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Chapter 17 - Picnic

With a new threat coming into play, The five Po and Kurisu have yet to discover a tool that will aid them in their quest. Who ever said the dragon scroll was the only scroll....?

Chapter 17 - Picnic

Chapter 17 - Picnic
(This chapter is very cute and bizarre! ^^ I have some cute Shifu/Po father son cuteness, and another hangy ending.)

“....Shifu?” Oogway asked as he walked up to The Infinite Pool of Wisdom. “Are you okay?”
“Oh, don't even try to talk to me, Master Oogway!” He raged.
“.....I guess that's a no?”
“What do you think?!” Shifu snapped. “Of course I'm not okay! You completely under minded me in front of my students! I took the time to tell her all the reasons why she shouldn't take care of a child, and you completely blow me off!!
“I just think you're being a little bit unfair now, really unfair. Give her a chance! She might prove to be a really good mother.”
“Oh, PLEASE! I'm not letting her take care of a baby! Where did your brains go when you died?” He asked, nastily.
Oogway's eyes widened before they narrowed. “What's the matter with you? Why are you behaving like this? Give the poor dear a chance!”
“Well, that's too bad, Shifu, because I already granted her the permission.”
“You're not her master!!”
“No, but I'm YOURS!” He snapped back. “Give her a chance, let her prove she's responsible. This could be good for her. I already sense she has an extreme amount of love for that baby.”
“........Fine.” He mumbled. “One chance-one! If she blows that chance, then the baby will go to an orphanage!”
“Thank you.” Oogway said, giving a smile.”Now, I had a good idea for something we could all do tomorrow: a picnic in The Forest of Tranquility. Will you be civil enough to join us?”
Shifu hesitated. “Oh, alright.” He gave the smallest smile. “That would be fun...I suppose.”
Oogway gave him an affectionate ruffle. “Now that's the little cub I raised!”
The red panda pulled back, still smiling. “Can I ask you one question?”
“Of course, anything.”
“........Can we bring melon buns?”
The very next day, everyone was settled on a large checkered blanket, laughing and having a great time.
Kurisu was trying to coax her tiger cub from coming out of a bush, Po, Mantis and Kaeru were kicking a rubber ball around, Tigress and Viper were relaxing under the shade, Monkey and Crane were skipping pebbles in to the spring, Risu, Wu Lian and Leona were sipping lemonade, while Shifu and Oogway were getting the picnic set up.
“It all smells so good.” Shifu said blissfully, as he stuffed some jiaozi into his mouth. “How long has it been since we've had a picnic, master?”
“Since you were a cub, Shifu. I miss those times.” He smiled. “At least we're able to spend some time together again, though.”
“Uh-huh, I've missed that, too.” The red panda said with a small chuckle. “Come on my students, lunch is ready!”
“Wicked!” Po exclaimed. “I'm starving!” He practically dove onto the blanket.
Shifu rolled his eyes. “You're always starving, Po.”
“That is true...”
“Master!” Kurisu wailed. “I can't get tiger cub to come out!”
Shifu sighed. “Just give her time, Kurisu. She's only a baby, you know. Now, come eat.”
The kitten obeyed, following her friends to the checkered blanket. “It all looks so good!” She took a spoonful of apple snow, but Shifu slapped it out of her hand.
“Kurisu, no!” He scolded. “Eat your lunch first!”
Pouting, the kitten reached for some of Po's delicious noodles. “They taste weird.”
“That's because they're cold.” Shifu said, pushing the bowl away with a disgusted look on his face.
“Haha!” Wu Lian laughed, nastily. “You look so dumb!”
The red panda balled his hands into fists and spoke through gritted teeth. “Shut your trap, Lian!” He hissed.
Oogway gave a small irritated sigh. Oh boy, I'm trying to get him into a good mood, don't ruin it for me, Wu Lian.
It was a little late for that, though. All through lunch, Shifu would simply stab at his food angrily and stuff it in his mouth, chewing and glaring at the female red panda beside him.
Kaeru bent her head to lap up the lemonade that was in a little crystal bowl Oogway had put out for her.
“Good girl.” Risu said, giving a smile. “Are you all done?”
She barked in reply.
The elderly squirrel wiped the sauce and lemonade drips from her face-fur. “Go on and play then. Just don't play to close to the picnic, alright?”
“Bark!” Kaeru bolted out to the shade and began nudging the ball with her nose.
Oogway pulled the lid of a container full of melon buns. “Look what I have, Shifu.”
“M-melon buns!” He turned to Oogway, eyes sparkling with childish excitement. “You really brought them!”
“Kurisu made them, you can thank her.”
The kitten blushed. “It was nothing. Back in Japan, melon buns are called melon bread.”
Shifu glared skeptically at the buns. “What's that slimy stuff on them?”
“Honey, I honey glazed them! We did that back in Japan, too!”
Shifu narrowed his eyes. “I hate honey glazed buns..” He groaned. “But then, they are melon buns after all!” He bent down to pick a bun out of the container, it made a squishing noise as it went “slip” right out of his fingers and flew high up in the air. “Noooo!” The red panda wailed and began running. The moment he jumped, the dog jumped and caught his bun in his mouth.
“.....Noooooooo!! Not my melon buns! How could you, Kaeru!”
Risu just laughed. “I see you've been working on your speed and jumps, Kaeru! Good girl!” He patted her head.
“Why are you rewarding her?? She just ate my bun!”
“She's teaching you not to leave your food where she can get to it!”
Everyone, but Shifu, laughed.
The red panda just slumped down, with a pout.
“Aww, don't be sad master, I know what will make you feel better! Kurisu said, uncovering a bowl of ice cold apple snow.
Shifu had to fight to keep the drool in his mouth, he loved apple snow, it always put him in a better mood. “Well, alright...I guess this will do!” He chirped.
