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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Characters from Yugioh go to a party where some rather strange things happen....

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

It was 10 in the morning and Joey was asleep. This wasn’t particularly unusual for him but today was an exception. The phone rang. Once, twice… Joey eased his eyes open and cursed the stupid little jingle. He then pushed himself off his bed and picked the phone up. “Yea, wha?” he said sleepily. On the other end Yugi’s voice yapped away about having a huge party tonight at his house. “It’ll start at about 10ish and stuff ok?..Joey?” “Yeah sure I’ll be there” yawned Joey and crammed the phone into its receiver. Was he ever going to get a good night’s sleep? ‘I think not’ said the ever-annoying voice in his head. He sighed and pulled on some casual clothes.

Meanwhile Yugi was at the supermarket stocking up on every teenage boy’s ‘needs’. “Not too much alcohol Yugi, I don’t want you getting hurt” said the Pharaoh in his ear. “Ok” murmured Yugi. He then carried on to find some food that his Yami would like. The rest of the trip seemed to flash by as he was mostly withdrawn into himself chatting to his Yami, only venturing out when going past some essentials. He paid for the food and drink and then made his way out to their soft-top. They were on their way home when Yami Yugi suddenly asked how to drive and they then spent the rest of the journey having an intermit conversation about cars. (lol!)

Finally it was time. Joey checked his hair in the car mirror and then ruffled it up a bit more. He drove towards Yugi’s house and was checking out the scenery when he noticed a flyer shaped like a heart on his window. It read: Dear Joey, see you at the party! -Mai ‘That was sweet of her’ he thought, pulling it off and putting it into his trouser pocket. He soon reached Yugi’s house and parked beside Tristan’s TDI. He stepped out, walked up the path and opened the door to a chorus of Joey!s “Hey guys, long time no see huh?” he said and sat down in a squashy armchair.


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Darling_425 on April 8, 2006, 4:11:59 AM

Darling_425 on
Darling_425O_O? Where's the updates?

dieviete on February 17, 2006, 8:25:17 PM

dieviete on
dievieteCool! I would aprecicate, if you would update soon!

Fluffybunny on September 18, 2005, 9:10:21 PM

Fluffybunny on
Fluffybunny I tend to have convesations with myself too... anyway keep up the good work!

ryo666ryo on April 27, 2005, 5:10:00 AM

ryo666ryo on
ryo666ryoi luv it! ryou's the best ^^
~fave artist and story