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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6

Your called to Tsunade's office for a mission. As you go on through your journey you get to choose your own choices. Now choose wisely^_-

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Chapter 6

So you head for the left. You: Guys this doesn't really look like it does on the map… They both say you right it… then you all get hit on the head.

Later you wake up in a cage. Hinata and Shikamaru are in different cages right by you. You: WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS! Hinata: umm… where are we?

Shikamaru: Man I knew this mission was gonna be a drag. I should have refused to go. You have something in your pocket that will unlock the cages. This will get us out you say. So you unlock yours first then the others. Now where do we go? Maybe this way said Hinata. You guys follow her. Luckily you three find an exit. But when shikamaru is about to open the door someone comes in the room. “Where are you going?” “And you aren't leaving.” the man said. A big cage was about to fall on Hinata and capture her. You could try to save her but doing that might get you caught with her. So do you let Hinata get captured and you save yourself or do you risk your life for her?

I don't want to take any chances wait up shikamaru! Go to chapter 7

I must save her. There's no way I'm moving on without her! Go to chapter 8


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