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Chapter 6 - it's lost

this is my litle Flushed Away FF project...

and thats the first volume of the complete story!

this part is about the Ruby and a bad accident!

please leave a comment or a vote, that would be nice! ^^

Chapter 6 - it's lost

Chapter 6 - it's lost
„Who are you?“ the toad asked slowly.
“I am…” Timothy began and his brain worked on a way to get out of this situation
“…away!” he said quickly and rushed for the door avoiding Whiteys hands, which had released Rita.
Timothy rushed down the stairs taking two steps at once.
Behind him a voice shouted “Get him!” but he didn’t care about that.
He left the tower, jumped into the cold dirty water and swam until he reached a border and lifted himself out of the water.
After some steps he stood still and shook his body
//Remember, water and cotton is no good combination!// he thought.
Suddenly he heard a splashing noise from behind.
“Stay where you are!” with a quick look over his shoulder he noticed Rita pointing at him.
But Timothy preferred to run, he was always good in running.
After a little while a boat with a diver hood on it appeared next to him
“Hand over the Ruby!” Spike shouted.
//This thing gets better with every second…// Timothy thought and headed left into the streets of the city.
”Whitey, he escapes from us!” the engine was turned off Timothy noticed beside.
He headed right and then quick left into a lane.
He could nearly feel Rita’s steps behind him and that was the problem as long as she followed him, she would lead the two buffoons to him.
He had to get rid of her.
Suddenly he stopped not because he wanted to, it was a fence marking the end of the lane and it was to high to climb over without help.
Slowly he turned around, facing Rita blocking the way back.
Timothy raised his hands into a defending position.
“Okay, just keep cool…” he said slowly.
Rita made a step toward him and Timothy slowly went backwards.
“You want this ruby? I’ll give it you!” he took the ruby out of his left pocket and threw it to Rita which caught it.
“And what do you…” but Rita was interrupted by two voices.
“I think he took this way!” they heard Whitey.
“So we will follow him!” Spike added.
Timothy pressed himself against the fence and got his hands together.
Rita understood nodded and with his help she got over the fence.
Timothy quick jumped into a heap of rubbish to hide.
Just one moment later Spike and Whitey came around the corner Rita noticed them and with a bright smile on her face she waved with the ruby in her Hand and run away.
“How she got over there?” Spiked asked with a wondering face
“…matters not! Get me over there Whitey!” he added, Whitey grasped Spike and threw him over the fence.
“Not that waaaaaaaaaaaaaay!” Spike screamed before he roughly hit the ground.
“Spike? Are you okay?” Whitey asked while he lifted himself over the fence.
“We have to get her!” Spike said after getting up and the both of them rushed to follow Rita.
After Timothy was sure that everyone was away he slowly creeped out of his cover and took his mask of.
“Idiots…” ha said quietly and went back to the Piggadilly Circus.


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