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Chapter 10 - Looks Can Be Decieving

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 10 - Looks Can Be Decieving

Chapter 10 - Looks Can Be Decieving
(Here, Risu plays a big part in this chapter.)

“Doooo dooo doo dii doooooo! Doodoo-”
“Doodoo?!” Shifu asked, eyes wide as he sipped some tea.
“Ewww, gross!” Kurisu rolled her eyes. “It's part of the song you dummy!”
“Dummy eh?” Shifu asked. He raised the tea cup to his face. “I'm not the one who's singing about doodoo..” The red panda mumbled.
The kitten sighed and balanced a plate of onigiri on her tail. “Order up!”
“Hey!” Po exclaimed angrily. “That's my line!”
Shifu popped a piece on onigiri into his mouth. “Actually Master Po, it's the line of every chef.”
Kurisu turned to look at him. “That's right.” she said with a satisfied smirk. “Dummy..”
Po narrowed his eyes at her. “You're the dummy..”
“You're a big fat panda!”
Shifu bit his lip, stifling a laugh. “He's not a big fat panda, he's the big fat panda! Hahaha!”
Kurisu giggled, Po just blushed. “Well, I am the big fat panda!”
“Right, and you enjoy being called fat?” Shifu asked with a small grin.
“.....Yeah, well you have big ears!”
Kurisu giggled. “The better to hear you with my dear!”
Shifu laughed. “Exactly! That way I know whenever you sneak into the kitchen during the night!”
Po fiddled nervously with his fingers. “Yeah're just a red panda!”
“I'm not a red panda....I'm the red panda! ..Hahaha!”
The kitchen door burst open. “You are the the red panda?!” Wu Lian scoffed. “Give me a break! Midgets can't be the red panda!”
Shifu narrowed his eyes. “Lian shut your face, you wrinkly old bag!”
Gasp. “You are freaking dead Shifu!!!!!”
“Enough.” Came an irritated sigh from the doorway. Oogway glared at Shifu. “Shifu, don't be calling Wu Lian names.....” He scolded. “Honestly, am I going to have to be with you two twenty-four seven to make sure you don't kill each other? Why can't you just learn to get along..?”
Shifu and Wu Lian bowed their heads in shame. “Sorry master...” The chorused.
Faces hid by the steam coming from the pots, Kurisu and Po stood there trying to muffle their laughter the best they could.
Meanwhile, Risu was in the Sacred Hall Of Warriors meditating with Tigress. “I am a master at meditating young Tigress.”
The south China tiger smiled gently down at Risu. “Who told you that?” She teased. “I always thought Master Oogway was the master of meditation.”
The elderly squirrel laughed. “Oh, please! Oogway doesn't compare in the slightest to me!
Tigress rolled her eyes. “You are better then the founder of Kung Fu?!
“Tigri chaaaaaaaaaaan!” Came a call from the hall. “It's supper time!”
Tigress sighed. “Very well Kurisu, we'll be there.”
The kitten giggled. “I made something real special for you Ri chan!”
Risu chuckled lightly. “Oh Ri chan, huh? You're Japanese too right? ....Well of course, your name is Kurisu! Do you happen to like Crystals?”
Kurisu giggled. “I like diamonds more.” She said as she gazed down at her chocolate diamond necklace.
Tigress sighed. “Are we going or not?”
“Hai!” The kitten chirped.
Risu yawned and stretched. “Right, I'll go get Shifufu!”
Tigress entered the kitchen. “Right, what's for grub?”
Everyone sent her a weird look.
“......What? What, I'm not allowed to act like the “mighty dragon warrior?” She asked sarcastically.
“Meh....whatever.” Po said with a laugh. He slurped up some soup. “...! Hey, Tigress want to do something fun with me?”
Tigress gave an irritated sigh. “What is it panda?”
Po leaned over and whispered something in her ear. Tigress's eyes went as wide as saucers. “What?! Are you insane?! I am not doing that to Master Shifu! It is very disrespectful!”
Po rolled his eyes. “Oh come on Tigress! He's not even here, I I'm sure you've wanted to o it for a while now!”
Tigress turned away.
Kurisu giggled and nudged the south China tiger in the ribs. “Come on Tigri chan, it will be fun!”
Po grinned. “Yeah, come on Tigress.”
Meanwhile, Shifu was making his way towards the kitchen, when he heard voices from the room.
“I am not being so disrespectful to my master! It's cruel! Forget it!”
Shifu rose an eyebrow and hid behind the door. Disrespectful..?
“Come on!” Po pressed, he kept nudging her until she sighed exasperatedly.
“Fine!” Tigress grabbed two bowls and put one over each ear. “I am Shifu, I have the biggest ears in the universe and a mustache that looks like a long stringy noodle! There, are you happy now Po?!”
Po laughed. “A long noodly mustache...” He slapped a noodle strand under his nose. “You mean like this?
Tigress bit her lip, smiling slightly.
Po turned towards Kurisu, scowling. “Kurisu for smiling, you have to weeks worth of dish duty!”
The kitten giggled and pretended to cower. “Oh nooooo! Have mercy on my soul Master Shifu!”
Everyone (including Tigress) laughed at that.
All of a sudden a loud bang made Po hide behind Tigress. Shifu stood there glaring down both the girls. “Where is the dragon warrior?!” He barked angrilly.
With a shaky finger, Kurisu pointed to Po, who was trembling behind her. She moved aside.
Shifu stepped up to him. “Bah! Him?! He's a panda, you're a panda! What are you going to do big guy? Sit on me? Mmhmmhmmhmm!” The red panda asked with a chuckle.
Po laughed. “Don't tempt me!”
Kurisu giggled. “Maybe he does have a sense of humor after all!”
Shifu rolled his eyes. “Right, move aside Kurisu...I'm preparing the main course.”
The kitten nodded cheerfully. “Okay!” “Heeheeheehe!”
“Could you please pick some tomatoes from the garden for me?”
