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Chapter 8 - Relaxation Is Easier Said Then Done

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 8 - Relaxation Is Easier Said Then Done

Chapter 8 - Relaxation Is Easier Said Then Done
(Yet another one of Shifu's friends are arriving! But who? ..Hehe, wait and see!)

“I was not!” Shifu snarled, face beet red.
Wu Lian rolled her eyes. “Oh please! You were totally making eyes with that fox when you were thirteen!”
Shifu uttered a low growl. “Wu Lian, get your facts straight!”
Oogway nodded calmly. “I agree, for I was there. He wasn't making eyes with her.”
Shifu smiled greatfully at his master. “Thank you master..”
“He was flirting with her.”
“..!!! Master!
Everyone burst out laughing (except of course for Shifu).
The red panda narrowed his eyes at the old tortoise. “Honestly, you can be so mean.”
The old tortoise gave Shifu's nose a fond poke. “I'm just saying the truth...”
Shifu clenched his fist, Oogway got up just in time to avoid the red panda's attempt to pounce.
Kurisu looked thoughtful. “For some reason....I can't imagine Shifu chan flirting with anyone..”
Wu Lian smiled slightly. “Shifu chan huh? So, you're Japanese?”
“Hai!” The kitten chirped.
The female red panda grinned. “You would have gotten along great with Risu, our old Japanese squirrel.”
“!!! Japanese squirrel?!! Ouuuuuu! I wanna meet 'em!”
Wu Lian chuckled. “He would have loved you.”
Shifu grinned. “Ahh..Risu, how is he?”
The female red panda looked thoughtful. “Mmmm...I don't know. I haven't seen any of our old friends since they left the palace, I really miss Ming Yang..”
Shifu's ears drooped instantly. “Mingy...” He said sadly.
Wu Lian patted his back. “Yeah, I miss her too, but she's in a better place now.”
“Yeah, she-..!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN SHE'S IN A BETTER PLACE NOW??!! WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?!!” He lunged across the table and grabbed a strong hold on Wu Lian's collar. “WHERE IS SHE?!”
The female red panda pried his hands off and shoved him forward. “Geez, I don't know where she is!” She rolled her eyes. “Ugh! Can't take a joke?”
“THAT WASN'T FUNNY!!” Shifu seethed and lunged for her again, but Oogway pulled him back.
The old tortoise sighed and half glared at his student. “Time out.” He said pushing Shifu to the corner.
“!! What?!”
Everyone started laughing again.
Shifu was not amused. “Argh! I'm going to go meditate!! No one bother me!!” He stomped towards the door.
“To meditate you must be in a calm and peaceful state.” Oogway said simply.
Shifu was that close to telling his master to shut up. He ignored everyone and slammed the door.
Everyone was silent all except for Po, who simply asked the most obvious question in the world.
“Gee, what's eating him?”
Shifu angrilly paced up and down the halls, upset with Wu Lian's cruel joke. He took a big breath and sat down. “Inner peace........inner peace..inner in-in-inner-hurk!” The red panda choked as he felt a cold pointed object stab the back of his throat, something cool and slimy slid down his tongue. The red panda opened his eyes to see a smiling kitten crouched down in front of him holding a small bowl.
“Is it good?” She asked cheerilly.
That figured. “Kurisu!! Are you trying to kill me?! If you want me dead so bad just tell me! Quit trying to kill me yourself!!”
Kurisu frowned. “What? Kill you? I wanted you to test out my newest recipe! “Apple snow.”
Shifu gave a long groan. He was always the target of Kurisu's “creativity.” Ever since she found out her talent in cooking she made the red panda the official taste tester. Most of her recipes were delicious, with the exception of the time she accidentally added a full cup of vinegar into her tayaki. Oogway's words voiced through his head. [i[There are no accidents..[/i] Hmmm...had she been trying to poison him then?
The young teen looked deeply offended. “Well, if you hate my cooking so bad...”
“Nononono!” Shifu said quickly. “It's very good, just give me some warning before you decide to let me taste, okay?”
The kitten nodded, she was back to her usual cheerful self. “Hai! So, is it good?”
The red panda gave a dry chuckle as he took a spoonful of the pink goop. “...! Wow! It's really good!” Eagerly, he took another spoonful. “Your best yet!”
Kurisu's eyes sparkled. “Honto? Yataa!” She flung her arms around him. “I'm so happy!” The kitten jumped to her feet and headed towards the door. “Thank you master!” She shut the door.
Shifu smiled and slurped some more of the tangy desert. “Quite delicious indeed..”
The palace doors creaked open. “Shifu? Are you alright?”
Shifu set down he bowl and turned the other way, pretending he didn't see Oogway. “Inner peace...inner pe-”
“Shifu, did Wu Lian upset you?”
The red panda spun around angrilly. “What do you think? Of course she upset me! Thinking that joking about Ming Yang dying was actually funny?!
Oogway frowned. “Shifu, she was only just trying to fluster usual, why didn't you ignore her?”
“How could I? She pretended Mingy was dead! She's such an insensitive little b-”
Oogway's eyebrows shot up. “Shifu, you know I don't approve of language like that.”
“...Brat, I was going to say brat.”
“Sure you were.” The old tortoise sat down beside his student. “I've always had the feeling you like her..”
“Wha-what?! You're crazy..” Shifu's face was beet red from embarrassment and anger. “How dare you make that assumption! I hate that smart-mouthed little brat!”
Oogway's face twitched. “The more you deny it, the more obvious it becomes.”
Shifu got up quickly an strode towards the door. “You're out of your mind!!” He slammed the door.
The old tortoise flinched as the whole hall shook, he sighed and blew out Shifu's meditation candles.
