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Chapter 4 - and its gone

this is my litle Flushed Away FF project...

and thats the first volume of the complete story!

this part is about the Ruby and a bad accident!

please leave a comment or a vote, that would be nice! ^^

Chapter 4 - and its gone

Chapter 4 - and its gone
Timothy didn’t came far.
The red haired rodent was grasp by a rodent looking like a cupboard with legs, arms and white fur.
“Rita, Rita, Rita…” said a voice reproachful it belonged to a small rat stepping out of the shadow.
“Spike…” Rita said bored “What do you want?”
No one noticed Timothy who had just the shadows to hide.
“The ruby!” said Spike.
“I don’t have any ruby!” Rita answered immediately
“And even if I had one I won’t give it you!” she added.
Spike looked at Rita as if he awaited more than that.
“We know that you have this ruby, we have our contacts! So… where is it?” Spike enquired with threatening voice.
Before anyone was able to react Rita kicked the rat holding her in the face what had the effect that she was released.
“WHITEY!” Spike shouted and Whitey managed it to grasp Ritas tail pulled her back and hold her up on her legs.
With that movement the ruby flew out of Ritas pocket bounced off the wall behind Spike and hit his head.
“Ouch…” Spike yelled and turned for the ruby “Where do you come from?” he asked while he picked it up. “Whitey, let her off!” immediately Whitey released Rita and she landed roughly on the head.
//They have the ruby… do something…// before he was able to think he stepped out of the shadow “Hey!” he shouted but Spike and Whitey were already away.
A painfull groan from below caught his attention.
He kneel beside Rita and helped her up in a sitting position.
“Are you alright?” He asked.
“Just some Headaches…” Rita replied slowly.
“What did they want?” he asked after a while so Rita had time to breath.
“A… old watch of my father! I wanted to sell it because we really need the money!” she said.
“So you’re one of those left behind by the social structure?” he draw his conclusion. “Hew… whatever…” she said and managed it to stand up.
“And what about the watch?” Timothy mentioned as if it was nothing.
“I’ll get it back later…. Maybe tonight…” she groaned and walked away holding her head. “And where do they bring your watch?” he shouted after her.
“…floodgate…” was the last thing Timothy got.
“I’ll be there…” Timothy said to himself and an evil smile crawled over his face.
He returned to the Dump where he first saw the ruby.
After half an hour he found what he was looking for, a fragment of red glass.
Carefully he took it to his home, a little Apartment in the centre of town.
After some hours of dragging and polishing his work was done.
In his hands he hold a copy as clean and clear as the real ruby.


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