Meanwhile, in the backround, Kaeru was kicking the blue rubber ball around. It bounced off a series of trees and the dog chased it. However, when she ran to get it, her left foot slipped on it, and with a yelp she went tumbling towards the picnic.
“Yum, yum! Looks good, Kurisu.” Shifu said, as he got ready to scoop a spoonful into his mouth.
BAM! Kaeru slammed hard into his back and his face went falling forward.....into the bowl of apple snow.
“.....Pfft, AHAHAHAHAHA!” Everyone roared with laughter, holding their sides and pointing at the embarrassed and enraged red panda.
“...GggGGRRAAH!” Shifu screamed, furious beyond belief. “This picnic has been nothing but a disaster!” He sat up, angrily scrubbing the goop off his face with his tiny hands. “I'm going to sit in the shade, no one talk to me!”
Oogway chuckled. “Oh, come on Shifu, have a sense of humor!”
“Master Shifu, cheer up!” Po shouted back to him.
Kurisu just blinked. “Well, who wants some more apple snow?”
“Shifu..” Oogway said, softly.
“Leave me alone!” The red panda growled, slapping his hand off his shoulder. “I don't want to speak to anyone right now.”
“Oh, come on now, Kaeru is only a puppy, she never meant it!”
“I don't care.....everyone was laughing at me.”
“No, they were laughing with you.”
“I wasn't laughing!” Shifu snapped. “That was so humiliating!”
“Don't be such a baby.”
“A baby?! Right, let's see if you say that when that happens to you!” Shifu growled, getting up from the spot he sat in and standing by the spring.
“Crane!” Po yelled. “Throw the ball over here!”
“Okay...” Crane looked skeptical. “Here it comes!” As he threw the ball, Po caught it in his arms, but he flew back from the impact, tumbled backwards and accidentally elbowed Shifu gently in the side.
Shifu took a deep breath and bit his lip, flinching slightly. “Watch where you put your elbow, panda!” He growled.
Po saw Shifu flinch and he grew concerned. “Oh sorry, did I hurt you?”
“Then why did you flinch?”
Shifu refused to meet Po's eyes, for fear that he would smile from lying. “No reason.”
Po looked thoughtful for a minute, then his eyes lit up! “Ahha! You're ticklish!”
“Am not!” Shifu growled, trying to keep a straight face.
Po poked him and he cringed. “Yes you are!”
“A-am not!”
From behind him, he heard Oogway laugh. “About time somebody but me figured that out!”
Shifu shot his master a murderous glare. Be quiet!
“His weakness is-”
“Shut up!” Shifu hissed, forgetting who he was talking to.
Oogway stared at him wide eyed for a moment, then he narrowed his eyes and turned to Po. “Get him.
Po approached him, fingers wiggling menacingly. In Shifu's eyes, they may as well have been knives he was waving in the air. The red panda backed away, glaring. “You wouldn't.”
As the panda leaped at him, Shifu cartwheeled out of the way just in time as Po landed hard on the ground right in front of him. “Panda!” He warned. “Don't!” Shifu dodged every chance Po used to grab him. “Panda, I am your master! Don't you dare..!!” He almost tripped on a pebble, but quickly regained his balance. “you really think you can catch me? I'm a Kung Fu master!” With a single burst of speed, he was easily twenty feet away from him. I'm winning! As Shifu ran past Oogway, the old tortoise (while looking innocently up at the sky) stuck out his foot and tripped him.
“Augh!” Shifu tumbled five more feet into the grass and landed with a “thump” on the tree trunk. He turned around and gave Oogway a betrayed look. “Master! How could you?”
“Next time, don't tell your master to shut up!” Oogway called, giving a triumphant grin.
The red panda began howling with laughter as Po mercilessly tickled him.
“Don't do it Po!” Kurisu called. “It's suiciiiiiiide!”
The young tiger cub became deeply fascinated by this bizarre bout, and came crawling out from the bush.
Kurisu's eyes lit up. “On second though, keep doing it!”
“Po, stop it!” Shifu managed to choke out between fits of laughter. “I will give you dish duty for a YEAR!! Po! Let go!
Kurisu's eyes went wide. “Suiciiiiiiiiiiiiiide!”
Oogway simply chuckled. “As long as I'm here, he can't punish any of you if I say no. Plus, empty threats when laughing are pretty futile.”
Kurisu just giggled. “Poor Shifu, hasn't he been through enough today?”
Oogway laughed. “He's always the main target!”
Shifu rolled away from Po, laughing hysterically and trying to void himself from the torturing side and belly pokes. “ Ahahaha! Let go! Po-! Panda-! Po-! Stop-! It tickles-! Ahaha! no-! Panda-! Ahaha! Stop it, Po-!" He didn't seem to know what name to use! The red panda finally managed to pull himself up, and Po released him.
Oogway's mouth twitched amusedly. “Well, that was pathetic, how could you not be able to get ot of that grip?”
“He-he-he-” Shifu had no breath or voice left. “He-hic! ..Oh no! Hic! Hic! H-he-he's too fat!”
Oogway laughed. “Listen to your breathing! You sound like an old man!”
“Oh, you mean like you?” Shifu asked, playfully, sticking his tongue out. Bad idea. The look on Oogway's face said that clearly.
Everyone was dead silent, except of course for Kurisu.
She cupped her hands around her mouth. “Suiciiiiiiiiiide!”
Oogway shook his head slowly. “Oh hoho, NOW you are just ASKING for it, Shifu!” He growled and grabbed the weak and hiccuping red panda with ease.
“Ack! Master, let GO!” Shifu struggled, but he couldn't free himself.
“Oh, I'll let you go.” He brought the red panda to the spring and drop kicked him like a soccer ball. “Straight into the spring!”
“.............Ahahahahahahahahaha!!” Everyone crashed to the ground, laughing almost as hard as Shifu had been.
Oogway stopped walking and turned around to the red panda. “Oh, and one more thing.” He spun around and stuck his tongue out at the stunned red panda.
Kurisu gave a squeal of delight. “That was AWESOME, Master Oogway!”
“Why, thank you, Kurisu!” Oogway said, cheerfully.
“Can you teach me how to kick Shifu like a soccer ball, too?”
Po laughed. “This has been the best picnic ever! What a great day..!
Of course, all great things must come to an end. Sometimes the ending is more horrible then you can imagine...

