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Chapter 2 - found it?

this is my litle Flushed Away FF project...

and thats the first volume of the complete story!

this part is about the Ruby and a bad accident!

please leave a comment or a vote, that would be nice! ^^

Chapter 2 - found it?

Chapter 2 - found it?
Some hours later the sun was gone and it was raining.
Water felt threw the drain high above the Dump.
The water between the mountains of garbage was in rage and just one lonely ship drove threw the waves.
Timothy paid attention that no one saw him. He was sitting behind a smaller hill of old Rubbish the boat was near him and the crew had to shout to talk so he heard them not very clear but he heard them.
“This place is a real treasure vault!” a male voice said
“I’m sure we will find something here, Jasper!” another one said.
“Why don’t we come here always?” it was the voice of a young girl.
Timothy peered over his cover and saw the boat with his three crewmembers.
One man holding onto the rail looking out for something. The other one holding the steering wheel tight in his hands. Next to the first stood a girl, struggling with her balance.
“Oi, what’s that over there?” the men next to her asked and pointed in Timothy’s direction.
After a short moment of shock he noticed a weak red shine just some inches away.
But before anyone could react the men jumped into the water and soon reached the border of the Dump and headed up to the shining thing.
Timothy got back in Cover and watched slowly around a corner.
The men stood there his eyes glowing red his arm raised up high and hold the thing up.
At first it seemed to be just a fragment of red glass.
But with a nearer look it was clear that it was a Ruby, a red shining ruby that sparked some red points in the men’s smiling face.
After some shouts from the boat he slowly turned around and rushed back to the Border jumped in the water and swam to the boat.
Timothy slowly looked over his Cover and watched was going to happen now.
Before he did anything else he gave the ruby to the girl which reached her hand to him.
Just at the Moment the men wanted to get back in the boat a huge wave threw it on one side and dangerous near to the Border of the Dump.
The Men struggled to reach the rail and the girl tried to reach his hand. The other men headed over to help her but it was too late.
Another Wave grabbed the boat and smashed it into the border of the Dump.
The sound of breaking bones filled the air and a suffocate scream of pain followed it.
“DAD!” the girl screamed.
The other men managed it to grasp the girl’s dad and pulled him onboard.
Whatever they’ve said after that, Timothy didn’t hear them anymore the last thing he got was the name of the Boat speeding away.
It was the Jammy Dodger.


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