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Chapter 1 - Three Years Earlier

... Invader Zim fan-fiction!

A series of dreams I''ve been having... need to write them down, though obviously I''ve added details and changed myfriends names for privacy.

BEES ARE SCARY! (some of my friends''ll get that.)

Chapter 1 - Three Years Earlier

Chapter 1 - Three Years Earlier
A.N.: This dream I had a few days before the day before halloween- basically they are a series of dreams. (I was Invader Zim for Halloween)THIS IS A DREAM!! REMEMBER THAT FACT!

The sky rained fire. Humans screamed, and aliens cackled, barely concealing their glee at the demise of the human race. I sat in a corner, regarding it all through calm eyes. A little ways off, my family were staring at me, horror-stricken.

"What did I do?" I kept asking insistantly, but they just shook their heads at me.

"Xena..." A voice said to my right. I turned my head and screamed at the alien I saw sitting next to me. She screamed at the same time I did and stared at me with horror filled eyes. I looked closer and saw the gleam of a broken window and looked back at the alien- my reflection.

Xena woke up gasping.Halloween.She mused to herself. She headed downstairs in a whirl of short silver hair and rainbow pajamas, after grabbing her one-of-a-kind halloween costume. She ate breakfast hurriedly, then grabbed her green bald cap with antennaes attatched. She got dressed quickly, and grabbed the PAK and velcroed it to her striped shirt. She grabbed the face dye and dumped her face in it, dying it green. It would take forever to remove, but it was definitely worth it. Then she headed of to school. Xena always had the best costume in school, due to the fact that she worked on it the entire year. People always looked forward to seeing her costume, and she headed to school feeling this was the best one yet.

A.N.: I will update more in a little bit, but internet explored quits very suddenly, so I will do it after dinner and not leave this running...


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