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Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Your called to Tsunade's office for a mission. As you go on through your journey you get to choose your own choices. Now choose wisely^_-

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Ok… so when you walk in you Tsunade sitting at her desk and two guys are standing in front of her.

Tsunade: Ok now I can tell you your mission. There are scrolls deep in the forest and I want you three to get them for me. Here is the map. One of the guys asked “What's in the map?” Tsunade: Oh about that… don't open it. “Why not,” you asked.

Tsunade: Just don't…

Listening to her all three of you head off. “I think we should introduce our selves to this pretty lady,” said the guy with fuzzy eyebrows. My name is Rock-Lee! I am honored to meet your acquaintance! “Will you shut up Rock-Lee!” said the other guy.

Rock-Lee: Oh that's Neji… he can be very cold sometimes. You: umm… it's nice to meet you two. Rock-Lee: YES! Ok now here's the map. Which way do we go? Looks like we go this way!

So you, Rock-Lee, and Neji walked that way. You: This must be the forest! In front of you was a big passage way to a forest. Neji: Well come on guys lets go. So then all of you walk into the forest. After awhile Neji disappeared. You ask Lee where Neji went.

Lee: I don't know. We'll find him though! NEJI! NEJI! NEJI! Lee shouted. He doesn't seem to be anywhere. Let's just keep looking.

You: yeah, ok. You two keep on walking. Then you hear something… it sounds like people singing. Lee is ahead of you and you have time to walk away without him noticing. What do you decide to do?

If you decide to see what that sound is go to chapter 3

If you want to stay and walk with Rock Lee then keep on reading.

You: Well I better not leave Lee. Who knows what that could be? Lee? Do you hear that noise? Lee listened for a noise. Lee: Yes! I do! Hmm… let's just stick to the mission. It could be a trap. You: yeah you're right. So you and Lee finally find the scrolls. Then Neji luckily shows up. Lee: where were you? Neji: None of your business.

You: Let's go back to Tsunade you two. So then you left the forest.

Well you found everything good. And you passed the mission!

Thanks for reading^-^


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