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Chapter 6 - An (Unhappy) Reunion

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 6 - An (Unhappy) Reunion

Chapter 6 - An (Unhappy) Reunion
(The beginning of the chapter is super cute and funny. Those of you who like Shifu/Oogway bonding moments, then you will LOVE a quater of the chapter.)

The air was filled with the sweet, saccharine music of a bamboo flute. Oogway was playing his special lullaby on Shifu's flute as he waited for the red panda to wake up.
Shifu blinked slowly, coming out of his sleepy state. The red panda's eyes were red and burning from so many tears. "Nnn..?"
Oogway brought the flute down to his lap and smiled at his pupil. "Well good morning sleepy heeeeeeaadd..!" He sang in a cheerful manner.
Shifu rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Awwww....what happened?"
The old tortoise chuckled softly. "You cried yourself to sleep."
The red panda claspped his hand to his mouth and his face flushed red. "I cried myself to sleep?!" How embarassing!
Clearly, Oogway sensed his student's embarassment. "Shifu you do not need to feel so bad, I'm glad you finally let it all out. You must feel so much better now, am I right?"
Shifu nodded. His master was right, Shifu had never felt so great (with the exception of his burning eyes) in a long time. It felt like a heavy weight had finally been lifted from his shoulders, the world was no longer leaning on him. "Yeah, yeah I feel good!"
The old tortoise grinned. "How about we train together? You know, like old times. I'm sure you have some new moves to show me." He hesitated and chuckled. "As long as the new move isn't the Wuxi Finger Hold."
Shifu laughed. "Haha, don't worry!" He flicked his wrist. "I do have some new moves to show you."
Oogway grinned. "Alright, are you ready?"
"Yeah, let's go!" Shifu got to his feet and got in position.
The old tortoise went into a fighting stance. "Here we go!"
Shifu struck out his leg and gave Oogway a strong kick to the chest.
The old tortoise moved to the side and stepped behind Shifu kicking him forward, into the tree.
Shifu cried out as he hit the hard bark and lunged for Oogway, about to force him to the ground.
The old tortoise easily dodged it and flipped Shifu over his back. "Ha!"
The red panda gave a low growl and sprung up, latching onto Oogway's head.
The old tortoise blinked once, Shifu was on his back. He blinked again, and Shifu was right behind him! Oogway peered behind him, shocked. "How did you..?" He was so impressed by Shifu's speed that he didn't see his student's foot come out. His mind screamed: "Dodge it! Wake up!" It was to late.
Shifu kicked the back on his master's knees and pulled him back. The red panda stood on Oogway's ankles and grabbed his left wrist, immobilizing him. "Try this!"
Oogway was very impressed. "Wow! Shifu I never taught you this move.."
"I know!" The red panda said proudly. "I taught myself!"
The old tortoise squirmed in his pupil's grasp. "Very impressive..."
Shifu tightend his grip.
Oogway gave a tight chuckle. "Alright, you made your point, let go now."
Shifu smirked. "Nope! If you want out, you need to get out yourself."
The old tortoise looked thoughtful. "Hmm...." He had taught Shifu many imobilization techniques, this was not one of them though! Having taught Shifu the moves, he also knew how to free himself from all of them, but this one wasn't his! He wormed around, his right arm was the only free body part he could actually move. Oogway reached over and tried to push the red panda. His hand only went far enough for his fingers to lightly touch Shifu's skin. .....Wait a minute..that was it! Oogway poked Shifu's side with his three fingers, wiggling them as he did.
"You'll never get out of-.....!! Hahaha! St-stop it! What are you doing?! Let go! Ahaha! Th-that's cheating!"
The old tortoise smirked. "It is not, the path to victory is to find your oponent's weakness..and make him suffer for it!" He said teasingly, tickling Shifu harder.
"Noo!" Shifu giggled. "Let me go!"
Oogway's face twitched. "Nope, you need to get out yourself."
Shifu cringed, trying to dodge his master's fingers. Naturally, having known eachother for six decades Shifu and Oogway had their occasional tickle fights over the years (or tickle attacks..poor Shifu couldn't fight back! Oogway's body was completely protected.)so the old tortoise knew where all of Shifu's weak spots were. If the red panda fell off his master's ankles now, Oogway would for sure get him. Shifu slipped off his master's ankles. "Augh, no!" He toppled onto his back.
The old tortoise smirked. "I'm free.."
"Nononono! That's not a real weakness! You can't do that!"
"Oh?" Oogway asked, keeping up the playful tone. "Can't I? Clearly a weakness is when you succomb your opponent to a (near) helpless state." He gave an evil grin. "So the rules say....I can!" With that he pounced.
Shifu was reduced to a helpless furry ball of laughter as his master attacked. "Ahahahahaha! St-stop it! Let go-! Master-!!! Please! Haha! It tickles-! L-let me go! Noooo! Ahahahahaha! That's not fair! You have a shell! I can't get you!"
The old tortoise laughed. "The advantages of having a shell, you should grow one, then maybe it would make your body less "vunerable"."
"Ahahahahahaha! I-if I could I would-haha!" The red panda squirmed non-stop, but could not get free. "Hahahaha! You always said revenge never causees anything good!!"
"True, but it's very fun.."
