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Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

Your called to Tsunade's office for a mission. As you go on through your journey you get to choose your own choices. Now choose wisely^_-

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

You walk away quietly so Lee won't hear you. The sound then got closer and closer. When you reached where it was coming from you could see three guys. ONE WAS NEJI! And they were all singing. You: So that's where Neji went. Why would he leave us for these guys? AND WHY ARE THEY SINGING-_-! Hey I know those other two! The one with blonde hair is the one Hinata is always spying on. And the other one is Sasuke. But still why are they singing??? You go up to them… HELLO!!! WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING!!! They were still singing… Night on fire! We gonna run it now! We gonna run it now! They wouldn't listen. It almost seemed as if they were under hypnosis. Then you saw something on the ground. Do you want to pick it up or not?

Yeah pick it up! Go to chapter 4

No. Keep on reading…

You: Maybe I shouldn't. You run to find Lee. LEE! WHERE ARE YOU! Lee came out from the distance. Lee: Where have you been! I thought something bad happened to you!

You: No I'm fine. I heard something and went to check it out and… Lee: No matter. Glad your safe. Oh and I have good news! I found the scrolls and I found Neji!

You were shocked. But Neji was just… Neji weren't you just singing back there?

Neji: Me? Sing? No. Why would I do something like that?

Well this is the end for you. I wonder what the mystery of Neji is. Maybe you should've picked up the paper… or maybe not…

Thanks for reading^-^


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