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Chapter 1 - Land of Idiots

...Yes, the prose is terrible, and though it rhymes once in a blue moon, it is not the best. However, I must say this:

The kids in my normal English class are stupid beyond all reason. Last week, we covered BRAINSTORMING. BRAINSTORMING, for god's sake. It took a lot of reserve not to kill myself right then and there. I can take ignorance as long as ignorance tries to learn, but when ignorance is ignorant and refuses to do anything, I get angry. And veeery frustrated.

But: there is a bright side. I finally got my schedule straightened out to GT (in all technicality it's Honors--they just put GT on the title to make the kids feel special) English, and my class only has ten people, so it's awl gud. Huzzah.

Well, ladies and gentlemen: enjoy "The Land of Idiots". I think it will ring true to our lives.

Chapter 1 - Land of Idiots

Chapter 1 - Land of Idiots
Baby, baby, we’re goin’ down.
Buckle in while I try to get around.
You see them, they see me.
Dear god....who thought they would be
out there?

Press down the gas, put in the clutch.
They’re in the rear view mirror
but not fadin’ much.
Circling the car, they open their mouths
and let open a chasm of caws.
no sense
God, why can’t the car just go?

Trapped now, we claw at the windows,
terrified eyes and nerves breaking like glass.
Lock the doors, cover the ears.
We try to ignore
but they’re still here.

is an entity
that derives itself from
my madness.

No longer can I really take it
I know my mind is
not going to make it.
Shattering, splintering, imploding and slicing.

Welcome to the Land of idiots.
new home.


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Orelin on September 17, 2006, 12:06:50 PM

Orelin on
OrelinFirst comment, VICTORY!
Two words:
My english class, ugh, don't even get me started. Our longest word in vocab was stationary.
Yea, stationary.
I have concluded that the room temperature in there is higher than some of their IQs.
And I bring a sweatshirt everyday.
Well, anyway, this is awesomeness. I love it, and it reminds me of school so much. Great work!!!!