The red panda became breathless after a while. "..........W-whew...I thought we....were.going to-to-to train! Not long it takes tickle Shifu before.he finally...c-cracks up laughing!"
Oogway gave a tiny grin and stopped tickling. Even he knew to only take that kind of assault to a certain extent. "I like that game more then training."
"Shifu chaaaaaaaaaan! Oogway samaaaaaaaa!"
Oogway got off his panting student and smiled at the young teen. "Kurisu, what is it young one?"
The kitten shoved a steaming bowl up to the old tortoise's face. "Master Shifu said this is your favorite! ...Right?"
Oogway smiled. "Tokoroten! Indeed, I love tokoroten." He took a sip of it. "It's very delicious Kurisu.."
The young kitten beamed. "Yataaaaaa! I'm so glad!" She exclaimed, hugging his arm. ".................? What's wrong with Master Shifu? His face is red and wet."
"Hic!" The red panda covered his mouth, an attempt to keep in the hiccups he had developed from an overdose of uncontrolable laughter. "Hic! Hic!" Shifu wiped the tears from his eyes. "I........uhh.......................I ate a bug.."
Kurisu frowned. "If you say so...." She turned towards Oogway with a big smile on her face. "Well..see you later!" With that, the young teen hurried off.
The old tortoise peered down at his breathless student. "Well.....that was fun, huh?"
Shifu merely narrowed his eyes. "I am never training with you again!"
The Jade Palace... The young woman inhaled fresh air. I wonder if he'll remember's been so long! Shrugging, she hurried up the palace steps.
Oogway laughed as he and Shifu sipped cool lemonade. "Do you have your breath and voice back yet?"
"...........My throat is aching!" Shifu moaned. "I'm not going to be able to laugh for months!"
The old tortoise's face twitched. "As if you ever use your laugh anyways.."
Shifu shot him a glare.
Oogway chuckled. "I was afraid you were going to snap your neck! The way you were thrashing..."
Shifu gave a low growl. "Then why didn't you let me go?!"
Oogway laughed lightly. "You needed to get out might have been able to do it, if you hadn't moved so fast."
Shifu smirked. "At least I'm not as slow as molasses when I walk..." He mumbled from behind his glass.
The old tortoise turned to him, a mischevious glint in his eyes. "Be careful, or I will tickle you again..."
Giving a high whimper, Shifu quickly tossed a cinamon bun on a plate and set it in front of his master. "There! Now leave me alone!"
"Mmmm...cinamon buns.."
"Right.." Shifu said, slipping his flute from his pocket. "I'm going to play my flute under the peach tree, okay?"
"Oh!" Oogway set his glass down. "I'll come with you.." He followed his student under the tree. "Play me your best.."
"Um...okay!" Shifu squeaked. He was very nervous, he had never played his new song in front of his master before. Taking a deep breath, Shifu brought the flute to his mouth.
Oogway swayed along with the music from the bamboo flute. He smiled. "Wow Shifu, it's beautiful! I never taught you that song.."
Shifu grinned up at his old master. "I named it "spiritual connection" based on! And ma ma and baba!"
The old tortoise smiled. "Wow, you play very well....You can actually carry a tune now!" He laughed as Shifu angrilly jabbed him in the ribs.
"Very funny!" The red panda growled, despite the fact he was grinning. "I could carry a tune when I was seven!"
"You were eight."
"I was seven!"
Their friendly argument was cut off by Zeng who flew in front of them. "Master Shifu!"
Sigh. "What is it Zeng?"
"There's a lady here to see you."
The red panda's ears perked up. "Oh..?" He hurried to the top of the stairs. "Who is-..........!!!!!!" The red panda clasped his hands to his mouth, he couldn't believe who it was!
"Hello Shifu..." In an elegant purple robe with a light purple sash, a female red panda stood in front of him, she was wearing a beautiful lotus behind one ear.
"W-W-W-W-Wu Lian?!! Is that really you?!" He took a step towards her, eyes misted with happiness. "...........Wu Lian..!"
".............." The female red panda's hand shot up, she clamped onto his ear and pulled his ear towards her mouth. "You're still a midget.." She whispered.
"........!!!! WHAT?!!" Shifu demanded furiously, his fur bristling with rage. "I haven't seen you in over forty five years and that is all you say?"
Oogway smirked. "And you thought I was bad?"
Shifu narrowed his eyes at him.
"Master Oogway!!!???" Wu Lian gasped. "You-you-you-you-you-you-you-you-you're alive..?!" She threw her arms around his neck. "Master-!!!" She sobbed. "Oh, Master Oogway....."
The old tortoise returned her hug as tightly as he could. "Wu Lian..."
The red panda finally released him, eyes shinning with tears. "I was so upset.when I thought you-you-!" She sobbed again.
Oogway smoothed the fur on her head. "It's so wonderful to see you my beloved student.."
Shifu's eyes burned with envy. How dare Master Oogway hug her?! She was-and always had been a brat!
The old tortoise could see Shifu's thought and patted his head. "My other beloved pupil I mean.."
Wu Lian smirked. "So how come you haven't grown pipsqueak? Are you like a dwarf red panda or something?"
"You little-!!" Shifu seethed, he lunged for her but Oogway gently pulled him back.
The old tortoise had to stifle a laugh. "After all these years...I still have to pull you off eachother?"
Wu Lian rolled her eyes. "No, but you do have to pull him off.......he's still so immature."
"ALRIGHT THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO-!! ..................?"
Everyone had left, Shifu just stood there galring as the palace doors closed.

