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First Impressions

Blog Entry: First Impressions

Blog Entry: First Impressions
Posted by: DystopianUtahraptor
Posted: February 12, 2015, 11:02:23 AM
Mood: Moody and Mildly Miffed
Eating: Triscuit knock-off and Chocolate
Drinking: Tea
Listening To: VNV Nation
This is an interesting platform, to be sure.

So far the only criticism I can think to give is the way the text submissions are set up; the text editor needs to be fixed something fierce. When I am typing or editing, I do NOT want to find out my cursor moved halfway down a paragraph and so now the flow of things are screwed up because the editor miraculously decided that this line needed to be where it really shouldn't. Although, I see this happen the most when I click in a space somewhere not at the end of a piece.

Has this been brought up? Are there patches or updates to the site on the way?

Gods I hope so because what normally only takes me ten to fifteen minutes of writing takes closer to an hour to do on this site's text editor.