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Chapter 15 - The Seven Savage Days

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 15 - The Seven Savage Days

Chapter 15 - The Seven Savage Days
(In this chapter, you will find out just how Shifu reacted after Tai Lung's rebellion.)

As Kurisu made her way back to the palace, she tried slipping through the door without being caught. The mountain air was cool; cooler then usual. The kitten decided if she wanted to talk to anyone, it would be Shifu. But, she didn't want to speak with anyone in the palace right then, anyways. The kitten paced about in her room, debating whether to leave the palace or not. After a few minutes, she finally decided to talk to Shifu about how she was feeling and find out if he even cared for her at all. Slowly, careful not to wake anyone, she crept into the hallway and towards his bedroom. “Master?” The candlestick in her hand burned brightly into the pitch black bedroom. “Master?” ..Shifu? Are you here?”
No reply.
“Shifu?” The kitten made her way to the bed. She poked a lump under the quilts; a scroll? What did it say? In the dim candle light, she was only able to make out one of the sentences.
He hurt me more then anyone I have ever met.
That worried her. What had happened to her master? The kitten had never been one for snooping unless the reason was that she was worried about her loved one's well being. .....She knew she had to read more. Shifu is going to KILL me..

I will never forget “The Seven Savage Days.” It is what Oogway and I called that week. The worst week of our lives, actually. One of the only times that my master ever broke down and cried right in front of me. It was all because of....HIM.

Kurisu paused and wrinkled her nose. Tai Lung? He made Oogway CRY? “...” She continued reading.