(XD, Poor Shifu! Getting tickled half to death by his master and then being heckled by Wu Lian...............*hugs him*. The tickling scene was meant to make up for all the sadness in the last chapter. I needed to put some sort of funny and cute scene in this chapter. The scene was originally supposed to be between Shifu, Kurisu, and Po, but since Oogway and Shifu were the ones that created the sad atomosphere....they needed to be the ones to resolve it. I thought a training drill with them both would tie together nicely in the scene. And it did. ^^ (There won't be another scene like that for about twenty more chapters..) As you can see, Wu Lian is still the little brat she always was.)

Preview Of The Next Chapter!

"Mmm...look at the moon." Oogway said, pointing towards the moon. "It's nice out tonight.."
Shifu inhaled the fresh air happilly. "It really is! The air is so fresh!" He sat up on the log. "I love The Forest Of Tranquility.."
Oogway nooded agreeably. "Me is always filled with such peace.....if only the world could be like that.
Shifu grinned. "Maybe someday!"
The old tortoise nodded. "I hope..."
All of a sudden the bushes rustled.
Shifu nearly lost his grip on the log. "What was that?!"
They rustled even more.
Oogway got into a stance. "Get ready Shifu..!"
Both stood in a fighting stance, anxiously awaiting what would appear from the bush.
The creature emerged.
The two master's eyes widened with disbelief.


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kaptainkitty on November 14, 2008, 11:41:29 AM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyHaha, poor Shifu. Everyone is out there to make him suffer XD Especially now with Wu Lian back... oh I don't know whether to be excited or fearful of what she will do to our beloved litte furry master in futer chapters. Provided there are going to be future chapters. Yes, I read that little Author's Note of yours and I have one thing to say: WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! *Cries*

*Sniff* Well... this was a good chapter none the less. Off to read the next chapter!!

Oh, and uh... the old 'tickle-attck' sequence was a real classic! Great job with that!

pixiepumpkin on November 15, 2008, 4:07:25 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinOh yes! *gigglegiggle* Everyone loves making Shifu suffer! XD Wu Lian will be giving him hell! Don't worry..I will never abandon Wisdom From Heaven, nor Glimpses Of The Past!

