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Chapter 1 - searching something?

this is my litle Flushed Away FF project...

and thats the first volume of the complete story!

this part is about the Ruby and a bad accident!

please leave a comment or a vote, that would be nice! ^^

Chapter 1 - searching something?

Chapter 1 - searching something?
It was a warm sunny Sunday afternoon some Birds sung their songs and a light breeze blow. But nothing of those things came down to the Sewer, except some sunbeams falling threw the drain. And even those were far away from the Pub in Ratropolis and the drunken rats swaying out of its door.
The pub was full except some places on the bar.
Timothy was sitting on one end of the bar lost in thoughts.
Once again he lifted up his tumbler and drunk it empty with one gulp.
The door swung open and a well dressed rat entered the room, with bowler, suit and a brief-case.
After a short talk to the bartender he sat down next to Timothy.
“Are you that courier I heard about?” he asked avoiding looking at Timothy.
“In which context?” He replied automatic.
“Are you able to… organize some things?” the rat said with a quick look at Timothy.
“If you’ve got what I need!” Timothy said slowly.
The rat opened his brief-case, pulled out a big brown envelope and gave it to Timothy.
He took it, stands up and left the pub. He looked down the street it was full off rodents.
He began to whistle and walked down the sidewalk.
After a little while he reached the Piggadilly Circus and sat down on the brim of the fountain.
After he was sure that nobody was watching him he opened the envelope and pulled out his contents.
It was a drawing of the location where the Object should be with a short description of it as well as a picture of the Object.
When he saw it he had to laugh what should such a thing do at a dump on the other end of the City?
But he understood why this Gentleman had come to him when he had to visit such dirty places.


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