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Chapter 2 - Part Two

... Invader Zim fan-fiction!

A series of dreams I''ve been having... need to write them down, though obviously I''ve added details and changed myfriends names for privacy.

BEES ARE SCARY! (some of my friends''ll get that.)

Chapter 2 - Part Two

Chapter 2 - Part Two
"OH MY GAWD!!! XENA!!!" Xena's best friend Malorey ran up to her as she entered the building. "You look AHMAZING!" Xena smiled, though she felt like grimacing. Malorey had always been too girly girly for her. People complimented her all the way to her locker, and she just grimaced. Sure, it was her favorite costume so far, but definitely the least comfortable in the makeup and hair department.

"Xena! XENA!!!" Xena's other friends, Amela and Kris ran up to her (yes, Kris was a girl) They looked impressed at my costume. Of course, all three of her friends were wearing costumes themselves. Malorey was being a pimped out cowboy (I know, right?), Amela was being Goth, and Kris... Kris was being Dib, another character on Invader Zim. Her hair looked amazing. They grinned at each other appreciatively.

"Hi guys." Xena said, smiling at them. They didn't look too happy. "What?" Xena asked fearfully.

"Someone's wearing your costume!" Kris blurted out. Xena's eyes narrowed.

"What?" She hissed, and Amela backed away a step.

"He's new. Don't be too hard on him." Kris said, though Xena could tell Kris was looking forward to it. Now Xena was normally an incredibly kind girl, but when it came to her halloween costume, hers HAD to be the only one. She was sick of seeing store versions of her costume and sick of people comparing the two. Sure, hers was always better, but still, it was the principle of the thing.

"He's in our advisory." Amela said, dragging Xena over to the room. They were all in eighth grade, and yes, they acted a bit mature for their age. Xena entered, looking for the boy.

"Whoa." She breathed. He looked so real. It was insane. He looked shocked as she entered the room, his hair bouncing as he turned in his seat to stare at them. His deep blue eyes startled Xena. She turned to her three friends.

"It's not the same costume, he's in disguise." She noted that they all relaxed slightly. She smiled hesitantly at the boy, who stared at her, a troubled expression in his eyes. The bell rang just as Xena and Kris sat down. Amela and Malorey headed to their own advisories.

"Advisory, we obviously have a new student. Care to introduce yourself?" Mr. Smuck (Yes, hilarious name) asked the green boy. The boy stood up and addressed the class with a snide, arrogant manner.

"Hello humans. I am Zim." Xena snorted. He was doing a good impression too, his voice sounded totally like Zim's. He turned his blue eyes on her, one eyebrow rising in spectical confusion.

"Yes?" He asked her.

"Well, we all know you're Invader Zim for Halloween, but what is your real name?" Now he looked stricken, and confused at the same time.

"My name is Zim," He said slowly, "but I'm not so sure about Invader. What's Halloween?" Everyone gaped at him. Xena got up and grabbed his face. She rubbed frantically.

"What kind of makeup do you have on?" She cried, confused.

"It's a skin condition!" He said, his eyes flashing indignantly. Then she noticed something else. His ears looked plastic, and so did his nose. She grabbed an ear and tried to pull it off, ignoring the looks she got from her classmates. It moved for a second, then she couldn't tug it any farther. But the feel of the ear hadn't been skin, it'd been more like clay. Zim glared at her and pushed her away, sitting in his seat arrogantly. Xena stared at him, shocked.

"It can't be..." She whispered to herself, as she sat down. Kris turned at stared at her.

"What can't be?" She asked, whispering.

"Zim... his ear... isn't an ear. And neither is his nose. And his skin is green, and he didn't dress up for Halloween. What if he really is an alien?" Xena knew she would only tell her suspicions to Kris, the least likely of the group to send her to counceling. She stared at Zim contemplating the chance.

"Yeah, I can see that." She whispered. Zim turned to stare at us as soon as she saw that, and he looked fearfully at the pair. Xena smiled hesitantly at him, while Kris glared.


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