I bet everyone I know, all of my students expected that I had simply closed up my heart the moment Tai Lung rebelled on me, became cold and never spoke to anyone unless they spoke first. It wasn't like that. At least, not at first.
The beginning grief had struck with tears and agony, in those few months I cried enough to wipe out the whole earth with a tsunami made from my tears. Yes, it was that bad.
In the early evening, only a few days after Tai Lung was imprisoned, I had been looking for nothing but comfort from whoever was willing to give it. (I don't know why I ever wanted it, it had always been futile, with not a single point to it.) I had walked up the hill that held our sacred peach tree where Oogway was meditating. He smiled when he saw me.
“Ah, good evening my pupil, would you like to join me for some-.” He stopped. His wrinkly features creased with concern. “Fu, what's wrong?”
“Fu”. It was his name of endearment, he had called me it since I was nine.
Tears were rapidly streaming down my cheeks, my face fur was completely drenched. I opened my mouth to speak but no sound came out. My grief was tearing at my vocal chords, keeping them from uttering a small whisper. My voice; held hostage by my sorrow and pain. Instead, I just sort of ran up the hill and into Oogway. (Here's a hint, when you ram into someone' make sure they don't have a shell.) I didn't bother throwing my arms around him for a hug, but I was hoping he got the picture.
Indeed, he did. He dropped his cane and wrapped his gentle, fatherly arms around me. Whispering in my ear and trying to stop my shaking. “Oh, my poor little Fu. You've had a rough time of all this, haven't you?”
In my shaking and sobbing, I managed a feeble nod.
“Life just doesn't seem fair, does it?”
“N-no it doesn't.” I choked out through a fit of sobs that racked my entire body.
He pulled back, smiling gently at me. “You're not alone in this.” He promised me. “Whenever you need me, I'm here.”
I needed him; he was all I had left in my life to guide me.
“I-I know.” My knees felt weak as I collapsed against him.
His strong gnarled arms held me up. “Perhaps you should go to sleep now. Maybe under the peach tree with me?”
I nodded slowly. “Okay.”
Oogway led me to the tree trunk and lay me against it. “Shall I sing to you?”
I smiled at that. (One of the first and last smiles I would have for months.) I knew he was talking about my lullaby. Oogway had the softest and sweetest voice and he had sang to me since I was only a young cub. Actually, since I was three.
“I'd like that, thank you, master.”
"Inside my heart....there burns a light, that lights my way all through my life..."
My eyes felt suddenly more droopy then they had in a while. I allowed them to close, and fell asleep in a calm state from my lullaby.
I could feel somebody shaking my shoulders the next morning, the air was crisp; I could feel the dew from the grass under my robe. My eyes focused, not very quickly. I could see Zeng (yes, he was still as annoying then as he is now.) I admit, I was annoyed. “What do you want Zeng? It's so early.”
“I know, sorry Master Shifu, but I've come to deliver a very urgent message.”
“make it quick!” I snapped. I could tell that Oogway was smiling at me, probably pleased that I seemed back to my self (at least for that morning, anyway.)
“Yes, what is it, Zeng?” My master asked softly.
“I bring an urgent message...” He held out the battered scroll in his wing.. “From Lotus Lake.”
Oogway's eyes widened immediately as he snatched the scroll from the bird's wing. The scroll clattered to the ground after a few minutes; and I looked up at him. He stood there, frozen in horror. His mouth moved only enough to utter the choked whisper that sent chills down my spine.
It all happened very quickly then. I didn't even really remember what was happening, Oogway was dragging me down the valley; towards Lotus Lake. I asked as much questions as a toddler, but none were answered. My master's mouth was set in a firm and grim line as we continued on to Lotus Lake.
As we arrived, it was only then that I realized what the note might have said. Somebody had attacked Lots Lake. The village was in shambles, debree was everywhere. Every single hut had been brought to the ground, either burned or simply masacerd with some sort of weapon. The calm cool water in Lotus Lake; mingled with crimson blood. The soft, muddy grounds were stained from the blood of innocent tortoises. It was only then that we realized it. None of the civilians had survived the invasion. You couldn't walk safely around the lake without fear of stepping on a severed body.
I could feel a huge lump in my throat, tears threatened to spill over (yet AGAIN.)
“M-Maser..?” I could hardly get the words out. “What's happening? Wh-who did this?”
“Who do you think Shifu? Who do you think has this much blood lust?”
“.....Giao Xun!”
“Of course.” My master replied, his eyes locked firmly on the fallen hut over the hills. “!” He uttered a choked cry and bolted from the bloody spot he stood in.
“Master!” I had to run to keep up with the pace he had, but even that wasn't enough!”
Oogway continued running faster and faster-and I was close behind. He came to a sudden stop. I bashed into the back of his hard shell. “Master, what's-” His expression on his face broke my heart. I had never seen his jade eyes so misted and frozen. He appeared cemented to the ground.
“...Lotti..” He whispered, his voice so choked that his monotone was nothing more then a squeak. “Lotti-! No-!”
It was only then that I saw it. The hut; collapsed on it's side. Splinters of wood everywhere. In the middle of it all; lay Lotti on her side. Her arm was limp and lifeless on the ground, the handle of a dagger sticking out of her chest.
I couldn't begin to explain what I was feeling now. I was so overwhelmed, all I heard was a steady ring in my ears along with Oogway's pained cries as he shouted her name over and over again.
I watched, as my master collapsed on his knees beside Lotti's lifeless body. He carefully pulled the knife out of the steep hole in her chest and stared at it, face unreadable. Then, he threw it to the blood stained earth, it went so deep that the handle was barely visible anymore. His body hunched over, he covered his face with his huge hands and his shoulders shook with silent sobs. Yes, SOBS. Grand Master Oogway founder of Kung Fu; was crying. His tears blended in with the crimson grass.
I just stood there, staring in shock. All his life it seemed that was Giao Xun's only mission. Make Master Oogway cry, and now, he had done it. There my master sat, crying. He lowered his hands from his face and with trembling fingers; clutched onto Lotti's cold wrist. He brought it up to his mouth.......and he kissed it.
I had always known that Oogway and Lotti were very close friends, almost like siblings. It was only now that I questioned: had they been more then that? I knew that he had loved Lotti, but had he been in love with her? The evidence had always been there. Sometimes she smiled and his jade skin turned a slight shade of pink, she had once kissed his cheek and he looked, well, love-struck.
I hesitated before bringing a finger to his watery eyes and wiping the tears from his eyes and cheeks.
My master slowly turned to me, his pain-stricken face ripped through my heart. He hugged me, tight. (Actually, I think I heard my ribs crack.) I hugged back. We only had each other now, our close friend was now dead, all our other friends had left China. Soon after achieving the rank of master all my friends left. Wu Lian was the first to go. Dare I say; I was really depressed for a week after she left....PERHAPS I had a err...liking for her.

Kurisu pulled back, laughing. “I knew it! I knew he liked her! I can't WAIT to tell Master Oogway!”

