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Chapter 1 - Wrong Number

This is pretty much about how I get to meet whith Lauri.A pure coincidence is what united us!I was dialing my friends phone,but Instead of dialing 9 I dial 3!That's how the adventure begins,but it isn't done.

Chapter 1 - Wrong Number

Chapter 1 - Wrong Number
Wrong Number
I was dialing my friend's phone number.It was the first time I was gonna talk
to her on the phone and I yet hadn't memorised it well.
"Ring!Ring!Ring!"The phone ringed."Hello" said a guy's voice.
"Hello may I speak with Tina?"I asked for my friend."I think you have the wrong number"
The voice said.''Sorry''I said.I was about to hang up when I thought "I know that voice somewhere"
"Excuse me but are you Lauri Ylonen?"I asked as if I were in a hurry."Uhm yeah.How did you know my number?"
"I don't know I was dialing my friend but instead of dialing 9 at the end I dialed 3.By the way I am a big fan of yours."I said with a trembling voice.
"Wou.I've never had someone like a fan call me.What a coincidence I had a dream about this." He said excited."If you really are Lauri tell me something that public doesn't know."I said suspiciously."Tomorrow on Mtv at 4:00 there will be an interview of me and the band.I will mention you so when you see the interview you know I wasn't lying."He said.We kept talking and I asked him many questions and he asked me many questions.we hung up an hour later.That was the most exciting and incredible day of my life.

The next day wich was monday at 4:00 I turned the T.V on to channel 62.I saw no interview only commercials and I got dissapointed.But then the voice from Mtv that says what's next said,"Coming up,a surprise interview with The Rasmus"
Wow I was like wow maybe I did really talk to Lauri Ylonen.But wait I had to see if he was gonna mention me.As I was wathing Lauri still hadn't mentioned me.I was getting desperate.It was almost the end when Lauri said,"Before we leave I want to say hi to someone"Now that's where I got hope back. "to Jazmin a fan who I talked to yesterday.I hope you believe me now that I talked to you"Mouth wide opened I stayed.I screamed and tried to remember what number I dialed.I tried dialing again.3-3-4-5-7-0-3 I dialed.
"Hello"He answered. "hey may I speak with Lauri?" "This is he"He said.It was him again!!!I was so happy this was the happiest day of my life.No the happiest day of my life would be when I marry him!!
"Lauri this is me Jazmin,I saw that interview and I am so shocked"I said.I couldn't believe it I was actually talking to my idol."I told you.Also,don't tell anyone my number I don't want lots of people calling me.But only you can call me."
"I promise I won't tell."I said honestly.


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Necroangel on September 11, 2007, 2:43:07 AM

Necroangel on
NecroangelHaha, awesome, I wish that would happen to me ^_^ I love The Rasmus and just because you do too I'm gonna add you to my favs *favs* My gosh it would be the so cool if I met him, he came to SA (South Africa, where I'm from) I was like the only fan there, with my Rasmus t-shirt on screaming, "Marry me Lauri! Eero! Marry me!" Gah they are all so hot...but mostly Lauri and Eero, gah I once dated a guy who looked just like Lauri, OMG! Feel free to email me @ I need someone who understands my undying love of these guys ^_^