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Chapter 1 - Another Night At Crystal Lake

meh.. Friday the 13th

Chapter 1 - Another Night At Crystal Lake

Chapter 1 - Another Night At Crystal Lake
<div class="trailing read section-block">"Hey, where are you going?" asked Sam as her boyfriend, John, got out of the bed.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />"I thought I heard something outside".  John put on his pants and slipped on a shirt, "I won''t be too long".  He took a flashlight and poked his head outside the cabin door.  He shined his light at some trees and around his van.  Then he saw something large moving about the trees.  He pointed his light at the trees again, still not seeing anything.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />"John, are you coming in yet?" Sam shouted out the window.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />"In a few minutes, I think I just saw something".</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />Sam put on her nightgown, turned on a light, and took out a book.  About ten minutes into her reading she heard the door open, then close.  "John, is that you?"  No reply.  "John, did you find what was making the noise?"  Still no reply.  She listened to the footsteps wander around just outside the bedroom door. Sam put down her book and crossed her arms in annoyance.  "Would you just say something? Please? John, you''re starting to scare me. John?"  </div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />She got out of bed and slowly walked to the door.  "John, I''m being serious, stop screwing around."  She opened the door to find, not John, but a man wearing a hockey mask, Jason.  Sam screamed slamming the door in the man''s face.  She ran into the bathroom and locked the door, hiding herself behind the shower curtain.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />Jason tore through the door and stumbled into the room.  He ripped the sheets off the bed, and nocked over the table.  Then he saw another door and raced towards it.  Jason went to open the door but found it was locked.  He rammed his body into the door and it flung open.  <br />John was walking around some trees when he heard a high pitched scream, immediatly recognizing it as Sam''s.  He started running back towards the cabin.  "Sam! Sam are you alright?" he shouted as he opened the door.  John ran into the bedroom.  "Sam, where are you? Are you okay? Sam!"  He turned his attention to the bathroom and quickly ran in.  "Sam?!"  John drew back the shower curtain and...nothing.  She wasn''t behind the curtain.  He ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />"Sam! Sam! Are you out there? Answer me!"  Silence.  He shined his flashlight into the forest and started walking in.  Stumbling his way through the forest he found his way to the Lake.  "Sam?" he called out again.  Still no reply.  John walked around the shore of the Lake.  Something floated up to the surface.  John pointed his light to the object in the water.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />"SAM!"  He ran into the water and swam towards her.  John reached for the body and lifted Sam''s head above the water.  Her eyes were open and she wasn''t breathing.  John dragged Sam''s limp body out of the cold, dark, Crystal Lake.  He put her on the shore and gave her CPR.  Nothing John did could get Sam to live again.  He looked around but didn''t see anything that could have done such a cruel thing.  <br />John jumped to his feet as something moved in the bushes, he pointed his light at it.  Then he saw, the thing that killed his girlfriend.  Jason held up his machete as he ran towards John.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />John ran for his life, tripping over sorts of twigs and branches hidden in the foliage.  He finally stopped and took some deep breaths before he saw a very large tree branch.  Holding the branch, he looked around to see if Jason was anywhere near.  Jason, though, was nowhere in sight.  <br />John headed back to the cabin.  Suddenly he stopped, he heard something.  John turned around and there he was, Jason was standing right there behind him.   Jason swung his machete at John''s throat but was stopped by the tree branch.  He grunted and pulled his machete back from the branch and swung it again.  John lept back, dodging the machete.  He didn''t jump quick enough, his leg was badly cut.</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />He yelled as he took out his knife and stabbed Jason right in the chest.  Jason stepped back a little and stared at the knife protruding from his chest.  He glared and pulled the knife from his chest and stabbed John right back.  John fell back against the wall of the cabin and shouted, "You killed Sam! You bastard!".</div><div class="trailing read section-block"><br />Jason walked toward him and sliced his head off, then held it as he walked back home to his old cabin to show mama his work. </div>


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Trigons_apprentice on May 19, 2006, 11:42:23 AM

Trigons_apprentice on
Trigons_apprenticeMan...this story gave me the heeby-geebies.*shivers*hello...*door closes*...*footsteps*...hello,w-w-w-who's there.Oh MY f@%$ing GOD!IT'S JASON!!!!