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December 2016 Updates

Blog Entry: December 2016 Updates

Blog Entry: December 2016 Updates
Posted by: AzureMikari
Posted: January 1, 2017, 9:00:46 PM
December 29 2016: Nativity Nail Art: Left Right Lockscreen Homescreen Manicure Blog: Top Coat 

December 20 2016: New layout! 

December 18 2016: Finished Fanart: Rudolf and Pikachu (Pokemon) 

December 15 2016: Lineart WIP: Rudolf and Pikachu (Pokemon) 

December 14 2016: Web-Design: CSS Banner and Navigation Bar 

December 13 2016: Christmas Manicure: Left Right Lockscreen Homescreen 

December 11 2016: Finished Fanart: Izzy and Tentomon (Digimon) 

December 7 2016: Lineart WIP: Izzy and Tentomon (Digimon) 

December 5 2016: Finished Fanart: Mimi and Palmon (Digimon) 

December 4 2016: It's been a while since I updated my Songs of Faith collection but hey it's Christmas so here's a song about... actually it's about general all year round joy. 

December 2 2016: Pixel: Cayman (Pokemon)