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Chapter 2 - Two Years Later

... Invader Zim fan-fiction!

A series of dreams I''ve been having... need to write them down, though obviously I''ve added details and changed myfriends names for privacy.

BEES ARE SCARY! (some of my friends''ll get that.)

Chapter 2 - Two Years Later

Chapter 2 - Two Years Later
A.N. I'm switching to first person.. easier to write.

"What?" I asked, shocked.

"I'm breaking up with you. I'm sorry." Liam spoke with a detatched voice, as if he didn't care that he was breaking up with his 2 year girlfriend.

"No!" I shouted, the first tear slipping its way down my cheek.

"We need to see other people. We've been dating since Halloween eighth grade."

"So?" I cried, loudly. Zim looked up from his cell phone, in the middle of transmitting to Gir, I guessed. Liam and I shared a moment of awkwardness, in which the only noise was my sobbing, and he left to catch his bus. I knew I was going to miss mine, but I didn't care anymore. I leaned against the wall and slowly slid into a sitting position, sobbing hysterically.

I heard footsteps amid my crying and looked up, surprised as they halted in front of me.

"Xena? Are you ok?" Zim asked, sitting down next to me. I laughed, sounding like a maniac.

"No, I'm not."

"Hey." He touched my arm. "It's going to be ok." I looked down at him, and smiled thinly.

"Iguess." I admitted grudgingly. He put a consoling arm around me.

"I've always wanted to ask you something, and now we're alone... so I guess I will." He said hesitantly.

"Ask away."

"Well... you know I'm an Irken... and alien. Why do you never back Kris up when she tries to tell everyone? I mean, everyone else thinks I'm just a freak who's obsessed with a television show that some man who was abducted by Irkens created."

"Jhonen was abducted?" I asked, genuinely interested.

"Answer the question."

"Because people would believe me, and I like you. I don't want to see your autopsy." I teased.

"And then... I'm trying to enslave your planet. Why don't you hate me?" He asked.

"Well... you haven't destroyed it yet." I said, teasing him.

"Good point. But I will. I have a plan." He said simply. I looked over at him, a grin playing on my face. Kris had never understood why I'd liked Zim, whereas she'd hated him, sticking with the human race. I didn't really understand it myself. Something about him facinated me. He stood up.

"Want me to walk you home?" He asked. I stood up, and nodded, wiping the stale tears from my cheeks. He walked me out of the school and he followed me, finally catching up to me a few feet later.

"Tell me Zim," I began, "Why do you want to take over our world?" He laughed.

"It's my job." He said. I looked down at him and he smiled. We walked in silence for a few minutes.

"Hey this is my house, wanna come in?" Zim asked. "You can meet Gir!" He said slyly. I just smiled sadly and followed him in. A little dog tackled me to the ground as soon as I entered the door. He looked at me, and removed his costume in a little flip. He was adorable! He hugged me, his little blue eyes bright with glee.

"Hug!" He screamed. Then he stopped for a second, then yelled

"TAQUITO!!!" and ran for the kitchen, where the smell of burnt mexican food was emanating.

"Yep... that's Gir." Zim said. I grinned at him.

"I'm gonna call my mom. I'll be right back." I headed outside, ignoring the lawn gnomes- it was funny, it's like he had known about Invader Zim before coming, his house was exactly the same.

"Mom?" I asked when someone picked up.

"Where are you!?"

"I missed the bus. I'm at Zim's house."

"The little green boy?"

"Yep. I'm heading home in a little bit."

"Very well."

I hung up on her and headed back inside.

"I have to go." I confessed. Zim stood up hastily from his seat on the couch and tripped.

"Can Gir and I come?" he asked. I smiled and nodded.

"Hey I was wondering..." he said as we began walking, "Can you watch Gir for a couple of days? I'm trying to work and he is... distracting." He grimaced at Gir, who was running ahead of us on all fours impersonating a squirrel.

"Sure.." I said, unsure.

"He eats a lot."

"How am I going to explain to my mother that he doesn't eat dog food?" I asked him.

"Oh, he will though. Gir eats anything." I looked at the little dog who was eating poop and believed it. We stopped at my house and I grabbed Gir's leash from Zim.

"You're really helping me you know." He said. I raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know if that is a good thing." I said, and he laughed.

"Well... bye." He said, and grabbed my hand for a second before turning around and heading back to his house. I turned towards mine and prepared to tell my mom that I was hosting a friend's dog. I turned back to look at Zim. A good friend's.


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