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Chapter 3 - coming closer

this is my litle Flushed Away FF project...

and thats the first volume of the complete story!

this part is about the Ruby and a bad accident!

please leave a comment or a vote, that would be nice! ^^

Chapter 3 - coming closer

Chapter 3 - coming closer
Timothy was back at the Piggadilly Circus and after he cleaned himself in fountain, it’s dirty to swim threw the water of the sewer.
He focused on getting some information about the owner of the Jammy Dodger.
He knew that Oi knew every owner of a boat in the London sewer or maybe even in the whole European sewer.
Timothy didn’t knew Oi’s real name because he called him Oi since he meet him first.
He walked toward a rodent in a yellow raincoat standing behind an iron that was turned upside down to be a grill.
“Morning Oi!” Timothy nodded.
“You with you’re morning every time it’s morning…” Oi said without raising his head.
Timothy shook his head “Yeah, whatever! Look do you know the owner of a boat called the Jammy Dodger?”
Slowly Oi raised his head. “Yes I do…” he said slowly. “Poor boy…” he added.
“Why ‘poor boy’?” Timothy asked.
“He is in the Hospital! Had an accident at the dump! Dangerous place…” Oi said in a deep voice.
“Yeah, I know… His name?” Timothy controlled his anger but he couldn’t avoid it in his voice.
“Malone…. Malone…I can’t remember his first name…” Oi said slowly.
But this information didn’t seemed to be that interesting Timothy headed away after Oi mentioned the name Malone the first time.
It wasn’t a long way to the Hospital and Timothy made it even faster.
In front of the Hospital he found the Jammy Dodger.
His first idea was to go in there, found this Malone and squeeze the place of the ruby out of him but this would be to obvious.
If he was lucky the Ruby was still aboard with that hope he went onboard and began to search for the ruby.
But he was interrupted by a Rodent coming out of the Hospital.
Within one second he hide himself below deck.
He didn’t had the time to catch his breath when he heard steps above him.
With a roar the engine started and Timothy had to cover his ears.
//Oh yeah, that’s great…// he thought.
He didn’t noticed how long he was down there but he noticed when the engine stopped and the steps left the boat.
Slowly Timothy looked if anybody was near and left the boat.
He knew where he was at, a small landing stage near the Piggadilly Circus.
He noticed a red haired female Rodent leaving the landing stage but it was her pant that catch his attention it was the back pocket of her union jack pants which was curious shaped and over the edge of it he noticed a light red gleam.
Silent he followed her.


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