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Blog Entry: Success!

Blog Entry: Success!
Posted by: DemonicFury
Posted: November 7, 2009, 9:48:08 PM
Mood: Exhausted
I got a lot done today.^^

NaNoWrimo 2009 Word Count: 11,549
Thalkor's Story Word Count: 39,785

Because the lyrics from last time didn't sound right, I listened to Darkness in My Heart and wrote what sounded right to me. These are my lyrics to the Digimon Frontier song.

Song: Darkness in My Heart

If I were a bird, then I'd be free,
Free to leave this misery.
The dark I know is all around.
It found a way without a sound.

Sadness sets within my soul
Nothing left, nothing left to make me whole,
To try again and start anew,
To make the change to help me through.

As the rain begins to fall,
Casting shadows on the wall,
I close my eyes and dare the thunder,
“Break the spell that I've been under.”

Saved the world but cannot see
That all that's empty lies in me,
To try again and start anew,
And make the change to help me through

Makes me want to fly away
No reasons left to make me stay
So, quick, before I even start
To leave this darkness in my heart