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Chapter 3 - The Audition List

It's the normal life of Sharpay and Ryan. Ryan still trying to reach for stardom and Sharpay still crushing on Troy. But with new characters, life gets more interesting.

Chapter 3 - The Audition List

Chapter 3 - The Audition List
Troy looked at the audition list and walked back to practice. Mina walked around talking to Gabriella and Quatre and stopped to look at the audition list with Sharpay's name written on the pairs audition. The trio walked off. Sharpay walked by and Ryan grabbed her arm, "Troy, Grabriella, Quatre, and Mina were looking at the audition list." Sharpay gave Ryan a confused look, "Really?" Ryan nodded. Sharpay and Ryan walked into the library to check on the three new students. After looking at the info for all three, Ryan and Sharpay's jaw dropped. Not knowing that their sister and her friend weren't lying about the 30 musicals they have been in, it made Sharpay think of a plan. Ryan looked back at Gabriella's info, "Einstienette...You think they are interested in our musical?" Sharpay smirked, "I don't think Gabriella is really interested, but our little sister sure is.." Sharpay pressed the "print" button on the computer to print out sheets of Gabriella's scholastic decathalon information.

At detention, Quatre, Troy, and Chad were working on a tree, Mina and Gabriella were painting a moon, and Sharpay and Ryan were putting golden decorations on a ladder (they could always trip on the ladder's decorations >.> ever thought of that?). Taylor ran towards Gabriella and Mina, "Yes!" Gabriella and Mina looked at Taylor in a confusing way, "Huh?" Taylor started chatting, "Our Scholastic Decathalon's team has its first competition next week and there is currently a spot for you." Gabriella looked at the papers, "Where did you get those papers?" Taylor raised an eyebrow, "You did give them to me, didn't you?" Gabriella shook her head, "No." Taylor and Gabriella continued talking until... "What a perfect way to get caught up, meeting with the smartest kids in school. Great offer Taylor." Taylor walked away. Mina rolled her eyes, She just won't give up... Ms. Darbus walked by to break up the group. "The drama club always needs help.." Ms. Darbus started scolding everyone about cell phones and drama. Coach Bolton came rushing into the auditorium, "Troy, Chad, to the gym now!" Troy and Chad left while Quatre had to finish the tree.

Ms. Darbus and Coach Bolton left to talk in the office with the Principal, Mr. Matsui. Everyone in the auditorium left with work undone. Quatre went to his family's diner to do his part-time job. Mina opened the locker and saw a note fall out of it.

Meet at park across street. Ryan and I have something to discuss.

Mina was abit confused, Sharpay and Ryan left early to do something, but never told her. When Mina reached the park, she spotted Sharpay and Ryan. "So, why am I here?" Mina asked Sharpay. Sharpay and Ryan let out a sigh, "Mina, remember when you were three you had to leave to go to Japan?" Ryan said to Mina. She gave Ryan a nod. Sharpay continued for Ryan, "It wasn't because our father wanted you to go...its just were being hurt by our parents.." Mina didn't understand, "What do you mean?" Ryan sighed, "Sharpay means that, we both had to send you to Japan before dad could try to kill you. It was for your safety." Mina stood there, shocked, "Why didn't you two get sent also?" Ryan and Sharpay sighed, "We both were sent to a foster family and then got sent back to our mom." Mina went to her knees and had tears falling from her face. Sharpay and Ryan comforted Mina for a while and they went home.


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