XD, As I said in the author's note ( the end of the chapter) the tickle attack was meant to lighten up the mood after the previous heart breaking chapter. It needed to be some sort of cute and funny bonding moment between the the master and pupil. So I was thinking that this would work out perfectly! ^^

kaptainkitty on November 16, 2008, 3:09:54 AM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyPhew! That's a relief! Honestly, the second I saw the word 'dicontinued', I swear I had heart-faliure. It's so good to hear that you aren't :D

That was a good idea, adding a little humorous bondage moment between Oogway and Shifu. Seriously, who can get enough of those kind of moments? XD

pixiepumpkin on November 16, 2008, 8:28:14 PM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinNononononono! I will NEVER abandon any of my stories! ^___^ Don't worry!

Heehee, I always have such either sad or happy bonding moments, this story needs to have a funny bonding moment. A tickle-attack moment would be really funny, I thought. And...I was right! ^^

kaptainkitty on November 17, 2008, 9:16:11 AM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyYou were right! It was fuuny! :D

chaos_kitten8 on November 13, 2008, 4:13:59 AM

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pixiepumpkin on November 13, 2008, 6:09:30 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinOnly with Shifu and Oogway, Ming Yang and Shifu, Shifu and Kurisu, and....I think that is it! Besides, tickling is usually meant as a bonding gesture with family and friends. So I guess Shifu and Oogway count as that here!

chaos_kitten8 on November 13, 2008, 6:12:35 AM

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pixiepumpkin on November 13, 2008, 6:23:34 AM

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pixiepumpkinLOL! Maybe I'll ask him..

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pixiepumpkin on November 13, 2008, 6:10:31 AM

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pixiepumpkinYou'll have to wait and see!

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pixiepumpkin on November 13, 2008, 6:24:01 AM

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pixiepumpkinYou'll see........*grins*

EscribirZeichnenRever on November 12, 2008, 12:00:29 PM

EscribirZeichnenRever on
EscribirZeichnenReverPoor Shifu doesn't get a break even AFTER he lets himself bawl? *shakes head*

I love how Oogway can make Shifu do things that aren't normally of his character. Especially the part where he threatens to tickle him again and Shifu actually whimpers. XD I can just picture Shifu's ears dropping and his eye twitching slightly!! XD

BTW, you like my icon? :D It's a picture of Shifu superimposed in Photoshop to look like Koto!

pixiepumpkin on November 12, 2008, 8:23:17 PM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinXD, Shifu hasn't really laughed in a while........ I think Oogway was just going to help him with that! *laughs* Plus the old tortoise needed to get free somehow...............

Shifu is now going to be quite cheerful (now that he's finally released his sorrow) and will be double the happiness he is in "Secrets Of The Furious Five", slightly reverting back to his cub self. (However, he will still be quite grumpy and easily irritated, also hate getting hugged. That part doesn't change.... Hehe!) I'm trying to get him out of the character he is in "Kung Fu Panda" and more into the character he is in "Secrets Of The Furious Five", the happiness and full heart he recieves after Tai Lung's defeat, plus new happiness he's in now that he's finally well............cried himself out..... Oogway's threat was meant to frighten the red panda, I could also see him twitching and his ears drooping. That is if he was indeed ticklish..... I thought it would be fun to give him that weakness in my two stories! Who knows, maybe he is in the movie and it just doesn't show it! LOL...

He does look like his father! How did you color that so well? I suck at photoshop edits!

pixiebell on November 11, 2008, 8:31:44 PM

pixiebell on
pixiebellwow its so amazing storty sister and very funny aswell ........

pixiepumpkin on November 12, 2008, 9:18:47 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinYou always put the same comment over and over again!! Why not try describing what you like about it?

caden17 on November 11, 2008, 8:20:55 PM

caden17 on
caden17wow... :'(

pixiepumpkin on November 11, 2008, 8:26:35 PM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinWhat do you mean? Don't you like it..? I thought the beginning was kinda cute and funny.....-____-

caden17 on November 11, 2008, 8:33:39 PM

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caden17yeah, it's just sad

pixiepumpkin on November 11, 2008, 8:34:37 PM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinSad? There's a tickle attack at the beginning!

caden17 on November 11, 2008, 8:35:00 PM

caden17 on

pixiepumpkin on November 12, 2008, 12:31:18 AM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinWTF IS WITH YOU AND YOUR TOUCHE?!!!!!!!