Kurisu saluted. “Hai!” She snatched the basket from her old master's arms and ran out to the garden. The kitten heard a low growl from behind her, she turned her head towards the sound.....and shrunk back in terror.
A monster stood behind her, it's eyes were dark pools of blood, it's fur was matted down, and it's fangs were so sharp that razors couldn't compare to them.
“...........” And Kurisu could do nothing but scream. “A MONSTER!!!!” Dropping the basket, she quickly scurried up the steps. “A MONSTER!!! HELP!!!! SHIFU!!! PO!!! MASTER OOGWAY!!! SOMEONE!!!” The kitten tripped and fell flat on her face, with the monster close behind her. “MASTER!!!!!”
Shifu, Tigress, Po and Risu came up to the top step. Shifu looked very concerned.
“What is it young one?”
“...........A what? Young lady, I don't have time for your crazy childish games! Now do you have the vegetables or not? If not I'll send Tigress, and you will have to mop The Sacred Hall Of Warriors for not following orders.” Shifu said sternly.
“But Master!” The kitten wailed. “There really is a monster behind me! It-it's fangs are so sharp! It's eyes are like-like blood!
“Kurisu!” Shifu snapped. “Enough!” He shook his head in disgust. “Mop the hall and dish duty for a week, maybe that will teach you to follow my orders!”
The kitten narrowed her eyes at him, deeply hurt that he didn't believe her. “Fine! Go on, get eaten by the monster!” Sniff. “See if I care!!” She began to stomp off.
Shifu sighed and rolled his eyes. “Kids..”
A loud growl froze everyone rigid.
The creature came thudding up the steps, snarling.
Shifu's left eye twitched. “Oh great golden dragon!!” Everyone was horrified by the beast's vicious looks, everyone except Risu.
“Tigress, get behind me!” Shifu commanded sternly, striking out his arm protectively in front of his students. “Run for safety!” He glared at Risu. “You too Risu!”
The elderly squirrel chuckled and walked up to the great beast. “That won't be necessary Shifu..”
“Ri chan!! Get your head down, it'll eat you!” Kurisu shouted from behind her master.
Risu snorted. “Pfft! I highly doubt that young Kurisu.” He glared up at the monster.
The creature utterd a loud growl.
With lightning speed, Risu brought down the side of his palm to the beast's nose. It whimpered!
“Kaeru, don't you dare growl at me! You do not growl at your master!”
“Master?!!” Everyone chorused in shock.
Risu looked disgusted, he jabbed his finger between the creature's red eyes. “You outta be ashamed of yourself young lady! Frightening everyone like this!” He peered around her, and spotted splattered tomatoes littering the ground. “You even destroyed half the tomatoes!?” He grabbed her gruesome long snout and squeezed it. “You are in big trouble missy!”
The once frightening vicious beast was now merely a whimpering puppy trembling and bowing her head in shame.
“Kaeru, Risu?” Shifu asked, reluctantly stepping in front of the beast. “Th-th-th-this monster is your student?!”
Kaeru bared her sharp teeth at the red panda and got ready to attack. She was stopped as Risu viciously twisted her ear.
“Enough!” He snapped. The elderly squirrel turned towards Shifu. “Do not call her a monster Shifu, she is only a puppy.” He glared at Kaeru through narrow slits. “A puppy who was supposed to stay back at the hut!”
Kaeru whimpered and stepped backwards.
“But, Kaeru?” Kurisu asked, eyes wide. “You-you named your student “Frog?!”.........!” That's when she noticed a golden collar around the creature's neck, it had a frog carved in it. “A frog collar..?”
Kaeru stepped up to Shifu, he was trembling slightly. You have never seen such a beast! She was huge! She looked deadly, he feared her more then he did Oogway when he was angry. “U-u-u-umm h-hi?”
The beast lowered her head, sniffed him and then began furiously licking him.
Shifu laughed. “Hahaha! St-stop it!” He tried pushing her giant tongue away. It was amazing how this great beast had suddenly turned into such a lovable little puppy! “Hahaha! Stop it Kareu! Risu -ahaha-get control of your dog!”
Risu laughed. “Wow, she really likes you Shifu!”
Irritably, Shifu pushed her off him. “Uh-huh...”
The puppy wiggled her butt playfully, her tail wagged as she panted and got ready to pounce on Shifu. Pounce.
“Augh!” Shifu began desperately squirming under the giant wolf. “Let go!” The red panda pleaded. Kaeru may be just a giant pup, but she was still frightening....especially with her spread right over him!
Shifu cringed under the giant claws. “Get off Kaeru-!”
Risu chuckled. “Kaeru, retract your claws, you're really scaring him.” He turned to Shifu. “Although, there's nothing to fear....she really likes you!”
Kaeru retracted her claws immediately and continued licking Shifu.
Kurisu's eyes were as wide as saucers. “Whoa! How long is her tail?”
The squirrel tapped his chin thoughtfully. “....About four or five meters long.”
“Indeed, a very long tail that would break all your bones if they slam into you.”
“..............Wow..” The kitten shook her head.
Shifu patted the wolf's head and got up. “Kurisu, will you please go get me a towel to clean the tomatoes off the steps?”
Kurisu just narrowed her eyes at him and turned her back. “Hmph!”
Shifu frowned. “What did I-................oh, right.” He sighed and placed a hand on her paw. “I'm sorry I didn't believe you.”
“You don't have a punishment.”
Sigh. The red panda dug into his pocket and brought out a lollipop. “Here!”
The kitten smiled, took the lollipop and bowed. “Apology accepted master!” with that, she scampered off to get a towel.

