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Whats up world!

Blog Entry: Whats up world!

Blog Entry: Whats up world!
Posted by: Arue
Posted: March 9, 2008, 4:23:59 PM
Mood: Happyish
Currently: Watching crap on YouTube
Listening To: My brother play Xbox
Guess who's back! Arue the Fox Demon has returned! Whootness!

Ok, first off, I'm sorry I took forever to get back on this sight. I've been grounded for my sucky-@$$ grades. But I'm not grounded anymore so all is well.

Second, I do have some new pictures,I've just been too Lazy to post them XD, but they will come up people!

Third, I'm going to be working on my profile so yeah......

Fourth, Not that you guys care, But it was my birthday last Monday *dances* I'm old enough to drive now. Better stay off the roads XD