that was unexpected. And when it said that Shifu "hurried to the edge of the cliff", I was so scared he was going to jump right off the edge and into oblivion!

Excellent chapter, my friend! This was a great read and I really can not wait until the next chapter!

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I want to give Shifu a hug! *Hugs shifu tightly* SQUEEE!!!

pixiepumpkin on November 11, 2008, 10:41:29 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinYes, you can only keep in the sorrow for so long at least up untill someone asks you if you're okay.

*Grin* I figured the lullaby would be the one thing that would finally make poor Shifu's emotional shell finally shatter. Of course, hehe! Sappy Cryssy needed to make them hug eventually! I thought it would be a perfect moment for one right there.

Yes.... *shakes head* Can you believe Shifu actually punched him?! Oogway wasn't mad in the least of getting hit, only mad that Shifu let his sorrow get to that point! XD, I thought people would think he'd jump off! XD!

Shifu will probably push you away. :D