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Chapter 15 - Dead Again.............NOT!!

If you haven't read my first STAR WARS story, I WOULD NOT read this one cuz you won't know what in the crap is going on!! This is a continuation of my first story

STAR WARS belong to George Lucas...NOT ME!! *I wish*

Chapter 15 - Dead Again.............NOT!!

Chapter 15 - Dead Again.............NOT!!
“NOO!!” Ash screeched. She felt the surprise of the people in the other rooms. Kiro ran over and tried to calm her down. He took her in his arms and pulled her close. He rocked her in his arms.
“Relax…relax…” Kiro stuttered. “It’ll be alright…It’ll be alright,” he kept repeating in her ears. A couple nurses came in and asked what was wrong but Kiro shoved them away. They needed to be alone.
“It’s not possible…It’s just not possible,” Ash stuttered. “We were supposed to get out alive, not get out and die. I can’t take anymore of Echo dying! It puts too much stress on me!”
“I know, I know. Just relax. I’m here. It’ll be alright. You know Echo is full of surprises.”
“SHE WAS PRONOUCED DEAD, KIRO! There’s no coming back from that,” Ash yelled, getting irritated.
“Ash, the body can still come back after its pronounced dead for up to at least 10 minutes, maybe more. If Echo really had the will too live, she’ll come back. She would never die without saying goodbye to you first.”
Ash let out a breath.
“Bring me that comlink,” she said. Kiro walked over and grabbed the comlink off the floor.
“Why do you want it?” he asked.
“I’m waiting…Echo will not die, she would wait for me. Now I’m going to wait on her in her time of dying.”
Ash waited with the comlink in her hands looking at it.
“Ssshhh!” Ash replied sternly. She kept waiting…
…and waiting…
Tears fell down her face and soaked her medical gown.
A minute later, the comlink buzzed.
“Hello?” Ash shrieked.
“Who is this?” the person replied.
“Who cares?! Just tell me if Echo’s alive!” Ash said.
“How do you-“
“Okay, just calm down. She’s alive, barely. We lost her completely for about 30 seconds, but a young man helped her survive. He was her lifeline.”
“Xiang…” Kiro whispered, with a comforting laugh.
Ash was shaking. Every time Echo died, she never really died. She survived.
She turned the comlink off and sat it next to her.
Ash was shaking, but then she started laughing.
“I wish people would stop freaking me out like that,” she sighed. Kiro put a hand on his shoulder.
“With Echo, that will never stop happening,” he said and gave her a crooked smile.


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