(XD, I loved writing the part where Kurisu refuses to forgive until she gets a lolly! Heehee, that's my little Kurisu!)

“Whoooaaaa!!!” Po's eyes were wide. “The Invisible Trident Of Destiny!” He inspected it. “It's soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!”
Shifu narrowed his eyes at the panda. “Po! You get away from there this instant!! Put that trident down, now!”
“Oh wait just a second, I want to try something!” Po lifted the invisible object and waved it around. The trident clashed hard into the “Yari of the Japanese Bakaneko”, a legendary spear that only the legendary Bakaneko can wield. The stand shattered to pieces and the spear came spiraling down to Po's head.


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pixiebell on December 1, 2008, 8:34:13 PM

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pixiebelloh my god thats so funny and amzaing sis

caden17 on December 1, 2008, 8:33:59 PM

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caden17the lolly part: awesome.

kaptainkitty on December 1, 2008, 12:38:14 PM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyOh whoa... you weren't kidding. Looks can be decieving. Very much so!

Kareu sounds like an absolute sweetheart! ^^ Even though she has razor-sharp fangs and one really really really long tail. Four or five meters long??? Whew...!

This was a great chapter (as always). I especially liked the last part. *Pouts* I want a lollipop from Shifu too.

Well, off to read the next chapter. Poor Po sounds like he's in trouble.

pixiepumpkin on December 1, 2008, 8:27:33 PM

pixiepumpkin on
pixiepumpkinLooks can be very much decieving! Hehehe, this chapter is pretty much a lesson on that!

Kaeru's fangs are actually so sharp that if she lightly touches a tree trunk with them, her teeth will go right through! (She actually has two tails! That will be revealed in the next chapter!)

*gigglegigle* Kurisu's usual personality is like that, if she know she deserves an apology, she will not listen untill she gets that apology! (and a lollipop apparently.....XD)

Po is in trouble, will someone save him? You'll have to wait and see!

EscribirZeichnenRever on November 30, 2008, 6:39:42 AM

EscribirZeichnenRever on
EscribirZeichnenReverHmmm, I remember in the last chapter that Risu had started to say his student's name and I wondered about it. Now I know! :D Kaeru's so cute!! But does she even speak? O_O

GASP!!! Noooooo, please don't hurt Po!!! *cuddles the panda* Nooooo!!

BlackPhoenixHighlord on November 29, 2008, 4:11:25 AM

BlackPhoenixHighlord on
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pixiepumpkin on November 30, 2008, 12:31:52 AM

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pixiepumpkinShape-shifting cat!

chaos_kitten8 on November 29, 2008, 3:06:59 AM

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pixiepumpkin on November 30, 2008, 12:31:36 AM

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pixiepumpkinI've never even seen a Jack Black movie!

chaos_kitten8 on November 30, 2008, 1:41:06 AM

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pixiepumpkin on November 30, 2008, 6:09:50 AM

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pixiepumpkinXD, oops!