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Posted by: EternalDarknessWaitsForDawn
Posted: November 5, 2008, 4:56:09 PM
Updated: September 28, 2009, 4:06:57 PM
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Below you will find random stupidity and crazily retarded quotes. If you detest stupidity in any way, I don't advise reading on. On the other hand, if you love when people do not think before they speak, you will find this list incredibly amusing. Feel free to comment on my profile if you have a stupid quote that you think deserves to be remembered for all time.

1. "Cloud got butt-raped by a Skitty!" --RabidSamurai

2. "Did you just shove that pretzel down my pants?" --Stephanie

3. "Look, Willie! I'm a converible!!" --Alf

4. "I was late for class...because I was talking to the drinking fountain." --Eric

5. "I'm bored, I think I'll play with myself!" --Mr. Lutkze

6. "I wanna be in the in the bowling ball bag!" --Ort (??)

7. "OMG, a face!!" --me

8. "Is everyone okay? I hope I'm the only one who caught on fire!!" --Sora

9. "I know blue and go together, but I didn't know they went like that! o_0" --Shiki

10. "It came outta my head! It's the grayest hair on the planet!!" --CK

11. "This is my shoe! That's right, smell it! It's rank! that is rank..." --me(again)

12. "Do you mean fruity as in Joshua fruity, or air freshener fruity?" --Soren

13. "I wear fruit scented deoderant!" --Cyco


15. "I forgot to feed my Joshua!!" --Shoe

16. "I'm Cyco! And psycho!! They sound the same, just spelled different!" --Cyco

17. "I got beat by gloves!" --Riku

18. "Get out of here, poopcicle! You smell like poop!" --Dezzy

19. "No, your other arm! Not your elbow! You have two elbows!" --me

20. "I'm pants, what?" --Dezzy

21. "You're hurt? Are you gushing out blood...? No, then you aren't hurt!" --Mickey

22. "Sora fed Jesus!!" --me

23. "They put their pants on like everyone else..." --Sean

24. "Wait, just let me write that down on my arm..." --me(once again)

25. "Just bring us something salty and can be dipped in cheese!" --radio announcer guy

26. "My ego's showing? Where?!" --Sho

27. "Gimme your friend card, dog!" --me

28. "I bit you with my fingers!!!" --Dezzy

29. "How do you get a shot for cervical cancer? What, do they put it in your boob?" --me(sadly)

30. "Let's party til we're purple!" --Jynx

31. "Do not threaten me with death whilst I am drinking Mountain Dew!" --me

32. "So...who's the foot product?" --?

33. "Mr. Gawel? Does Barry Manilow know you raid his closet?" --TyGr

34. "I didn't see the motorcyle cause I was looking at that cow..." --Dave

35. "He's just...a carrot head! A stupid carrothead!" --Etsel or Megan, I forget

36. "Random impaling impulse? I don't know!" --Shoe

37. "One of these days you are going to lose your virginity to a purple figment of your imagination." --me