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Profile dump archive

Blog Entry: Profile dump archive

Blog Entry: Profile dump archive
Posted by: Dream_Fire
Posted: September 11, 2013, 2:59:46 PM
Mood: indiferant
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Currently: sitting/breathing
Listening To: to my Hard drive
CHECK OUT VICTORS SHOP FOR COMMISSIONS! AT he is a good artest and his prices are very fair!

Also am Moe Moe fan ^.^  (fellow fans will know what that is)

Join The Army of Toy Soldiers! at
And help us create a UTOPIAN PLAYLAND!

Artist info:

Art Trades/Requests.....really....if you have seen my art than you know im not good, if you have not seen my art that you shouldn't be asking.


Favorite Animals: Wolves, Bears, and i resently fallen in love with the Welsh Corgi :D

What animal am I : Wolf (every time i take the test it sais wolf or wild dog)

Favorite Food : Ramen Noodles, Rice cakes, Curry, and Tocos

Relationship status: Single And Proud of it!

strong points: concepts, imagination, visualization, the desire to draw.

Week points: eyes, backgrounds,eyes, shading, lighting,eyes, body figure, and eyes.

Jealousy toward: eyes

Goals: it is my Dream to be able to draw all my characters the way i see them in my head...or at least close to it...and one day open up my own restaurant which will blend authentic Japanese style food, with home made American food and a cozy cafe atmosphere. Nichi-Bei all the way!(Japanese-American), and to resurrect the old Beyblades past thier former glory! the old beys CAN still compete if you got a good arm!

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, GunXsword, Lucky Star, Beyblade(original not the metal fusion), Beyblade Grevolution, Metabots, Sgt.Frog, Zoids Chaotic Century...the list is quite large but ill leave it at that ^.^

learned to draw from:.....if your really interested just PM me....

My characters to draw:
-Niila & Warai the Crimson Wolf (started with Niila)
-Jade Valor & Selneki Nagoshii
-Roken shootsurugi & Seiko shootsurugi
-Koreiami & Ziinai Imarei
-Rokoy Ur Moriya & Silvera
-Sutaru Kaitoo AKA The Loan Wolf Blader (my Beyblade character) & Asakiba("Morning Fang" (his bit beast))
-Sutaru's beyblader team "the Spirit Bladers"
-and the Esent Race i created.