Wu Lian's father only wanted her to stay until she became a master, then he pulled her out of the palace. Risu returned to The Tree of Life after a few months and Leona returned to protect her village. Then, it was only Akimi, Ming Yang, and I. Akimi just left because she wanted to explore the world. So then, it was just Ming Yang and I. We were quite happy about that, actually. It was FINALLY just the two of us again, just like cubhood! That didn't last long either though, because she bought a small hut in the outskirts of the valley. So then, it was just Oogway and I.
Yes, I was able to unload that whole paragraph in just a quick breath, that's how quick they left! Oogway and I had been devastated at first. He told me that if I wanted to leave; I was free too. He said he would not be hurt by my leaving, but I knew that he would be. Anyhow, I already knew my home was at the Jade Palace. I wanted to be a fabulous Kung Fu teacher like he had been, so I promised I'd never leave. ...I couldn't remember the last time he had hugged me so tight. We knew we'd always be alright as long as we were together like the family that we'd always been.
Master Oogway and I returned home in silence. I was so sure that I was out of tears that day, but the look on my master's face, Lotti's lifeless body, and the memories of Tai Lung triggered them all again. I sat sobbing underneath the peach tree, Oogway just stood at the edge of the cliff, face still unreadable.
“Master, what do we do now?”
“.........There is nothing we can do, Shifu. Lotti is..” He choked out the word. “Gone.”
I sighed. “Why? Why would Giao..?”
“I don't know.”
I couldn't comprehend that, not in the least. Who was really that sick?
Master Oogway turned to me. “What worries me is, who will he go after next?”
“I wonder that just as much, master.” I wiped my eyes. “Do you think he's finally satisfied?”
Oogway scoffed. “Fu, he will not be satisfied until he's killed both of us!”
My master was right, of course. That had always been Giao Xun's mission, anyways.
Oogway's voice held full authority now. “I will not allow him to touch a hair on your head! You are my responsibility, after all.”
I felt a faint blush creep up onto my cheeks. “Master, I'm not a child anymore.”
for the first time that day, he smiled; an amused smile. “That doesn't matter, Shifu. It doesn't mean I no longer have the duty of protecting you.” His face softened greatly. “I am your Godfather after all.”

Kurisu drew back, mouth opened wide with shock. “WHOA! Did NOT see that coming!”

The days went by slowly, they were torture. Master Oogway had become depressed o the point where he never seemed to offer any philosophical wisdom or even answer in rethorical questions. It pained me greatly to see him like this, so I fought to shape up on my depression in order to cheer him up..just a little. It worked! We spent the next couple days together under the peach tree, cloud gazing or stargazing. (It depended on the time of day.) We played our instruments together, we even trained. Training would often end with Oogway launching a surprise tickle attack on me as his final move. It seemed like things were about to return back to normal, finally. It really did seem like things were beginning to shape up...until it happened.
It was early morning, yet AGAIN. I'm not sure, I think it was five in the morning. I was really thirsty and I had gotten up for a drink in the kitchen. From the moonlight pouring through the open window, I saw Oogway. He had his back turned to me, he was gripping a scroll tightly in his hands.
My master turned to me, slowly, his face was ashen and his eyes were watery.
“Master, what's wrong?”
His lips were trembling as he spoke to me. “Fu.” He gave a shuddering sigh as he handed me the scroll. “I'm sorry, and, I love you.”
The way he said those words, I didn't like it. Whenever someone says “I love you” like that, it means that something has happened. Indeed, it had.
I stood there, frozen in shock and horror. My bright blue eyes scanned through the scroll. The moment I had finished the paragraph; I collapsed, Oogway caught me under the arms and held me up so my face wouldn't smack the hard tile floor. I was cursing, screaming, sobbing hysterically with rage and grief.
Giao Xun's army had raided my entire valley. He killed my step siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors. He killed everyone in my valley, EVERYONE. ...It was now official: Oogway was the only family I had left.

Kurisu pulled back, holding her mouth and letting her tears fall. They made a gentle “pat” as they hit the paper. “Oh, poor Shifu chan.”