Angrilly, Shifu paced around the peach tree, furious beyond all belief. How dare Wu Lian joke about Ming Yang dying, and how dare Oogway imply he was in love with her! This day could not get any worse.
“Yo, master!”
scratch that... Sigh. “What is it panda?!”
Po smiled at his old master. “You took off so fast, is something the matter?”
“No!!” Shifu hollered, getting to his feet and taking off towards the bunkhouse. “Now leave me alone!!”
Po screwed up his face. “....Was it something I said?”
“No, Master Po.” Came a voice from behind him.
Po spun around an gazed at Oogway. “Oh, hey Master Oogway.”
The old tortoise smiled. “You seem upset..”
The panda chuckled sadly. “How do you figure that? I'm not eating anything.”
Oogway laughed lightly. “I can see it in your face.”
“.......Yeah, I'm upset.”
“Why ever so Po?”
“I feel master is mad at me for something.”
Oogway sighed. “I'm afraid his anger is my doing..”
The old tortoise chuckled. “I kind of upset him when I sort of..err...accused him of liking some girl.”
Po was so relieved over Shifu's anger not being directed to him, that he didn't even think to ask who the girl is. “Awesome! I thought he was mad at me! Well that's a relief!” Cheerfully, Po skipped off.
Oogway sighed. Well at least someone is happy...
The red panda sighed irritably and crossed his legs. “Inner peace...inner peace....inner in-in-inner pe......Shifu had the feeling he was being watched. Sure enough, he peered up at a certain female panda in front of him. “.......Oh...Lian, it's you.” His expression was cold.
Wu Lian smiled sadly. “Yeah...look umm Shifu, I'm really sorry I hurt you.
“Will you um...forgive me?”
“.........You are forgiven Lian.” Shifu said as he bowed to her.
“......” Wu Lian smiled and returned his bow, she also ruffled the fur on his head as she got up. “Thanks.” The female red panda turned towards him and whispered in his ear. “Midget.”
“...!!! Lian!!” Shifu pounced on her and tackled his friend to the ground.
Wu Lian shrieked with laughter and wrestled the red panda on the floor.
Shifu laughed. “Just like old times Lian.”
The door creaked open and in walked Oogway. “Shifu I want to appologize for-....!!” He stopped and watched the cute and hilarious scene in front of him. Wu Lian managed to pin Shifu to the floor and tickled him into hysterics.
The old tortoise's mouth twitched. “Well my theory is confirmed.”
Shifu stopped laughing instantly and sat up. “Oh..master!” He pushed Wu Lian off and stood up. “H-hi! H-how you......doing?” He asked lamely.
Oogway tried stifling a laugh. “I'm doing fine Shifu..........I see you and Wu Lian have made up.”
Wu Lian was blushing, she cleared her throat. “Well....umm...see you boys later!” She peeped and hurried out of the hall.
Oogway finally burst out laughing. “Well what do you know? How are you going to deny it this time?” He asked, nudging Shifu in the side.
Shifu's face was so red it felt as hot as fire. “D-deny what???” He squeaked.
The old tortoise just chuckled. “Let's just I don't feel so bad for accusing you.”
“Nonononono!” Shifu said quickly. “That's not true! I don't like her!!”
“Mmhmm.....” Oogway said humming in acknowledgement.
“Master!” Shifu wailed. “Don't look like that, I'm serious!
Shifu gave an irritated sigh and sat down.
“Master Shifu.....” Zeng said quietly.
Shifu gave a low growl at the annoying palace goose. "I swear Zeng, if this isn't are REALLY in for it!" He despised being disturbed from his meditation state.
"Shifu!" Oogway scolded, rapping the red panda hard with the flute. "It is Zeng's job, he is the messager, let him be." The old tortoise turned to the goose and smiled gently. "What is it Zeng?"
Zeng trembled under Shifu's cold glare. "There is someone here asking for Shifu."
Shifu's eyebrows rose. "Oh..? Who would that be?"
All of a sudden the palace doors swung open, in walked his visitor.
Shifu fell to his knees, mouth gaping. "Great golden dragon...!"
The creature grinned and flicked it's tail. "Long time no see, Shifu."
“.......!!!! R-R-Risu?!” Shifu exclaimed as he ran up to his little friend. “Risu, is it really you..?”
An elderly Japanese squirrel stepped towards him, he was wearing an emerald robe with a black sash around his waist. He had a long stringy mustache hanging down his face, his ears were brown and pointed, he had a beautiful brown fur coat. “Shifu!” The Japanese squirrel scurried up Shifu's arm and nuzzled his cheek affecionately. “It's been so long!”
Shifu laughed and hovered a hand over Risu's back, careful not to crush him. “Risu, my little friend. .......Although you're not quite as little as I remember, you've grown into a healthy strong Kung Fu master.”
“Indeed. I hear you train the Furious Five?”
“Indeed. Do you have any students Risu?”
“Her name is Ka-”
“Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!” Came a girly squeal of delight. In a swift motion Risu was swept off the ground and nuzzled continuously by a certain kitten. “You are so cute!!
He chuckled.
“Kurisu!” Shifu scolded. “Put him down!
Impulsively, the kitten dropped the Japanese squirrel on the ground and turned glumly towards her master. “Hai...master.”
Risu smiled.”Now, now Shifu. She isn't bothering anyone.”
Shifu screwed up his face. “That's not usual for you, you hate hugs.”
“.....No.” Risu said with a smile. “It is you that hates hugs.” He patted Kurisu on the head affectionately. “Certainly a cute little thing, isn't she?”
“.....................Whatever you say Risu..” The red panda said as he rolled his eyes.
Risu chuckled. “So where is our Wuli? I'm dying to see her.” Happily, he turned towards the door left.
Shifu just sat there blinking. What just happened anyways? Shrugging. He took a deep breath and lit his meditation candles. Shifu was not interuppted again that day.

