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Death Note figurine shopping! x3

Blog Entry: Death Note figurine shopping! x3

Blog Entry: Death Note figurine shopping! x3
Posted by: EternityMaze
Posted: November 23, 2008, 1:50:45 PM
Mood: wohoo!? xD
Eating: chewing guuuum
Okay, there's been alot going on in my life lately, don't worry, the most important stuff will be out in "tales of my life"-form soon xP
This however I found not important enough to make a comic from x3
I went to Bergen for the weekend now, to celebrate my birthday actually, and I found myself shopping for useless items like for example these Death Note figurines ^^' But they were so CUTE!! I had to buy them!

aren't they all adorable!? ^^ Rem and Misa in the background, cause I don't like 'em too much x3... Only dissapointing thing was that there was no Mello figurine... I'd like a Mello one too to keep my Near company xP

Light Yagami the self loving Kira bastard! x3 Everyone who knows me know that if Kira was real, I'd be one of the first to bend over and kiss his holy feet x3 Kira worshipper to the death!

Misa-Misa is a die hard Phoenix Wright fan x3 He's justice after all! ^^'

scary scary Rem x3... I never liked her too much

L and his successor ^^ they're so adorable!

Ryuk realized he doesn't like his new home due to the lack of apples x3 Hopefully he'll learn to like oranges after a while.

L pretty much gets what he wants though! x3 there's more than enough candy around for him.

And poor super cute Near misses his Mello ^^' *sigh*... he'll survive, hopefully! ^^

so that's it xD Crappy cellphone pictures all the way baby! yeah! x3