(XD, very bizarre! I'm currently unbelievably hyper right now, this chapter (especially the tickle scene) is a perfect example of my 9:00 emotions! (When I'm hyper I draw and write alot of things like this. ^^ :D)

Preview of da next chapter! ^^

Towering above him, while holding a gleaming blade in one hand, stood a jaguar with dark ashen fur. “Have you missed me?” He raised the dagger high above his head, but Shifu could do absolutely nothing but stare.
“SHIFU!” He heard a scream from behind him. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! LOOK OUT!” It seemed to happen in slow motion, as Po quickly skidded in front of him and spread his arms wide protectively.
The dagger came down and sliced deep into the panda's chest, near his rib cage. “Hurk-!” He staggered back once, and then collapsed.
All at once, the red panda snapped out of his trance. “PO!” He began shaking Po's motionless body. “Po? PO!” Tears sprung to his eyes. “NO!”[/i]


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pixiebellwow thats amazing

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EscribirZeichnenReverOK, I had a fangirl moment at the beginning when Shifu asked if they could bring melon buns. :D I just pictured him with his chin down, his eyes up, and his ears back. XD Like a cub again, SO CUTE!!

LOL, and Po played his master's weakness!! GO PANDA!!

Seriously, though, poor Shifu needs a break. XD

pixiepumpkin on February 10, 2009, 5:06:15 AM

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pixiepumpkinThat's what I pictured! In what chapter of Glimpses Of The Past; Oogway calims that Shifu could make himself look so irisistably adorable that your first instinct is to hug and kiss him all over his fuzzy little head!

Yup, Po found his master's weakness! I thought it would be a cute bonding moment between them. (Who's going to use that weakness on poor Shifu next? XD)

No way! Torturing him is fuuuuun!

kaptainkitty on February 6, 2009, 5:23:23 PM

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kaptainkitty*Chortles*. Poor Shifu. That clearly was not one of his better days. XD I have to admit though; the moment where Kaeru knocked him forward into the bowl of apple snow had me cracking up! At least he got the chance to wash off in the lake, courtesy of Master Oogway.

Another great chapter you have written. Also, a very interesting end. Sounds as though the good times are coming to a near end. I really want to know what happens! Then again... maybe I don't... I don't know! I'm scared!

pixiepumpkin on February 7, 2009, 12:11:13 AM

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pixiepumpkinIndeed! :D Master Oogway was nice enough to help him wipe off the apple snow from his face! ^^

Trust me, if you like Shifu/Po father-son cuteness then you want to read the next chapter! ^^

kaptainkitty on February 7, 2009, 2:52:10 AM

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kaptainkittyOooh... well in that case, I can't WAIT for the next chapter! 8D I LOVE Shifu/Po father-son scenarios! They're so sweet!

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pixiepumpkin on February 6, 2009, 9:57:13 AM

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pixiepumpkinShifu: WHAT did you call me?!
Me: O_o

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pixiepumpkinShifu *growl* I'm not small! And Honey glazed buns taste awfuuuuuul!

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