(Heehee, bet most of you were thinking it was Risu, huh? The wrestling scene between Shifu and Wu was meant to express the cuteness between them. What do you think? Is Oogway right? Are they indeed....lovers?)

Preview of the next chapter.

“Could you please pick some tomatoes from the garden for me?”
Kurisu saluted. “Hai!” She snatched the basket from her old master's arms and ran out to the garden. The kitten heard a low growl from behind her, she turned her head towards the sound.....and shrunk back in terror.
A monster stood behind her, it's eyes were dark pools of blood, it's fur was a matted dark silver. Most of all it's teeth were so sharp razors couldn't compare to it. A huge puddle f saliva pooled around the monster's legs, as it let out a raspy growl.
“..............” And Kurisu could do nothing but scream.


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pixiebell on December 1, 2008, 8:32:52 PM

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pixiebellthats was so amazing and funny sis

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pixiepumpkin on November 25, 2008, 6:58:08 AM

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pixiepumpkinOh, relaaaaaaaaaaax. Wu Lian was only kiding (a rather mean one that is) it should be ME you don't want to forgive, XD! I wrote it!

EscribirZeichnenRever on November 25, 2008, 2:45:31 AM

EscribirZeichnenRever on
EscribirZeichnenReverOh, HECK no!! *tackles Wu Lian* NOT FUNNY.

I gotta admit, that part where Kurisu nonchalantly shoved the spoon into Shifu's mouth was the best part!! XD Poor Shifu.

O_O Ooooh, okay, I have a few thoughts on who that might be in the chapter preview, but I'll just have to wait and see, won't I? :)

*sigh* Oh well...... *starts pacing and waiting*

pixiepumpkin on November 25, 2008, 6:56:41 AM

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pixiepumpkinI know eh? Wu Lian is a smart-mouthed little thing! XD

LOL, I loved writting the spoon shoving part too!

Hehehe, you have NO idea what's coming up, you don't know the character.

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kaptainkittyHAHA! I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW IT WAS RISU!!! WOOP WOOP!!! *Does a victory dance* XD

Heh heh... sorry. I just had to have that little moment.

Ooh la la... Shifu and Lian eh? You have to admit though, Oogway has a right to presume what he does about those two. Seriously, they fight non-stop all the time! Who wouldn't think that!

But as for the next chapter... *shudders*... it sounds terrifying...

pixiepumpkin on November 23, 2008, 5:07:02 AM

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pixiepumpkinXD, yes it is Risu...

*gigglegiggle* Shifu and Wu Lian are indeed in lo-ove! ^__^ Oogway will be teasing the poor red panda non-stop now!

All I can say about the next chapter is .....looks can be decieving! *grin*

caden17 on November 22, 2008, 11:21:01 AM

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