I don't even remember what happened in those next few weeks. All I remembered was settling into a long and deep depression. It started off as simple grief, which quickly evolved into depression. I no longer wanted any comfort from anyone. Whatever sympathetic love he'd show me, I'd shrug off. I'd push him away completely, unless I really needed him. I had long given up training, I didn't even meditate anymore. My usual schedule usually consisted in moping around the bunkhouse or staying in my room the whole day. I'd normally cry until I had no more tears left (for that day, anyways.) Then, I'd start the process again the very next day. Over months, my depression worsened to the point that my master had to cake care of me as if I was a cub again. He had to make my meals, he had to tell me when to bathe, when to sleep. If it wasn't for him, I would of starved to death as a smelly and sunken eyed corpse lying in a pool of it's own filth.
That wasn't the only thing that had changed. The loving relationship I had with my master had changed drastically. I pushed him away so much and we were both pretty much avoiding each other. (When he wasn't taking care of me, that is.) Although we had been master and student, we were far more then that over the years. He was my father, he had always been there for me, no matter what. I had loved him more then I loved anyone on earth. I was so sure we would always remain that close, but I was wrong. Oogway and I had become so distant over that time. We were merely strangers that happened to live in the same house. It was painful, but I had already been in too much pain to feel the pain from losing the love I once had with my master.
I sat underneath the sacred peach tree with my head laing back against the trunk of the tree. I could feel a cool sensation slither down my throat. When I opened my eyes, I saw Oogway pressing one of the expensive crystal glasses to my mouth.
“Drink.” He ordered sternly. “I know for a fact that you have not drank anything in days.”
“That's not true.” I murmured weakly. “A day at most.”
He glared at me. “Shifu.” He said, sternly. “don't lie to me.”
I don't know how he always knew when I was lying, but he did! ...It's like, he could see into the back of my mind or something.
I had become so weak that Oogway had to hold the crystal glass for me while I drank.
“This is not healthy.” He spoke, still stern. “You're becoming as weak as..” A small smile played at his lips. “As I should be in my old age.” He laughed softly. “I want to see you training again.”
“What?” My voice was so weak and feeble. “Master, I don't think I can.”
“Let me rephrase: You are going to get back to training Shifu, or I will tie you to a tree and kick you through it!” He threatened, darkly.
His empty threat didn't faze me very much. My eyes moved up to him; he looked pretty mad.
Oogway's eyes and face became softer. “Look at you, Shifu, look what this depression has had you succumbed to! You are as weak as a duckling! Do you even remember anything I taught you?”
“.....” I didn't reply. In that state, I really didn't remember anything at all.
“I'm going to re-teach you. I promise that I will, but you have to meet me halfway.” He held his hand out to me.
Reluctantly, I reached out to take it. What was supposed to be as sweet and loving as it should have been, I ruined it by slipping on the grass and falling under his feet do to lack of stability.
Over the next few months, Master Oogway went back to teaching me Kung Fu all over again. It wasn't that hard, really. He'd basically have to show me the move once and I'd remember it. Although, there was a lot more then one move! (Which is probably why it took months.) I had noticed one thing though. He no longer called me “Fu.” It felt as if I had suffered another great loss, I missed that name of endearment. It was what put emphasis on our close relationship. Now, ....there was no longer a relationship to emphasize.
After a few more months Oogway managed to pull me out of my depression, put he couldn't change me. I had already done that. I was so cold, I didn't want to love anyone, I didn't want anyone to love me. It was to painful, so very painful, I didn't want to suffer heartache like that ever again.
So, you see, that's how it happened. If you're ever wondering exactly what had happened in that time after Tai Lung betrayed me; now you know.

Indeed. Kurisu knew how it all happened now. She could feel her stomach churn, she knew she had done wrong. Snooping into Shifu's past, it was clear he probably would never want anyone to see that. Kurisu took a deep breath I can't tell him about this.. She decided. He'll throw me out of the palace! So, she laid the scroll back down on the bed and left. Leaving her tears on the scroll as evidence.

(Wow, that was fun to write. That's all I can say about that. Looks like little Kurisu is going to be in mighty trouble when Shifu finds her tears on the scroll. Thia isn't good.)


I can't BELIEVE I even AGREED to this! Honestly, can't Tai Lung feed himself with apples?! The kitten sighed as she made her way through the cool dew covered grass. Honestly, can't he do anything- A strange sound coming from behind a booth interrupted her ranting thoughts. Do I hear someone crying? She crept behind the booth and gasped. “...A baby..?”


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pixiebell on February 19, 2009, 5:51:45 AM

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pixiebellthats totally good

kaptainkitty on February 6, 2009, 4:24:50 PM

kaptainkitty on
kaptainkittyWhoa... that was... deep. Very, very deep.

That was a really impressive insight into what exactly happened after the rebel of Tai Lung. Poor Shifu. Poor Oogway aswell. They have both lost so much. At least they still have one another, and it is good to know that the both of them are on their feet once again.

A truley brilliant chapter here! :D Hopefully Kurisi doesn't get into too much bother if Shifu does discover that it was her that read the scroll. And stained it! :O

pixiepumpkin on February 7, 2009, 12:08:36 AM

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pixiepumpkinI know, I tried to make it as deep and emotional as I could. It's easy to make it more detailed when you use one of the characters as a narator.

They still have each other, yes. As you can see; they are trying to mend their relationship back to what it was when Shifu was younger! ^^

*grins* You'll see..

EscribirZeichnenRever on February 5, 2009, 8:36:19 AM

EscribirZeichnenRever on
EscribirZeichnenReverDANG, poor Shifu!!! Giao Xun didn't kill ALL of Shifu's friends like my OCs, did he?? :((

Whoa....I'll be pretty dang impressed if Shifu is able to identify Kurisu by her tears. O_O

pixiepumpkin on February 5, 2009, 8:39:37 AM

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pixiepumpkinOh, geez! Hadn't even thought of that! ^^; Perhaps, they had already left the valley..?

XD, you'd be suprised..