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Blog Entry: Change

Blog Entry: Change
Posted by: AngelicKitten
Posted: February 7, 2012, 3:39:14 PM
Updated: October 16, 2012, 9:17:56 PM
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Currently: Submitting the pics and story chapters I finished
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I have had this story laying around for a REALLY long time and I decided to redo it and I am finally happy with how it's going now. I know I have a lot of unfinished stories and stuff already but I will get back to them eventually. I always do so keep an eye out for updates.

I am only posting the main characters so far since some of the others are not all that important and I don't want to spoil parts of the story by posting the ones who are at this point in time. I will post more when I get further along in the story.

Name: Morigan Maely

Age: 14

Appearance: long dark straight hair, green eyes, white shirt with a long black dress shirt over it, dark blue jeans with a silver chain belt, and black shoes

Description: She lives with her mother who blames her for her father's death. She is considered and outcast at her school and most people see her as a freak. Her mother is abusive and treats her like a slave. Everyone knows she is different but they are not sure what it is about her. Her father knew she was special and was destined for something great. No one else sees this though so Morigan does not realize it either. She keeps to herself and likes to draw in a notebook that she keeps with her at all times. She stays home to take care of her mother because if she does not do so then her mother gets very upset with her.


Name: Valerie Maely

Age: 36

Appearance: short curly blonde hair, blue eyes, white blouse and khaki skirt with matching heels, she always has to look perfect

Description: Morigan's mother who became violent and bitter after her husband's death. She blames Morigan for it since she was with him when he died. She moved the family to the poor side of town after his death to go back to the house she grew up in. She is an alcoholic and treats Morigan poorly. She has a high paying job but does not use much of the money she makes on Morigan. She sees Morigan as a selfish ungrateful person, no matter how hard she tries to prove that she is not that way.


Name: Lucky

Age: 16

Appearance: Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, Short sleeved button down shirt with a white t shirt underneath, faded blue jeans with a hole in the knee, worn out old shoes

Description: He lives alone after having to leave his parent's house. His sister still stays with them. He carries a slight resentment toward her because of this but he tries not to show it. This causes him to avoid her when possible. He hangs out at the park which is where Morigan met him. He does his best to help her. His sister, Zinnia does as well. There is more to him than Morigan first realizes.


Name: Zinnia

Age: 15

Appearance: long straight dark hair, blue eyes, pink dress shirt, blue jeans and pink shoes

Description: She stayed with her parents after her brother left. She lives on the rich side of town. She is kind hearted and friendly. She goes out of her way to be nice to Morigan so she has a friend. She finds Morigan interesting and wants to know more about her, although, Morigan is a bit untrusting at first. Her brother holds resentment toward her but she does not hold any toward him. She wants to be closer to her brother but understands why he keeps his distance. There is more to her than Morigan first realizes.


There will be more added later (no stealing DUH)